CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

Hi guys. I’ve been feeling a little blah lately and not feeling up to my usual jogs. Could be the heat. Anyway, I’ve been really bloated for the tast two weeks. I look like I’m pregnant unless I hold it in – a monumental effort. I just finished my period, so that’s not it. Any clue how to get rid of the bloat fast? I suppose I could do a little fasting. Thanks!


  • Do you eat a lot of nuts and fats? I actually started a liver cleanse because I too have been bloated and listless (a little of the protruding belly is from eating high fat raw for the past six months and the subsequent weight gain from it!). To take the weight off and get rid of the bloat I have been limiting my fats, consuming virtually no nuts, and added cooked quinoa & sprouted grain bread back into my diet to make up for those calories, and am watching my food combining. These changes have helped flatten my stomach tremendously and I am beginning to have energy left over after my jogs to go longer. I will let you know how the cleanse goes. For it I will be taking in 1500 cal. by drinking 32 oz (that equates to 3 lbs of freshly juiced apples), green smoothies with chia seeds, and watermelon for six days, then end with the olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture, and a colonic.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Some days I eat nuts, but not more than a handful. My bloating has gone down anyway. I just hate it when it comes back and I can’t stand it when it comes!

  • JDJD

    I used to do really well with nuts and raisins but not anymore. I would say that now it’s raisins for me. Eat any of those? Anytime I eat too many, I bloat for sure.

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    i think i remember reading somewhere once that foods high in potassium can cause bloating in some people, raisins have that effect on me if i eat too many. Same with bananas, especially if they aren’t extremely ripe

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