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can i eat too many carbs on raw?

Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

ok…I make Kandace sun dried tomatoe crakers once/twice a week in my four tray dehydrator. I LOVE them and i am addicted to them. i cant stop eating them. Now my question is…can i go overboard on carbs even being on raw? I seriously eat on tray a day…not EVERY day but ALOT…. I am also always drawn to “carb” snacks…like sweet potatoe chips and all carrot crackers….thanks for sharing some info on that..got me curious


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Yes – those crackers are great aren’t they! :)
    But generally if a person eats too many calories – of any kind – they will gain weight. If you are eating just until you are full (and not stuffed) and you get a good balance of greens, veggies, fruit, and seeds/nuts in your diet (in addition to the crackers)- then you are probably OK.

    As far as weight gain goes – keep an eye on how your clothes fit. Scales aren’t always the best tool for weight loss or gain (because as you probably know – muscle weighs more than fat aka adipose tissue).

    Finding a good balance of food groups can sometimes be a little bit of razor’s edge …and exercise is important too…

  • I don’t really consider dehydrated foods living. They are essential to recipes and “gourmet” raw food, but they aren’t as healing as fresh, juicy greens, fruits, and soaked nuts/seeds.

    If you wouldn’t eat it in its fresh state, why bother with it after dehydrating it?

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    Just make sure you eat all your raw veggies before you eat it (like a big salad) and you won’t have room for too many crackers.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    thanks for the info….yes i think i eat more crackers than i should..lol…but i will slow down and take the advice to maybe eat some before or just eat them with my salad. @Persimmon…i understand your point of view, but i am not 100% raw and dont do the all-the-way raw lifestyle.

  • Sabrina - I’m the same way - I can eat a few trays of crackers a day if I’m not careful. So I limit my crackers (and nuts)—not like a hound, but I usually don’t eat more than one tray of grains a day. I’ve also prolonged my time in between dehydrating things to get myself to rely on more fruits and veggies w/o grains from time to time.

    I do find great benefits from eating the grains though. They help keep my digestive system clean.

    I’m sure you’ll find a variety of answers because everyone’s bodies are different. Some rely on grains more heavily than others. I find that when I’m lifting heavier weights, I want more grains than when I’m exercising with lighter weights or more cardio & yoga.

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