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Consuming alcohol at 100% RAW

So, I’ve been 100% raw for about two weeks now, woot woot!! I had three beers the other night and woke up feeling sick, not a hangover sick, but a “cold” type sick…stuffy nose, sore throat, etc…

Has anyone else had this experience. I think I’ll be giving it up after feeling like crap for almost the whole day.

Thanks in advance.



  • Lagston: Good for you! 2 weeks raw!!!

    I know what you mean about the alcohol next day feeling! :P

    I have been struggling with this issue. I don’t feel like I can give it up. I very rarely drink anyway but I want to be able to if I feel like it.

    It is quite enjoyable at the time, but I feel pretty crappy the next day…sore head, kind of clogged up and generally not fabulous.

    It also makes it MUCH easier for me to rationalise eating cooked food to make me feel better.

    Maybe you could try drinking organic wine instead? Apparently the sulfites in normal wine are a big part of what makes you feel crappy.

    I know that alcohol is a toxin, and the whole point of going on a raw food diet is for your health…..weird how we humans hang on to things that damage us, huh?

    I guess the feeling “sick” is our bodies just trying to get the toxin out.

    hope u can find something that works for u :)

  • JDJD

    Congrats on your 2 weeks Langston!!!

    Ohhh, the alcohol. Sooo bad let me tell ya. Whenever I drink liquor I sweat it out something horrible the next morning. I wake up totally soaked in sweat and it doesn’t stop there. After I get up, an hour can pass and BAM…sweat is pouring out of my head, my chest, my back (the whole body). Can you say REJECTION!!!

    As for organic wine, I cannot seem to find one without sulfites. Anyone know of a brand? Looked everywhere in my area and no dice :( Can’t say I have a problem with wine though. Only thing it makes me do is go to the bathroom in the morning (sorry for that info.) hehehe.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i don’t know, i recently had a fair (not large) amount of tequila (i’m about 80% raw, was 100% for a year, and it didn’t leave me hungover or feeling especially crappy.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    According to Sarma and Matt (Raw Food Real World), Wine and Sake are technically raw… so, i stick to those two since they’re not heated like liquor and beer… I’m not sure if beer is heated or not, but it does have wheat and barley and other things like that…

    Sulfites give headache’s sometimes… I’ve been able to find Low Sulfite wine – but, i live in NY and they’re locally made. Maybe check out local wineries or call around. There is one wine nearby that uses honey and does not have any sulfites at all. If you don’t mind the honey usage, this might work out well for you.

  • Thanks for all the info guys!

    I’m like you Mantis, I very rarely drink, but I want to be able to if I feel like it.

    I’ll be traveling to Japan in March, so I’ll see how the sake goes ;)

    Not much of a wine guy, but maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    Thanks again!

  • Besides Alcohol being in the bible countless times saying not to drink too much (we will not talk about that here)..... It is VERY unhealthy and if anyone wants to go get drunk, I do not understand why they do not eat meat…its probably just as bad.

    But, it seems Lagston, that you are just drinking, to drink…not to get drunk. In this case, it is not ‘that bad’.

    If you wanted to drink, I would say that organic wine, something without lots of junk in it, would be the best source for alcohol and I would suggest not drinking too much (again, the bible says not to but we will not talk about that….its bad for you)...

    Some believe that wine is good for you in small amounts and for those that believe in the bible, the book of Timothy says not to get drunk on wine, but use a little for your stomachs sake and your often infirmities.

    So yeah, Alcohol is unhealthy and I do not know why anyone would want to drink so much of it….. I guess wine is better, I do not know.

    Tell you one thing, if I was to drink some kind of alcoholic beverage…it would NOT be beer.

    But I think I agree with what carrie6292 said.

    But, I think the reason why you felt sick was because it is detoxification symptoms. Your organic raw food is great for you and it makes you healthier. When something toxic enters your body…. its like I GOT TO GET RID OF THIS NOW. Sickness is almost ALWAYS, really detoxifying which is GOOD!

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    Lagston – I had the same issue after a couple of drinks that contained coconut rum and melon liqueur. I didn’t even get a buzz, and yet the next day, I felt totally hungover. Not fun at all! Like the others have suggested, organic wine is the way to go. You’ll probably have a hard time finding a sulfite-free wine because sulfite naturally occurs in wine. Just look for organic, vegan brands that say “No added sulfites.” I know Badger Mountain and Frey both fit that criteria, and I’ve found both at larger liquor stores and at Whole Foods.

  • Right on heyenglish.

