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Why no milk?



  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    I agree with all of you saying that milk, raw or not, is NOT for people.

    And as far as it being one of the two foods in nature where you kill nothing to produce it – what about mangoes, apples, dates, plums – I could go on forever. There is nothing killed in fruit production as the plant survives and continues to produce.

    About that allergies quote – I will now post the article that had me thinking like that – it is not totally my original thought (I wish it was, though – lol). http://www.dherbs.com/articles/allergies-209.html

    This is from a guy whose articles I often read (and they are intentionally easy reads using common terms, so they are good for anyone you know to look at – even ignorant ones who think you are crazy for being raw). I have mentioned him several times on this site.

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    I have been allergic since a very young age and I would have to respectfully disagree with dorian don’t. I agree with the view that allergies are a result of intoxication and that is the reason why pharma products are not effective and often make things even worse. Modern medicine got nothing right about allergies, never met a doctor (and I met many in many countries) who was ever able to explain what it is, and how to cure it. They simply fill you (treat) with drugs and as a result you get even more intoxicated. Natural healing and alternative medicine (along with diet) were in my case the only answers and provided solutions and healing. In my view conventional medicine is ignoring the fact that intoxication is the cause of many so called “deseases” and prefer to treat the sympthoms (for a lifetime) as it is obviously more profitable rather than curing by addressing the fundamental issue.

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    thecavsman – Great article it explains perfectly my position on allergies. Great quote from the artlicle “What people don’t understand is that they are not allergic to good, natural, and healthy things. The natural things (foods) causes an immediate healing crisis in an attempt to expel all that good tasting but unhealthy crap stored in the body and in excess. But the good, natural food always gets the bad rap. And so does the healing crisis. People take the healing for sickness so they will fault a good thing as making them sick but will credit a bad thing for making them feel good and healthy” Thanks for posting!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    thecavesman-what I mean by killing is ending life. As soon as you pick a mango and sink your teeth into it is no longer living. You may not be killing the plant but the thing that you pick is dead now. Honey is not alive and neither is milk. It can’t create more beings and therefore you cannot be killing anything to consume it.

    malverde-what do you think about people who are born with allergies? Is it because the parent wasn’t eating right or doing something right? I have often wondered about that. Because I know for a fact that one of the first foods my husband ate was a cashew and he almost died. It seems to me it couldn’t have been from his lifestyle seeing that he was only just over a year old. Curious about your opinion.

    My allergies were completely cured through raw food and I literally think the majority of drugs prescribed by doctors only keep your immune system from working out things therefore leaving you weak and dependent. So I very much agree with you on natural healing and alternative medicine.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I wanted to make a quick comment on the “babies are pure and do not need to detoxify” thing.

    Now as I said, there are always exceptions to the rules, but for the sake of argument, consider this…

    Babies are a product of thier for fathers and mothers not of themselves. For example, I traced my family tree awhile back to find what Morrish tribe I was from and to also research any medical histories my family or extended family had. Well..My extended family and for fathers and mothers did not have any records of diabetes or athritis, NOW, just withnin a couple of generations back, there is a “history” of those ailments!

    As humans we evolve to any situation whether good or bad. Meaning, if my for fathers and mothers are devote carnivors, than I will be born with the inner workings of how to sustain on an all “meat diet”. The statement I made about “back in the day allergies” that dorian don’t spoke about was basically me saying that there are more chemicals, drugs, pollution etc. So, it is no wonder that a human body would have to adapt to these things and repel the good, after all, good and bad cannot dwell in a body without fighting eachother. And true, nature does have a way of cutting back populations of all beings, but, I am concerned with human population control. And if there is ever a day when the majority of the world are allergic to things that mother earth produces, imagine how scary that world will or would be?

    Im glad to hear from you thecavsman, I was hoping you found this thread since I posted a couple of lines from you.

  • i agree, as i said in an earlier post, that the drug companies and doctors are often and usually in the wrong with meds and that the meds are designed to get you hooked. i don’t think that nobody can be cured of allergies… but i do think that some people are just born with them and may have them for life. i think anyone who touts a one-size-fits-all solution to every single case of every single health problem on either end holistic or not is just not going to be 100% correct. obviously staying away from dairy and eating raw whole foods can benefit EVERYONE in amazing ways, i just believe that not all health issues derive from the same root in every single person who has them, not that it may not be true for some.

