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What are some healthy grains?

What are some healthy grains?


  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    If you want to add some cooked food, check out Nourishing Traditions. One of the things she recommends is soaking grains overnight to improve digestibility; and including fermented foods.

    I would add a variety of whole grains and legumes – barley, spelt, brown rice, wild rice, millet, kamut.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Sprouted legumes can be extremely difficult to digest. Also even though they form more nutrients from sprouting they also loose a significant amount of protein. I will also mention that legumes (especially dried) are quite high in natural toxins. Some grains each day is OK but make sure you steer clear from wheat because is a extremely modified grain. The best grains would be buckwheat and quinoa. Soak them for at least 8-12 before consuming and make sure you chew well. Also do not drink the soak liquid and rinse the gains off well.

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Versepie, you want only cooked grains? I notice that the answers are assuming you are eating them raw.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    TomsMom, versepie, et. al, I was assuming the grains & legumes would be cooked. Cooked grains are also way more digestible if soaked overnight.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I have heard brown rice stays hard when soaked. For that reason I don’t buy it. I have seen recipes in Alissa Cohen’s book that uses rye and barley.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Many have been suggested but to make it simple here goes: buckwheat(really a seed),amaranth (seed),Quinoa, Kamut (like a big wheat), barley, rye, oat groats, millet, corn(seed), many legumes, wild rice ? (Cousens says it is not raw,)Think that is it.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I’ve sprouted buckwheat (one day to make a tiny tail), dehydrated it, and then eaten it with nuts, almond milk, raisins, and fruit. Makes a great cereal.

  • Buckwheat’s the best! :) Buckwheat is considered a ‘grain’ but in actual fact it is a seed of a broadleaf plant and belongs to the rhubarb family – yep, and who’d have thought? :) Although it’s not truly a grain, you can cook it the same way you would do rice, corn or wheat grains, but it surpasses them all on practically every measure of healthfulness and is a low GI alternative which stabilizes blood sugar levels and provides high levels of digestible protein and essential amino acids which lack in most cereal crops. Green groats should not be eaten raw. Soak and then sprout them for use in dehydrated granola, bars, snacks etc. or blend with some honey, banana, dates or apple for a creamy, rich porridge! You may also cook buckwheat, too, but hey – we’re here to promote raw ;)

    Hope you found this info interesting or helpful :)



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