Distilled water while water fasting???

shgadwashgadwa Raw Newbie

From all my research, I believe that distilled water is the best water to be drinking. BUT, I read that it can pull minerals out of your body. Which I guess that is why I eat raw fruits and veggies and supplement…?

So, when fasting, is it OKAY, good or bad, to drink distilled water????

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  • BirdseedBirdseed Raw Newbie

    Yes drinking distilled water on a fast is the best. d water is a solvent so do what u can. u might need to drink fresh fruit juice during the day if d wafter is cleansing to rapidly. the myth about d water is that it pulls out your minerals. That’s only part true. d water acts like a magnet & pulls out inorganic minerals & leaves the organic minerals intact. d water is a smart water. I drink it everyday. hope this helps.

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