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    troublesjustbubble – I believe babies may actually be born with illness (allergies in our case) as a result of parents intoxication (poor blood), as dreasraw indicated “Babies are a product of thier for fathers and mothers not of themselves”. Think about a baby born with HIV as a result of the mother being infected with the virus..it is the same logic that I am applying here. I was born allergic since a very young age, and as you mentionned it wasn’t certainly for “mistakes” that I have made in my short existence but rather “mistakes” made by my parents and maybe my parents’s parents and so on. Anyhow, I do not claim to have the “truth” I am just expressing an opinion :-) PS forgot to mention that in my case also vaccination may have played a role with allergies at a very young age

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Melaverde-that makes perfect sense. But now that it’s already happened how can it be fixed? I mean, seriously, I’ve totally changed my husbands diet since we were married and I have a feeling that nothing I do will change the fact that he is extremely allergic to nuts. Even just the essence of them affects him. Avocados also are a problem. Not as bad but they make his throat swell and itch.

  • Without the nicotine and the opium (morphine), smokers would not be so hooked on cigarettes. And yes, according to British researcher, Dr. John Coleman (author of “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy”), cigarette papers are dipped in opium (morphine). He said this is secretly done to make sure smokers get hooked. I understand that a deal was made between the tobacco industry, the government, and Hollywood. The deal was that the tobacco industry could no longer make and air cigarette commercials on television but could use addictive substances to keep their fiends (customers) hooked and that movies (which people freely pay to go see) could take the place of television commercials which is why in damn near every movie you watch someone in the movie is smoking a cigarette. I consciously look for smoke scenes in every movie I watch and I have noticed smoking scenes in 99% of all movies I have watched. Don’t take my word for it, undertake the mission for yourself and see for yourself. Hollywood is used to promote cigarette smoking and the hidden chemical drugs in cigarettes are there to keep smokers hooked (addicted) and for life.

    ok i just had to post this. an excerpt from the article thecavsman posted a link to. now obviously yes movies are advertisements and yes hollywood definitely helps tons of people get addicted to cigarettes. HOWEVER…”according to British researcher, Dr. John Coleman (author of “The Conspirator’s Hierarchy”), cigarette papers are dipped in opium (morphine).” i just have to point out what is discreditable about this sentence, bc this is what frustrates me when people read editorials without dissecting them.

    first, “British researcher, Dr. John Coleman.” the term “researcher” is so vague that it basically means nothing. is he an official historian at a university, is he a researcher for a computer company, or has he just decided that he is a researcher on his own? also referring to him as “Dr.” John Coleman… is he an M.D., a PsyD, does he have a doctorate, or like Dr. Phil (who is actually in no way a licensed doctor) has he just decided to refer to himself as Dr.? the sentence goes on to say “cigarette papers are dipped in opium (morphine)”, and later in the paragraph, “I understand that a deal was made between the tobacco industry, the government, and Hollywood.” there are no original sources sited, nor any direct quotes with names and appropriate identifying info… so how can anyone see this as creditable information?

    and personally, i live in Hollywood and work in the film industry. no doubt that the film industry has been quite corrupted in many ways, and that it’s filled with very greedy absurdly wealthy people, however… it’s not evil to the point where it consciously endorses secretly drugging the common masses with opium! at the end of the day, the film industry is really no different than any other industry wherein people are trying to make a buck (or a billion of ‘em), and it is not as mysterious nor complex as our government, whatever else many people think from a distance.

    again i’m not saying that none of the rest of the information in that editorial is correct, but i just get frustrated when people automatically believe things they read. it’s what happens when most americans read ‘studies’ published by the dairy industry saying “milk is good for you! it builds strong bones and makes you thin!” if people would just take a second to dissect what they’re reading and be a bit more analytical about searching out the real information, no matter what they’re reading, then maybe not so many people would be brainwashed into partaking in a SAD diet and a constant cycle of drugging themselves.

    and again, i think there is enough clear-cut evidence that raw foodism is the way to go for optimal health without cluttering the evidence with vague editorials that are written in the same style as “facts” published by the meat and dairy industries.

    i’m not trying to insult anyone or put anyone down, and i know i’m direct so what i say can come across that way… but i really just think it is a freeing thing for everyone to be able to stand up for what is true without discrediting themselves to the bulk of the population by citing these kinds of sources. the fewer sources of vague information that we use to get the message of raw foods across, the more effective we will be in helping others discover raw foods and optimal health!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Wow! I respect your logic most definitely.