    Just, DO NOT drink too much. I read that a couple ounces is medicinal…..any type of alcohol is bad for any type of person.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Shgadwa-although you’re right about alcohol not being that great for you I think in general you’re going overboard.

    The bible says “everything in moderation”....you can have three beers and still remain in that category. I think it’s unwise to bring biblical principles here since raw veganism ISN’T a religion. If it was you wouldn’t be able to mention the bible because God very clearly gave humans dominion over animals and he was the first being to kill an animal and use its skin for clothing Adam and Eve(genisis 3) he also tells Paul in the new testament that all animals are good for food including the “unclean” ones such as pigs. Jesus’s first miracle was turning water into wine. He can’t possibly be saying not to drink it.

    A raw vegan is thinking of what is best for their body. Not what is wrong and right to eat or drink. Everyone is free in this sense. I personally enjoy occasional glasses of wine or bottles of beer. I just make sure to drink plenty of water before and after and haven’t felt bad yet.

  • I said I was not going to discuss it, here…..but I jsut breifly mentioned what the bible said.

    I know that we are talking about two or three beers…not overboard…that is good.

    Personally, raw veganism CAN become a religion…that is to say, people are so dedicated to it that they do not do anything else but care for themselves…spend time studying health, they are obsessed. I used to be obsessed, its not good.

    I was not saying that the bible was against alcohol….

    There are some things I could talk about to answer what you said troublesjustabubble:), but I better not….here

    God bless!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    i think, as long as one does not have problems with addiction or a serious medical condition, a little tequila once in a blue moon won’t hurt! =P

  • Oh my G-d!!! Can we please have a thread that is not about this kid and the bible???? I’m look for information on how fellow raw foodists regard alcohol. Not on some 17 year old’s regurgitation of bible quotes. This site is being damaged – all be one person. Every other Christian raw foodie manages to post on here respectfully and relevantly.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i have struggled to get off drinking but not because of raw, it’s because i have a lot of trouble with being addicted to it. it became a problem for me, escaping into alcohol and not facing my problems.

    i have had a glass here and there since going raw and didn’t go overboard which i am happy for but did not feel great the next day. basically alcohol dehydrates you and that is why you feel like crap.

  • Yeah, we drink when we feel like it. Sometimes we’ll get a bottle of tequila as a gift and have a margarita almost daily for a week. Other times, we’ll look at each other and say, dang, we haven’t had a drink in months! Sometimes we’ll buy a bottle of wine here and there and occasionally a mixed drink in our seldom restuarant appearances. But weddings…. yes – definately cause for celebration all the way around….. Good times.

    And, to add to what TJAB said, Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into delicious wine at the wedding was AFTER the guests were drunk! How ‘bout them apples? (I mean grapes)

    Awww, dagnytaggart, have a drink and don’t worry about it. ; ). btw, I read your profile and some of your posts. (hysterical) anyway, you seem like a witty, lovely and disciplined person. you live in SF? I read an article recently that women living in the SF area are some of the healthiest in the country. I can’t remember the reasons it gave why. do you drink?

  • lol @ Dangny’s Christian comments

    As for drinking, being 21 and never drinking underaged, I was only legal drinking age for 6 months before going raw. I’ll but it like this, if I don’t succumb to a piece of New York style Pizza or some Nachos @ Qdoba, I definitely won’t succumb to alcohol. I’d guess that I’m not the only raw person who feels so energized all the time that they don’t want anything that will put them to sleep. Mike’s hard lemonade is good though – I only really like coolers.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    i found that wine affects me way more severly on raw…doesnt keep me from drinking it though i jsut drink less of it.

    AMEN, dagney! you said what ive been mumbling at my computer screen for DAYS!!!;0)

  • Yes…Wine is best.

    Has anyone heard of Dandelion wine??? You can make it yourself, no idea how yet. I believe you use the yellow flowers.

    You can also make wild grape wine.

  • Ditto Dagny, I’m tired of every thread becoming a sermon.

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    Finally, someone expressed my sentiments! And I thought I was just being a little too harsh, haha. Thanks Dagny.

  • I declair, shgadwa, I hate to act like your mother and keep chasing you around, but really, you are making yourself to look rather silly. I assume that you fancy yourself as one of great wisdom, but wise is as wise does. For the sake of the faith of your fathers, and for the sake of those with more liberal mindsets alike, please refrain from the temptation to be so combative with your ideas. Strangely, in regards to your last post, you are almost coming across as if to say, “Oh, well, If I can’t beat ‘em I’ll join ‘em.” You’ve got to have some intestinal fortitude and resist the temtation to badger the world with the gospel, so to speak! Sorry, ya’ll! I know that I am hijacking or whatever, but this is a last ditch effort to try to quell some of the seemingly youthful ignorance of my friend shgadwa!

