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NUTS! I'm allergic to nuts!?!

BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

Hey everyone! I missed you all! I have been traveling like crazy the past month, barely time to catch up on a trillion emails, let alone my beloved GoneRaw forums! Anyhoo, over the past couple of months, I have been breaking out in these itchy bumps that look exactly like mosquito bites (only WAY itchier and…well, not mosquito bites) on my stomach. I couldn’t figure out what they were until yesterday when I had a revelation that every time I ate almonds or cashews, I would soon start itching all over.


I’m concerned I have a treenut allergy! I had some peanuts to test it and they did not affect me, but then I had some almond butter, and within the hour, there those itchy bumps were. SH*T!!! I love my nuts! What do you guys think? Is there another way to test (that won’t cost money) that you suggest? I mean, I was basically staying away from nuts anyways ever since that post I started a long time ago (that eventually led to a nut-free section on the recipe page), but I feel like this changes things… Insight? Support? Comments? Does anyone know what causes this?

I’ve been doing research and apparently it is common to gain a nut allergy later in life, especially in one’s early 20s (bingo, I’m 21). I do not break out in my throat or anything scary like that, just the annoying burning rashes on my stomach, and verrrry uncomfortable digestive issues that last until those nuts are completely gone from my body. Pardon my French, but, this sucks.



  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    I don’t want it to seem like I’m freaking out, and I know lots of people live with nut allergies etc etc, and that if I AM allergic, I’ll be just fine, but this is still a crazy thing.

  • Many food allergies are caused by Candida, particularly if they develop over time (you weren’t allergic to something and then you were, and it is getting worse).

    You can Google “Candida Spit Test” to see if you have a Candida overgrowth. You can also read about the Candida/Food Allergy connection.

    I was “allergic” to many foods – carrots, cukes, bananas, nuts, melons, etc, etc. Once I kicked my Candida, I can eat many of these foods with no problem what-so-ever. Good thing, too, as I was having to avoid veges, nuts and some fruits becasuse they made my throat and ear canals itch so badly. My doc said food allergies can’t be treated. BS from the med. profession!!! Now I can eat all but melons, which are an energy toxin for me.

    Good luck and Blessed Be!

  • Jenoz, how did you get rid of your candida? How long did it take?

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    Hmm, I will definately research the candida thing, it hadn’t occured to me.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I gave up nuts a couple of months ago – well apart from coconuts!!

    I feel really great and I haven’t missed them at all. I have been using coconut oil, bananas, avocado, buckwheaties, sprouted sunflower seeds and hemp oil for decadence and to make things creamy and heavy. I find it is much tastier and more gorgeous. Especially as most nuts aren’t raw, and I started to get a dead feeling come over me when I ate walnuts and pine nuts, they only probably raw nuts I was left with after the almonds all got zapped.

    Just add an avocado, a spoon of coconut butter, sprouted sunflower seeds, buskwheat/buckwheaties or some banana where you used to use nuts.

  • jellibi – I did MAJOR dietary restriction (barely anything at all sweet), helped along with TriGuard (Grapefruit Seed Extract, Tea Tree Oil and Colloidal Gold – this stuff is NASTY for internal consumption), and then switched to ProSilver 240. If I had it today, I’d use a product called MMS instead. You can Google that as well. Mine was gone in 2 months and I had not realized how MANY things in my life were related. Yikes!

    BeTheChange – I wonder if the nut allergy development in the early 20s applies equally to the genders, or is skewed toward women who’ve been on birth control pills for a couple of years? Just a thought. BCPs seem to be related to the risk of Candida overgrowth.

  • Thanks so much Jenoz, I’ll check that out.

    Be The Change, I’m so sorry about your nut allergy. I’m allergic to cashews and pistachios and it’s no fun. I freaked out a little when I found out because, well, it’s a little scary.

    I def see a a correlation btw allergies and candida. I’m also allergic to gluten and casein, so this topic is very interesting to me.

  • Do you soak Almonds before eating? If not, try soaking for atleast 8 hrs and de-skinning before eating Almonds. As per cashews, I’ve no idea.

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    Zoe! Great advice, thank you! I will definitely stock up at the store and go for this approach. Banana, huh? Interesting.

    Jenoz—never been on BCP, no WAY.. That sh*t freaks me out too much to go near it! They cause way more problems than just candida, it’s so freaky.

    Tggoesraw—I did soak my almonds, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. :( Nevertheless, thanks for the insight.

  • BeTheChange ~ I don’t know if you are vegan or not, but I get all itch if I add bee pollen to my smoothie. Just throwing out there… ;)

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