    I totally agree that milk is most likely not the best thing out there for us humans. But it IS far more natural than a coke.

    Anyway, of course as a child I was told that milk was good for you and would give you strong bones and everything but I never thought I needed it because since it made me feel bad I didn’t trust it. When I didn’t drink milk I felt better. It’s a pretty basic thought process. I also was pretty uncertain when the whole thing about milk making you thin came out. Their science behind it didn’t make sense to me since you can get all those nutrients from other substances. I think in general people would benefit from eating more fresh food and less of all the other crap right away and if it takes drinking milk and eating yogurt as a replacement of ramen noodles and boxed macaroni I”m all for it. Everyone needs to take baby steps and just getting away from processed foods is the first one.

    I don’t feel insulted and I”m glad to hear everyone’s opinions the more direct the better:)

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    dorian don’t, first I want to say that I do love your conviction as i said earlier! It’s conversations like these that allow us to grow and expands our minds, so much respect to everyone who is posting and giving their views.

    I have to comment on this…first, “British researcher, Dr. John Coleman.” the term “researcher” is so vague that it basically means nothing. is he an official historian at a university, is he a researcher for a computer company, or has he just decided that he is a researcher on his own? also referring to him as “Dr.” John Coleman… is he an M.D., a PsyD, does he have a doctorate, or like Dr. Phil (who is actually in no way a licensed doctor) has he just decided to refer to himself as Dr.?

    I disagree with this statement…Researchers are what we are! We do not need a university title to proclaim this title. The fact of the matter is Universities teach alot of “Profesionals” how not to do things, example, doctors how not to treat us! Now I’m not saying that school is bad, i’m simply saying that before “universities” were here we had brilliant people who help solve lifes problems and inhanced our lives without out a “degree” of some sort. Now I personally no a herbal DR. who has cured people of diabeties, bronchitis, skin rashes etc. now he has no degrees, but does he deserve the title doctor, Of course he does, Although, I prefer the term healer.

    I would like to say something about this also… “i live in Hollywood and work in the film industry. no doubt that the film industry has been quite corrupted in many ways, and that it’s filled with very greedy absurdly wealthy people, however… it’s not evil to the point where it consciously endorses secretly drugging the common masses with opium!”

    Now, I do not know if the opium thing is true, I have not researched this and i do agree that references should have been made to solidify these statements. But, I do not put it past them, after all we all know that real cocaine was being put in Coke to drug the masses.

    I just personally think that it is better for a person to be leary of any huge corporation that to be readily accepting. Because this process protects the individual.

    I totoally agree when you say people should not believe everything they read, they should become their own “researchers”. And the best way for a person to get out the message of anything is “self experience” and using basic common sense.

    I love your post dorian don’t because they invoke profound thought. I love being in the company of strong thinkers, because thinking makes us free!

  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    I agree dreasraw – we are all researchers.

    And personal experience is key. For example, I was diagnosed by semi-holistic people to have dozens and dozens of food allergies back when I was about 8 years old. They pretty much said that I was allergic to everything I was tested for, some more than others. And, no coincidentally, I craved everything I was allergic to. I learned that everyone that I came in contact with craved what they are allergic to – I couldn’t keep the lemons that made the roof of my mouth break out out of my mouth. I wondered for years why the body would crave things that are bad for it – until recently when I finally realized that it isn’t the food that is bad.

    It is tricky, to me at least, when we start talking about being born with allergies. I tend to agree with Malaverde about toxic parents, grandparents, etc. So many people are quick to believe that something is inherently wrong with the human body – but using intuition it is pretty clear that if it is not our own doing (diet, lifestyle, thoughts, etc), it may be our parents when it comes to our health. I think we underestimate the body too much.

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I’ve been staying on an organic farm for the past month that has fresh, raw goats and cows milk each morning. Even with the opportunity to drink it, it seems so unnatural to drink another animals milk. But some people swear by it.


  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I agree thecavsman! We do under estimate the body. Above all of these ailments we have to remember that the body is an extrodinary force, our own humble servant. So if we abuse it, it will evolve, it might not serve us as good as we would like but it will obey as best it can. And if we do not abuse it and treat it well, it will give us better service.

