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full moon, full body!

hey ladies, do your boobs get really full during the full moon? Mine do, it;s totally drastic but totally cool. Never happened (or at least I didnt know it) until I followed a very high raw – 100% raw diet. Just curious…!


  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Yes, the moon has an expansive effect on bodily fluids.

  • iknikn

    oh yeah! But also my appetite is almost out of control right before full moon. Crazy!

  • BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

    yea! I always find myself with the munchies late at night around full moon…damn, nature is so cool!

  • I can’t sleep during a full moon. Just the light of the moon peeping through my window is enough pull to keep me awake.

  • jellibi, it’s totally the same for me. and BeTheChange, my boobs grow about one size (a good excuse why I need more bras :) ) when full moon and my period are close to each other. I also noticed something else with the moon, if it is decreasing and I’m in the first 14 days of my cycle, I lose weight no matter how much nuts or oils I eat, and it’s exactly the other way around if the moon is growing and I’m in the second half of my cycle.

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