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Feeling great but looking like I need sleep...

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has gone through looking less than well-rested while being raw in the early stages?

My energy feels so clear, steady and happy, but I have these dark circles under/in the inner corners of my eyes.

I’ve never really suffered with them before….do you think it could be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or a syptom of detox?

I don’t want to ‘look’ unhealthy or tired cos as you you know, raw foodies get enough flak for what they do without trying to convince people they are ok!! I want to be a shiny, glowy example so I can inspire others and they can see that eating raw is a healthy and safe thing to do.

On the upside….my eye color is changing and becoming more clear and sparkly and I have the best ab definition without even having to do many situps!! yay :)

thanks for your thoughts x


  • Hey Mantis!

    I Don’t have any good information with you, but I’m in the same boat! When I’m over tired I’ve always gotten this blood vessel on the inside of my left eye. For some reason this little guy is back. I guess I haven’t been sleeping as long, but my body doesn’t feel like it needs to be right now. My theory is that it is part of the detox, but I don’t know for sure.

    I have been catching so much flak, that I actually went out and got myself a nutritionist. I believe I’m getting my necessary vitamins, but I’ll find out tomorrow.

    I will be sure to ask him about your question, and see what a “license profession” has to say!

    Glad to hear that your feeling so PURE!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Someone just started another thread talking about having brighter eyes since taking salt water (and needing less sleep now). Maybe you’re missing sodium (& maybe trace minerals) that raw salt would provide?

  • Oh TreeOfLife, thank you! :D

    yay someone who understands!

    you are so kind ((HUG))

    I look forward to hearing what the Big Brain has to say lol :P

    I guess its good that people care enough about us to enquire after our wellbeing :)

  • angie,

    Thanks for replying, I hadn’t even considered salt…

    I’ll try and find that thread.:)

    I’ve been thinking about getting some broad spectrum angstrom minerals to cover my butt, even though I am eating 90% organic at the mo.

    I’ll look into himalayan salt and celtic seasalt too, and maybe some more celery, and see how I go!

    ta for the support x

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    The name of the thread is “salt…”

  • bittbitt Raw Starter

    are you getting sun? could be vit D deficiency?

  • Hi bitt,

    Love your avatar by the way! :)

    No I don’t get much sun, cos I am living in England at the moment heheheh their summers are just not summers! (especially since I am Australian!!).

    I’ve just started taking a Vit. D supplement, so maybe that will see things improve.

    Thanks :)

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Hey PM,

    Soo true, I am also in Eng and getting depressed over the weather. So much for vit D!

    My Mum keeps asking if I’m getting enough B12 and I was thinking of starting a new thread but since I’ve asked.. any ideas? When I look it up its all meat & dairy, of which I have neither of course, she says I should take a supplement, would rather get from my food if I can.

    I’m really tired all time and get really puffy eyes in the morning and circles are darker than I’d like! I find I’m not as tired when I go to bed but find it really really hard to get up.

    I have a hour commute and sleep on the train alot, but it goes in fits and starts.

    Did you try the salt thing yet?

    P.S – Where in Eng are you? I’m in Bucks.

  • I’d suggest iron is more the needed mineral here, together with a couple of early nights. I have found since going raw, i need 9 hours sleep which is an extra hour than before. I also must take a multi vit and iron supp. If you are worried about vit a and d a good cod liver oil is the best for that, Vit A assists with the assimilation of Vit D. and Cod liver oil has both. I think Blackmores of Australia exports to England and they make cod oil. You need to visit your naturopath to get some plant derived vitamins. YOu will feel much brighter and the dark circles will go as well. I would not increase my salt intake, that will not do much. A B12 deficiency is possible but takes a few years to manifest itself, a quick blood test will show whether you are deficient in B12, but it is most likely to be Iron. Hubby is a naturopath (40 years of practice) and says that the majority of women are iron deficient and most people whether they are raw or vegan or any thing should take a multi because all of our foods are deficient even organic ones, becasue our soils are deficient even organic ones because of intensive farming. It is possible to buy organic iron, the ones from your GP are made from iron ore, whereas you can ge plant derived iron, your naturopath will help you here, be aware though some will load you up with unnecessary stuff. Hope this helps

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    Isn’t it totally wierd how your eye color changes and you get muscle definition without even trying? I never realized this until I was being vain (hehe) and looking at pictures of myself one day, and noticed the significant difference! I had the undereye shadow thing during the first couple of weeks I went vegan, but not raw, and then I started taking an iron supplement. So, while I no longer take supplements in pill form (because I don’t have to! yay!), I would put my money on that you’re not getting enough iron…if you are looking for sodium like angie suggests, why don’t you try some seeweed? That way you’d be killing two birds with one stone! weeeeee!

  • clr-1976clr-1976 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Frangipanni, (great name & pic by the way, I love frangipanni’s)

    Can I clarify a couple if things? Which is best, plant or ore derived iron? There’s a health food shop round the corner from my office I could try to get some at lunch.


    I always thought that raw foodies needed less sleep, and as I said in prev post, how tired I am seems to go in fits and starts, so its a weird one. I guess its ok to go with the flow then??

    Anyone know of a good naturopath in the UK? I’m sure I could google it but I find word of mouth is always better..

  • Hi Clr1976, The best ones are the plant derived ones. I take either of these ones. The stronger ones when i feel really tired or exercise heavily or have dark circles appear, and the others daily. Blackmores makes PCIP which is available to practitioners only, but i am listing the ingredients for you to compare them with what you can get, potassium chloride 65mg and Iron Phosphate 15mg. The bottle recommends 1 tab 3x per day. or you can take more if you need. I have another one that i use made by Nutrition Care which has Ferrous Fumarate (15.2mg);absorbic acid 75mg; Vit B6 10mg; folic acid 400 mcg; vit B12 25mcg; fucus vesiculosus (kelp) herb equivalent iodine 100mg. These are very good too, dosage is one tab daily, obviously stronger as only one tab is needed. Makes your wee turn bright yellow because of the vit B. I never take iron or B12 before i go to bed as it keeps me awake. Hope you can find some. In Australia pharmacies also sell vits and mins, so you may be able to get some from a pharmacy if they sell vitamins, but with the ingredients i have listed you can possibly pick some up without going to a naturopath from a health food store or equivalent. I’d love to hear how you go. Regards Frangipanni

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