    I also like your point on intuition, for a long time I listened to others and myself really on what is good or bad for me. But when I got quiet and listened to my body on how to treat it that is when I was able to wake up and stop making excuses to myself on why it’s ok eat certain things.

    As a community I think we are kind of thinking backwards on some things, for example…We have “heart attacks”, but really our hearts are not attacking us, we are attacking it and it gives up! If we carry out the same energy for being healthy as one would carry for being unhealthy, change is inevitable! Yal are great!

  • troublesjustabubble:)—thank you :) i started getting horrible migraines and sinusitis when i was eight, and my parents were always trying to force-feed me milk bc i was petite and they said it would make me grow taller. well, i’m still petite, but i don’t partake in dairy and i no longer get sinusitis (unless i catch the flu and then it always turns into it) and i don’t get migraines! the thin thing… thin is just a huge money making thing in the us and i think it’s like ‘if you eat a total of 900 calories a day and one yogurt and run five miles you will get skinny!’ but all they say is ‘eat a yogurt and you will get skinny!’ just silliness to make a buck.

    dreasraw—haha i’m glad you’re understanding where i’m coming from! i really enjoy thought-provoking debate, too, so i’m glad you’re posting a response. what i meant by saying what kind of researcher what kind of Dr. was just this… this man could be a total paranoid schizophrenic living in a bomb shelter hallucinating that his dead mother sits in the corner watching him all the time, for all we know from reading that. i don’t think someone needs a college degree to be intelligent or informed… my parents are both professors, but i went to one year at nyu and then dropped out. i also think that being a healer is a valid form of being a doctor, but the editorial did not say this man was a healer or anything like that, so again, could be paranoid schizophrenic who on one day calls himself a doctor and on another day thinks he is david bowie’s son (i’ve met a guy like this so that’s where that comes from ha). and i think a lot of people call themselves researchers but only use information that is posted on blogs or other websites without valid original sources… so that’s all i mean from that.

    the cocaine in Coke thing happened a couple of hundreds of years ago when Coca-Cola was a small company marketing their beverage as an ‘medicinal elixir’ to a much much smaller group of consumers, and it did not take that long to discover it. if you’ve ever smoked a cigarette and smoked opium, it’s pretty clear that cigarettes do not contain it, just as i’m sure anyone who has tried cocaine and then tried the original coca-cola would know it contained traces. much like anyone who has tried cocaine now can testify that most ADD medications are essentially cocaine with some slight differences.

    i absolutely agree that it is best for people to be leery of huge corporations, but i think it is just as well for people to be leery of ill-researched sources, in particular those on the internet or in books with the term ‘conspiracy’ in the title. i think it’s a shame that so many people write off raw foods and veganism in general as a “crazy conspiracy theorist” or “whacky hippie” diet bc so many invalid sources are often cited. i definitely have friends who have told me they always thought that raw foods were BS because of this. i think the best way to educate about raw foods is to do so by example and with clear cut well-researched studies such as The China Study. i’ve also heard that the book In Defense of Food is a really great source, though i haven’t read it yet.

    not to go on and on, (although i guess i am haha) but the reasons why most doctors are so bad at helping their patients are soooo complicated and varied. a lot of it is politics, and that in order to make a living many doctors think they have to work for HMO’s, which make a lot of their money off of the drug companies who pay them to prescribe their meds. i’ve found that private practitioners, in all areas of medicine, whether holistic are not, are often much more careful and effective in how they treat their patients, but for financial reasons it is becoming more and more difficult for doctors to set up their own practices and many of them become jaded before they even leave med school. also, nutrition is a relatively new science, so there’s a ton of conflicting information and it’s difficult to teach in a school… and nutrition isn’t even a required course in medical school! (which is awful… but with the way i’m sure they teach it i doubt it would make a huge difference)

    thank you for saying you enjoy my posts! i was worried i would be offending people bc i think my thoughts are very different from many people’s on the raw forums. i agree that thinking makes us free, too! i think there’s so much bad politics in the food industries and the drug industries, but i’m pretty balanced with how far i take my doubts in these things. there are so many hard facts about the why’s and how’s these corporations do things the way they do without turning to extreme conspiracy theory territory as an explanation. for one thing, Capitalism in action is enough of a reason! i think a lot of people end up missing out on the benefits of truly healthy eating bc they are turned-off by what to them is ‘vehement extremism.’

    dreasraw, do you have aim? if you do i’ll e-mail you my sn and we can chat!

