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august 80/10/10 support group



  • thecavsmanthecavsman Raw Newbie

    yup sounds like I need to read the book and mentally prepare before jumping in. Maybe see what a regular day would feel like and then do it for September. I have to prepare for the daily greens.

    Thanks for the help.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Does anyone know how much fat baby coconut WATER has? I’m still f(e)asting on liquids and discovered how yummy young coconut water is.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I don’t think baby coconut water has any fat….it’s just sweet water with electrolytes and a bunch of other goodies.

  • Moth, RawKidChef is right. Coconut water has no fat. Here’s the nutritional breakdown:


  • Bananna – yeah with all the struggling I have done to get to my goal weight and stay there – just eating raw isn’t working. I think it is because I eat way too much fat. And after looking at how much fat is recommended in 80-10-10 I was probably consuming 1/2 of my calories in fat. EECK! Just be careful not to mention the 80-10-10 thing on Alissas site. Anyone who even hints at it gets censored or deleted. I like her site as well (cause it was the first site I found when I changed my lifestyle). I also have a lot to thank her for since she was the first to educate me about eating raw. Unfortunately I just eat too much fat. I like your goal of 20% fat. I might be able to live with that percentage.

  • Ok Day one wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I thought it would be easy to consume a lot of calories and it was actually quite hard – I felt like I was eating all day and spent most of the day figuring out calories, etc. in Nutridiary and what to eat to get me to the correct ratios. Very time consuming. I see why Dr. Grahm recommends doing this for the first week though cause I would probably be seriously undereating if I wasn’t tracking this.

    And dinner was rough. I had called ahead of time to figure out quantities and a plan so I was good there. I made a salad dressing out of papaya, celery and tomato (and took it with me to the restaurant) and didn’t like it so ended up asking the waitress for lemon to squeeze on my salad. Guys I just have to admit that I was going through major fat withdrawl today. and the eating salad with no dressing almost killed me as well. I can see now that I heavily relied on fats to fill me up before and now I feel like I am eating twice the amount of food and very little calories. When I ate the small amount of avacodo on my salad I felt like I was in heaven and getting my drug (fat) fix. My mother in law told me it was probably just mental. But I don’t know I definately felt physically better as well eating it.

    So here are my stats for today. Not too bad for a first day at it. However, I don’t know how I would get up the protein ratio (it seems I was way off at only being at 6). I had a large salad at dinner and 4 cups of spinach in my smoothie earlier today.

    80-10-6 – 1386 calories

    I can see now how I will be needing to get to the store more often on this diet.

    Oh I also squeezed in 43 minutes of taebo and pilates.

  • Today I ate half of a sugar baby watermelon for breakfast, 12 bananas for lunch, tomato/cucumber salad as a snack, a large bowl grapes and a salad made with boston lettuce/tomato/cucumbers for dinner. For exercise, I chased my son around the beach, went for a walk and did 45 minutes of strength training. I feel wonderful!

  • Moth – I love young coconut water too!

    Does anyone know if the inside of a young coconut is considered at fat. I think it is and I have no Idea how to figure it out since it doesn’t pop up in Nutridiary.

  • Karmyngirl – wow that is amazing 12 bananas in one setting. Are you new at this or a veteran?

  • Another question – I have been having serious problems getting on this website today. I don’t think it was my computer because I could get to all of my other websites. Did anyone else have a problem?

  • Oh and here is my food intake for the day:

    4 cups of watermelon, Carrot, beet, apple and spinach smoothie, 3 bananas, 2 oz of blueberries, Salad with tomato, mango and ½ avocado with lemon 1 cup of strawberries, 2 cups of grapes, 1 glass of red wine

  • I read the book and I started today!

  • Hi Morn, I’ve been raw for over a year and I’ve been transitioning to 811 for the past few months.

  • morn…just for ease and continuity can you write your ratio as carb/protein/fat :o)

    i think you’ve had a good first day….don’t worry about the protein level, it’s all good….consider that the 80% carbs is a suggested minimum…most longer term 811’ers or those wishing to really feel more benefit aim for higher….some of the more athletic 811’ers are more like 90/5/5


  • I’ve been on a three week (so far) juice fast/feast/fest, but I’m with everyone in spirit! I stuck to 80-10-10 for all of July until I started the fast, and I never felt better. It wasn’t even that difficult to switch to it, as I had found that I was naturally eating in those percentages, most of my calories coming from fruit.

    I’ll rejoin the group after my fast. I’m going 40 days, but perhaps the full 92, just not sure yet. It is an amazing experience, to slow your digestion, all that energy to be used in healing and regeneration.

    big hugs to all

  • Thanks Elbo I will keep that in mind. The thought of having to eat more greens without dressing wasn’t going to happen. Oh and next time I will post the correct ratio. I was a little confused since Nutridiary puts it in a different order and I wasn’t sure what came first. I don’t think getting my fruit percentage higher will be a problem but keeping my fat down will be my biggest issue. I can’t believe there is already fat in a lot of fruits (that surprised me). But I can already see I will need a lot less sleep eating this way. I woke up several times (but wanted to be lazy and sleep in anyway). Now off to pay the bills!

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Wishing Everyone here a FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE THIS MONTH!! I am forever indebted to Elliot for inviting me to join the fun in July, and everyone in our group motivating me to get back on track with the simplicity of 811rv. Click on my avi and look up my posts to read all about my personal journey, and if you’re looking for guidance and motivation in the area of fitness—check out Dr. Graham’s board at VegSource (link in this thread’s opening post, I believe.) We’re doing a “Home Edition” of Doug’s Raw Health & Fitness Week – following a similar workout/meal/lecture schedule as the H&F participants. Catching up on a host of house & yard work, too! :D VAYAN CON DIOS, AMIGOS

  • Today was overall a good day. I underate on my calories by my ratios were pretty good. I finished at 1117 calories 80/6/9 (fat) – Happy cause I already lost one pound!

