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LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

Hello fellow raw foodies! Today my co-worker gave me three giant sized zucchini from his garden. I was really stoked at first because they are huge. . . one is the size of my whole arm! I immediately began fantasizing about all the raw goodies I could stuff them with until a certain nervousness began to set in. I asked how they got so huge and he told me he used Miracle Gro! Does anyone here know how this might have affected the vegetable? I am not sure of the toxicity level of Miracle Gro, and if it is toxic, does this have the potential of invading the veggie?

On a side note (rant), one of my co-workers thinks it’s necessary to leave me candy and croissants on my desk every Friday. . . even though I have told him repeatedly that I don’t eat that crap. I don’t want to sound to fanatical by constantly repeating myself and making a big stink out of it, but I really don’t want it on my desk. Today I gave in and ate a glazed croissant that he so nicely placed on my desk and now I feel like the whole day is ruined! I even have some beautiful cherries and raspberries that I neglected because I know they don’t combine well with this crap. Ahhhhhhh! Does anyone have any methods of warding off pushy SAD eaters?


  • Throw it in the trash in front of him then smile sweetly and genuinely? Its just bitchy enough to get the point across. Even more so if you then bite into whatever fresh fruit you have with you.

    As far as zucchini’s, they do get large if you don’t pick them when they are small. We’ve had ones that hid under leaves and by the time we found them they were at least a foot long. Can’t speak for the miracle grow though… don’t use it.

  • I don’t know how miracle grow will affect the crop. I know I sure wouldn’t eat it. Zucchini’s will get as big as you let them. I’ve had a zucchini, from the organic farm I work at, as wide as my thigh and as long as my forearm. He didn’t need to use miracle grow on that miraculous zucchini, he just decided to for some odd reasons.

    As far as your pest problem (candy and croissants), I agree with Lauren. You’ve been so kind to tell him no, no, no and he keeps giving you that junk. So either respectfully give it back to him, and tell him what’s up; or you can give it to another coworker, or in the trash so he realizes you don’t want it. I’m not one to promote rudeness, even if someone has treated you that way. But it seems like he is just being a jerk. He’s just teasing you. Remember what your mom said to you in grade school, “just ignore him”

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I’ve been traveling all summer so when I got home my garden was going wild. I harvested zukes that were HUGE like you described. My garden is organic, so I would guess that the miracle grow probably had little effect on the size of the fruits from your friend’s garden. Typically zukes are harvested when they are really young but you can harvest them later aswell.

    If it feels right to eat it, go for it. While it might have some shit on or it, it has your friend’s love as well which is something to consider.


  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    Thanks for your support, you guys! It feels so good to speak with like-minded people when everyone around you thinks you are a circus freak for trying to be healthy. I will take your advice and just pawn it off on another co-worker right in front of him. . . hopefully he will get the point. . . but something tells me he won’t! It’s really strange because I can’t tell if people like that actually have good intentions or if they are unconsciously trying to undermine you and turn you into a living cesspool like they are. As far as the zucchini goes, I don’t want to eat it. I don’t know whether to throw it out or donate it! It seems like such a waste to throw it out, but I don’t want to pawn off someone else. Maybe I should write a disclaimer note on it and set it out by the side of the road! :)

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    Nagev, Thanks for reminding me about the love factor. It goes a long way in making a food healthful I think :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    DOOMBOT While we don’t know everything that Miracle Grow may do to produce, it has been proven that any artificial fertilizer that accelerates growth (in size or time required to grow), which Miracle Grow does both, will result in produce that is deficient in both vitamins and antioxidants. Both of these are produced by the plant as ts grows at its intended lifecycle and artificial fertilizers interfere by shortening the timeline.

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