  • thecavsman—yeah totally i agree that personal experience is key. that’s really awesome about your allergies!!! i’m much more likely to believe information coming from a first-hand experience like that one than just generalized info. but allergies like that are still different from the kinds of cases like the teenager who was allergic to nuts who died from kissing their partner who had had some peanutbutter earlier in the day (this was on the news a couple of years ago not an urban legend)... i just doubt that switching to raw would have made that person able to eat nuts and be ok

  • raw nut milks are tasty too and cruelty free http://www.natural-green-guide.com/raw-food-die…

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    oh my goodness dreasraw! How eloquent! The humble servant analogy is sooo true. People make things complicated but it’s so rewarding to us to treat our servant well because we begin to feel well.

    thecaveman,I had an opposite childhood experience….I grew up in a home focused on health and nutrition and so I never was treated like I had allergies to anything. However, milk made me horribly sick and yet my mom said it was healthy and so she made me drink it because it was just a known “fact” that it would do good. My intuition told me not to drink it. I always listened to that but I didn’t have a choice as a child. It was a very enlightening realization when I got older that what my body was telling me what exactly what I needed.

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    dorian don’t – The incident of the teen that died from an allergic reaction to nuts kissing her boyfriend is an urban legend. The incident itself took place but the cause of death was asthma and also drugs were found in the body. Media around the world rushed circulating the story without properly validating the news and waiting for the coroner’s report. read the article

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    You were probably just trying to make a point, dorian don’t, but I believe that Coca-cola’s history starts much more recently than “a couple of hundred years ago”. It’s a bit closer to just over 100 years. They began in 1885.
    And the cocaine (which supposedly was about 9 milligrams per glass) was removed in 1903, that is – if the folks at Wikipedia are accurate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca-Cola

  • about the peanut girl, oops! foot-in-mouth :) i just remembered seeing it on the news. well that’s certainly a relief for people with nut allergies i’m sure!

    greenghost—yeah i just meant it was invented in the 19th century, randomly saying a couple hundred years was kind of broad of me, haha. removing the cocaine in 1903 still isn’t very long into Coca-Cola’s history… especially considering that was still at the turn of the century… i mean women were still wearing corsets and all at that time, and that was still long before it was as widespread a beverage as it is today. but thanks for the specific dates! i love wikipedia :) is that a photo of raw absinthe? ;)

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Good call dorian don’t – it is absinthe! :)
    Truthfully I have never tried absinthe myself, but I like the photo and it reminds me of the actor – Gary Oldman. When he played Dracula in the film “Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’” ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103874/ ) he and Winona Ryder were drinking absinthe in one of the scenes. :)
    ....and “the green fairy lives in the absinthe”.....
    Oh, sorry, I think the Dracula quote is: “Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy who lives in the absinthe wants your soul. But you are safe with me.”

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Has anyone read: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Campbell-McBride. She “uncovers the link between a variety of disorders (learning disorders, psychological disorders, eczema, asthma, allergies and more) and the condition of our digestive system.” Well I read it recently because of my son who was hospitalized for RSV when he was one and has had severe eczema ever since. For the last year (he’s now three) I’ve refused to give him any drugs. He is mostly raw and only drinks almond mylk or rice milk when I’m out of almonds. There are no other obvious food allergies as we’ve done the elimination diet twice now and nothing sticks out. Also if he’s playing in the river and gets some sort of pinworm or other “standard” parasite that we all get….he cannot fight the parasite and will usually have full body skin rashes for days. It’s so tough when you don’t want to use drugs to watch your child itching until bloody. Anyways I digress, In the book Dr. Campbell makes the point very clearly that we are born with gut flora that is absolutely passed down to us from generation to generation. She offers a very specific diet (not all raw) to detox the system and then replenish with healthy flora. It’s a bit overwhelming so we haven’t tried it yet, but I do agree with the generational rationale combined with our exposure to today’s chemicals which are all around us.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    “Health benefits” we can’t deny? Nooooo. What heath benefits? Because something contains calcium, it’s automatically healthy? Milk for an adult is a highly inappropriate food, most especially cow’s milk. It’s not a good food for humans, and cannot provide well balanced nutrition for us. I said “well balanced”. Compare human milk to cow’s milk, a side by side analysis of them(calcium, phosphorus, potassium, their ratios), and you can see easily why this is not a proper food for us.

