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I saw a post yesterday on the being raw forus called ‘warning for raw kids’ its great and has many discussion points including a link to an article by Shazzie. In the article she makes refererence to vegan ‘not being natural’ & that even horses would eat bugs & stuff when grazing. I always thought that raw vegan was the most natural diet.. Can anyone shed any light on what she might have meant and what is the most natural?? Please help – confused! Thanks!


  • Yes, even vegan animals consume soil micro-organisms and bugs – therefore getting some of the nutrients ‘missing’. In human 100% vegan/raw/unsupplemented diets it isn’t healthy because we try to fit that 100% mentality into a modern mentality (i.e. ‘overly’ clean, anti-microbe, anti-healthybacteria, anti-bug, anti-dirt). That’s because when produce is washed (which it should be unless you grow it organically yourself) you are washing away those probiotic soil micro-organisms that can be beneficial as well as the little bugs that offer those extra nutrients. Even our raw foraging ancestors ate the bugs and dirt that came with their foraging.

    A lot of people are confused when they read that because everyone puts their definition and spin on what 100% means. 100% IS being done, but in the TRUE sense, it is RARE… and I don’t know of any documented long term success stories. anyone? please jump in here (my definition of long term is at least 20 or more years thriving and complete). personally, I believe that you must supplement or incorporate ancient grains, variety of nuts, or bee products, etc. UNLESS you are willing to eat a little dirt and bugs through foraging…. just some thoughts.

    There are interesting threads on here about getting some of the missing nutrients from a completely vegan/raw diet – these include supplements and such.

  • storm talifero-30 years…doug graham-30years

    harley a.k.a durianriders b12 has almost quadrupled in the last year of pure 811, foraging-style :o)

  • storm eats bee products and of course tons of nuts (which many aren’t truly raw). dont know about doug graham. do they forage you say? cuz the foraging gives those soil and bug nutrients.

  • hmmm..doug doesn’t supplement but grows a lot of his own food….harley does forage

    that deals with the b-12 argument (if there evn is one)

  • consider that if it weren’t for ‘civilisation’ we would also have far less of a problem eating bugs and all the other goodies that would come along for the ride

    and i didn’t think storm ate tons of nuts

  • yes i believe storm gets most of his B12 from the organic greens that he grows. I agree that you shouldn’t over wash or scrub organic greens or vegetables etc. People who have eaten raw vegan for many years successfully always seem to eat a lot of organic and wild food. I do supplement with small amounts of bee pollen though, because I can’t always afford or get organic or wild raw foods.

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    Thanks for all your info guys, I wasnt sure if it meant cooked, meat eggs or what, so that really helps

    Sorry for the stupid question but who is Storm?

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    i’m fairly certain, Dr. fred bisci has been raw vegan for about 40 years.

    staying strictly vegan, i think it would be tough to get everything you need.

    i had what seemed to be a horrible vitamin D deficiency this summer, i was never able to get a diagnosis, but it has started getting better with massive doses of vitamin D. now i’m not vegan, but i haven’t had milk in years. i think calcium is more attainable from veggies, but vitamin D, you gotta have sun, and i have hated the sun my whole life.

    vitamin deficiencies are real and can be very serious!!

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