  • I understand pulse…...

    I understand.

    No, I am not (meaning NOT) wise. Far from it. Far from it. Very far from it. I do not have that much wisdom. Anyone can have knowledge, but wisdom takes more time a dedication, to get. Or at least, that is what I think.

    But, really… I am done here. Done.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Beer is brewed so its not raw. Cider and wine are both raw. Luckily champagne is too :0 I do fine if I have some high quality organic wine. I had some rhubarb organic wine that was lovely a few months ago. But anything that is mass produced, forget it, ugh!!

    I know a herbalist who is making her own champagne apparently it is really easy. I’ll get the recipe and post it on here.

  • PEACE! (and faith, hope, love, joy, ect!)

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie
    Cider? hmmm… this is from thegreenguide.com…

    While cider sold at fruit stands is not always pasteurized, most apple cider sold in stores is, that is, heated to 160 degrees F or treated with UV light to kill any pathogens. Un-pasteurized cider can be risky for pregnant women, small children and those with a compromised immune system. While pasteurization renders apple cider safer to drink, and increases its shelf life, the process can alter the flavor of the cider slightly. The process destroys enzymes, and inhibits oxidation so pasteurized apple cider has less distinct flavor.

    wines are usually fined with egg whites, milk, casein, gelatin etc… so connective tissues from pigs etc… and usually filtered too, so it should say unfined and unfiltered on the bottle, but even like that… I don’t know for high quality organic wines, it’s probably all pure :)

    Hmm I”m looking forward to the champagne recipe :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Cider – The ones from smaller organic breweries and ones from companies that state they don’t use heat are OK.I don’t know the names of them coz I don’t drink it, but there are some if that’s your kind of thing. Bt it is so easy to make at home isn’t it?

    I would never drink wine that wasn’t organic and vegan! It is disgusting what they do to normal wine, ugh!!

  • Dagny Taggert, you gave me a good laugh when I read your post today. I’m with you sista (don’t know if you’ve read some of my posts re: the topic you brought up, but they are quite similar to yours). However, I also recognize that I still want to go to this site. This community has helped me so much and I’m not ready to give it up because someone is really pissing me off! And what keeps me coming back is the tone of tolerance set by Kandace and Ray (even when I’m obviously quite intolerant of certain posters and discussions myself). So, even though you and I have certain “issues” regarding a certain type of posting, the responsibility of how we react lies with us. And who knows, I may very well get so sick of it that I’ll opt to go elsewhere. For now, however I want to hang around and “chat” with people like you and so many others. Because there really are some fabulous people here.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Kevyn, what kind of wine do you drink? pig parts and conective tissue? dude…step away from “mondavi” would ya? hahahahaha (im kidding you of course) as Zoe says many nice, tastey organic, vegan wines…

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    He, he, I think they’re tastier with pig’s connective tissue, don’t you? !! lol !! Well I don’t drink at all ( anymore!) but haven’t tried a good home cider, I have tried a biodynamic wine once, quite some time ago, but I still got that feeling of heaviness on the liver and thirst. I usually don’t feel like drinking maybe because I used to drink enormous quantities when I was younger? I might be in the other extreme now, I sometimes think, and it would come to a balance sometime, but well for the moment I am clearly not attracted to it. My friends who drink have something special about them that my friends who do not drink don’t have, they are… I don’t know how to say, there is a part of them who is kind of absent, not here, in another space. Some of them who are huge drinkers feel even kind of possessed by something, not completely in control? very strange… but it’s a very strong feeling I have. Some other friends who drink normally I have noticed that they usually more prone to anger, a bit like my meat eater friends… Yes, it’s disgusting what they do to normal wine, it’s disgusting what most people do to the whole planet!!!! (sorry I had to rant :) although it’s just the way it is, everybody is at the level he has to be in this life :) and in a way I guess it’s all good, there has to be wars and sacrifices in order to wash impurities of the mass egregores of ill thinking, hasn’t it? (Or am I just nuts thinking something like that, but I tend to think a lot of problems come from the good doers?) Anyway, I’m a bit far from the organic wine subject now! lol… no focus really… lol

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Not touching that even with a ten-foot post…

    Kevyn~ Have you been sampling some over-brewed Kombucha? lol

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