    Milk, along with bread, causes more harm to the human body than almost any other food. It’s horrible that it’s still being pimped as neccessary for health, instead of the fattening, tooth rotting nightmare that it is.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    I definetly feel you dorian don’t, the guy could be a “quack”, and that’s why i admire thecavsman for adding his own experience into the equation and coming up with his own analogy.

    Everyone should follow the opinion of their body and not chemical cravings, people, doctors, articles etc. Now I no someone is saying, “Cravings are following your body”, but Cravings that arive from laboratory foods are additictions not cravings.

    Coke was my example to say “Corporations do not love us personally!” They have stock holders and the bottom line is the money and not us. That is why corporations have gotten to the point of making lower quality foods because their investments are lower and profits are larger! For example: High fructose corn syrup is very cheap to make and it causes disease,and sugar addictions, but yet it’s in everything! Now I’m not saying corporations are started by bad people, what I am saying is the bigger the corporation gets, the more shareholders it has, the more poitical it becomes, and the more the consumer is left out. And, 8 years of a beverage company putting cocaine in their drinks, then replacing it with large amounts of sugar and caffeine is a good start and the reason why they are so large today! If I sold cocaine for 8 years, I surely would not have to budget on my weekly trip to the health store.

    Thanks for the research greenghost!

    kindaraw, I am so sorry to hear that! Have you done any research on healing herbs? Or do you have an “herbal pharmacy” where you are? Alot of times there is an herb that will take care of issues like that, if you do not have an herbal place where you are I will send you the number to one hear in Virginia. They do phone consiltations and that might help.

    dorain don’t all I have is a gmail account, but we are gonna figure something out.

  • DreaDrea Raw Master

    Right to the point Alix1962! Your point is a very valid one!

    I was wondering, has anybody ever taken a moment to think…why was the cow or goat chosen for us to suckle from, why not the dog or the monkey! If you think about it, whats really the differnce?

  • melaverdemelaverde Raw Newbie

    dreasraw – well said! “Everyone should follow the opinion of their body and not chemical cravings, people, doctors, articles etc.Alix1962 – Alleluia! Kindaraw – Very sorry for your child’s skin condition, I had exzema as a child and I know how painfull it is. I must say that you are a very courageous mother for not giving in to pharma products. Every tear and every single pain of your child is a blessing in a way as it will get him closer and closer to healing, I believe detox is the key to heal from exzema or any other skin condition.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I know a man who healed a very sick body by drinking LOTS of raw goat milk – like a “Heidi” story.

    cherie03 – There are a few cheeses you can get that are “rennetless” or made with “vegetable rennet” – they are labeled that way, if you decide to look for it.

    I drank raw goat’s milk several weeks ago – a quart in two days – and it took me a week to get my blood sugar levels back down to normal. They had been perfect for weeks before that, so I decided not to ever drink milk again. I never had that reaction when eating raw goat cheese.

  • dreasraw—yes let’s! and i TOTALLY agree that corporations do not care about their customers, i just don’t believe that cigarette papers are dipped in opium… nicotine is addictive enough… why would someone feel the need to make up anything else to condemn the tobacco companies? i think they’re pretty reprehensible as it is based on the information that’s already come out about them! btw if anyone has not seen Thank You For Smoking, then see it…. so amazingly amazing and hilarious.

    angie—that’s really interesting about your blood sugar levels, thanks for sharing!

    Kindaraw—i echo everyone’s sentiment. i really send all the positive vibes i can to you and hope that you find something that works! you are obviously a devoted mother and i am sure that you will. i will look into the book you mentioned… my father has asperger’s syndrome, so that might be an interesting read for me.

  • greenghost—i always wanted to try absinthe because all of the great romantic poets drank it! i’ve never had the chance, however, and my friends who have just say it’s really really strong alcohol that tastes kind of gross. doesn’t sound as exciting as Rimbaud made it seem!

    hmm… now i wonder which is worse for you… dairy or absinthe? :-P

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