    Foods consumed today:

    Carrot, beet, apple and spinach smoothie, 3 bananas, 3 cups of pineapple, Kale, lemon, ginger and apple smoothie, Large Garden salad with squeezed lemon & lime, 1 cup of grape tomatoes, 1 glass of red wine, almost ½ ounce of macademia nuts, 1 cup of grapes

    Oh and it was a better day with my salad. I guess it gets easier with time but I actually enjoyed my salad with squeezed lemon. I think it was because I was really hungry.

    I also did 43 minutes of exercise today 30 minutes of taebo 10 minutes of abs

    Glad to be with you all on this ride!

  • well, i’ll be fasting till the 11th…but i’ll still be dropping in

  • I am a little over 2 weeks in. Check out my blog www.lindaintheraw.blogspot.com if you would like to track my progress. Still trying to kick the salt…must remember to eat more celery but overall things are going very well! It’s a continual learing process and I am learning as I go.

    Night and Day compared to high fat raw vegan which I had been for 2 years. I tried 811rv last fall to no avail. I wasn’t eating enough cals and I think emotionally, I just wasn’t there yet. This spring afer a 65 day juice feast followed by a very intese parasite cleanse my body is SCREAMING for 80/10/10!!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Linda, I appreciate your blog. When people were first posting what they ate on here, it seemed so boring with the monomeals, but mixed fruit and veggie salads look much more appealing.

  • Down another pound today. Yeah for 80/10/10! And getting used to eating salads with lemon. I think I am starting to like it. Foods eaten:

    5 bananas, 2 cups of pineapple, Kale, lemon, ginger and apple smoothie, Large Garden salad with lemon & pecans on top, One medium tomato, 3 cups of grapes, ¼ cup of raisens,

    My ratios are a bit off as far as fat goes. Tried to eat more to get it down. Total calories 1324 82/5/12

    Today’s exercise: 30 minutes Jullian Micheals 30 day shed circuit workout

  • LindaintheRaw – I am off to the store to get some more produce as I am way too low and need to get the ingrediates for the anti pasta recipe. I am definately going to try it. Thanks for linking the recipe for others to try.

  • lindaintheraw…thanks for the blog link…will check it out later :o)

  • I’ve decided to give 80/10/10 a second chance. I went back to the high(er) fat raw vegan lifestyle, and my body and I are pining for simple, fruity, low fat meals. I think this time I need to eat more green leafy vegetables (I had a problem with blacking out last time – i think i was almost all fruitarian by accident, i wasnt aware of how little greens i was eating)

    I am pretty excited to give this another go, because i have always thought it was the most natural. I still have a few ingredients in my household that i cant waste (such as raw cacao powder) so i will use that a LITTLE bit when i feel like it. But other than that, I’m totally ready for some delicious low fat mono-meals for some crazy energy.

    Any other athletes on here? I’m a competitive rock climber. =)

  • I forgot about the cherries I ate yesterday. So My ratio and calories were actually better than I thought. Yesterday’s corrected ratios -

    calories 1464 82-5-11

  • Hey guys. I’ve been periodically checking back here, and I’m glad you’re all doing well. I always here people asking about cravings for food while on a raw diet, so I decided to write up a guide to defeating cravings. You can find it here:


    I hope you find it useful. Best of luck on your 80/10/10 journeys.

  • Ok so I finished out the day and I am pretty full. I could make my ratios perfect if I ate another banana. But I don’t like eating when I am not hungry. So since I am trying to lose weight anyways I think I take the less calories for today and be a little off. So here is my stats: My calories are 1059 82/7/11.

    My food intake for today was 2 bananas, young coconut water, banana, strawberry,orange,lime smoothie,frozen greentea lemonade, anti pasta recipe (used 1 mango, 1 tomato, 1/2 yellow pepper & basil with one zucchini), large garden salad (5 cups of romaine), 1/2 green pepper, 1 tomatoe, 5 oz of cucumber, slice of red onion, 1 radish, just under 1/2 oz or raw macademia nuts (with lemon juice for dressing)

    I am estatic cause I am down another pound already. I am not hungry – if anything I feel like I am eating more than I would if I wasn’t tracking all of this so I am glad that I am so I get a good feel for it all.

    sorry I am going into so much detail but it is a learning process for me as I am really new to all of this! And I hope it encourages some that may be reading this that If you are trying 80-10-10 for weightloss it really works. It is time consuming though tracking all the calories and logging it in. I will be happy not to have to do this in the future.

    Ok a dilemma – There is a raw food potluck every other month with lots of great food that I like to go to. I figure it won’t be too 80-10-10 friendly. I would probably want to sample everything and that would probably mean a lot of extra fat. Would one day of not eating 80/10/10 totally hurt me? Do you think I should go or just pass this time around? I want to keep up my commitment to trying this diet but I hate the idea of missing out. Thoughts anyone?

  • Great Article Andrew. When I want them I will definately have to start doing that with the offending SAD foods. It is funny how we remember the SAD food tasting so good but do we really think and acknowledge how much harm it brings to us when we consume it. We definately need to keep our goals in mind at all times don’t we!

  • morn…the calorie counting is just so you get a rough idea of what is in the food you eat, and how much you need to reach your caloric needs…..don’t let it destroy the fun of what you’re experiencing

    soon you will only need to look for quick reference…

    and well done on the weightloss :o)

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