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Into The Wild???

I was curious to know if anyone else was feeling or going through the same emotions as Chris McCandless from “Into The Wild”, or similiar emotions….as I am. I am ready for society to break away from these limits we have set on ourselves. To live. To live our lives like we were truly meant to. Naturely, no limits on what we can or cannot do. Get back to basics. Tired of standards and limits being put on us. Anyone else going through a similiar sense of being???



  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Yes, My husband!! after watching that movie that was all he could talk about. But then he has always wanted to do that. He is an over the road truck driver now. It is about as free as he has been able to get so far.

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    saw the topic and wanted to comment…i loved the movie and the book,it was even more poingant as i went to high school with kris, we had algebra together. anyhow while i have never tramped around i have lived rough(30 year old RV no running water or electricity only a small generator and a grill and a firepit remote: 45 minutes to the nearest “town” on a mountain with my 4 dogs and three horses and one cat….. i had trasportation but no refrigeration) for a year and half, out of neccesity not out of wanting. It was an excellent adventure but not one i would repeat. I encourage everyone, to try on a lifestyle before buying it to take home…. nothing wrong for spending summers on the road…..;0)

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Omshanti – checked out your profile after reading this intriguing post, and tried to go to your website, but the link doesn’t work. Thought you’d like to know.

  • Welcome back SimplyRaw! I’ve missed your posts; always so interesting, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. :)

    I get the urge to just let go of things I used to see as important (both mind based and materialistic based things) and just go with living much, much more simply and close to nature.

    I think it is a really good thing people are feeling these urges! To me, it means people are waking up, realizing something’s not quite right with how we’re living and treating our world and each other, and the more people who begin feeling this way the sooner we’ll hit the critical mass threshold or 100th monkey phenomenom and our world will NOT be able to help but be a better place for it!

    Omshanti- that’s impressive! I actually envy your experience in a way. :)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    emtpmom, thanks for the heads up on my link, i have no idea why it doesnt work, freaking computers. i typed it in and it worked…go figure….

    Aspire, my “camping experience” as i refer to it had interesting side effects…when i moved back into a place with carpet and electricity, i was easily entertained and impressed by flipping a switch for heat! I still smile at that “miracle”...( my dogs even looked so grateful for the carpet, i cant even describe the looks on their little furry faces!)on the flip side i still wash my face in ice cold water, a habit i havent given up 6 years after the fact! i also realized how little we need…i had stuff in storage during that time and gave 3/4 of it away after moving back to civilization. I would love to say it was a goal of mine to live like that but it wasnt, i was trying to get a house built on land i had purchased and save money for the project. the house never got built and i ended up selling the land and buying a house in town….but ill build one one day….its always been a goal teehee

    I posed a challenge on the mangers thread a while back, it was a fun experiment: if your life where paired down to only 100 items what would they be? we made allowences and excluded food, i excluded horse related items( work) hubby excluded tools( work related) but otherwise we made lists, i even got rid of a ton of stuff( donations & some ebay) it was very eyeopening and freeing….try her out! i dare ya! =0)

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Omshanti—When I clicked on your link, it added a couple of numbers or something in front of the URL. You might try going to your home page and copying the link, then pasting it on your profile here. Hope that works for you. I did finally get to your website through Google, but haven’t had time to explore yet.

  • Omshanti – Thanks for sharing your story. You have intrigued me. Not just by your acquaintance with Kris, but by your experience.

    Aspire – Thanks so much for the kind words! You are Inspiration!! :)

    In regards to the topic, I think I was more focused on the standards and limits we as a people, society, government, etc. have put on ourselves.

    When do we say enough is enough. When do we begin to realize it truly is all an illusion. That we have it within us to change. That we do not need to follow these standards and limits that society (govt. elitist/corporate elitist) have put on us. It does not have to go on and on like this. We have a right to enjoy Life and the Beauty it has to offer and for free.

    Example….Is it not enough that we watch our children spend day after day learning all these academics that someone says they must learn. When do they get the choice, the right to just be children. There is more to life than academics. Isn’t it sad that this is how we determine who is smart and how far someone is going to go in life. As parents when do we get to just be with our children and share the experince of life?

    When do we start to stand up and say enough is enough.

    How far will we let the government elitist and corporate elitist go before we say “NO MORE”. As Creatures of God we have Rights to just Be. I mean don’t we? Example from “Into the Wild”...you have to be put on a wait list to paddle down a river. The wait on the list being 12 years. I mean come on. If you want to paddle the river, to experience that, you should be able to to do this. No questions asked. As long as, no harm is being done to others we should be able to, allowed to experience the things we want to. Without the control.

    I am tired of these limits and standards we have put on our world. Isn’t it time we all began to really Live!!! I am tired of being a number (social security #, a driver’s lisence #, etc.). I am tired of others making sure we remain in line. I mean, God forgive, we disturb the order of things.

    We have been trained well; to be mesmerized by so much materialistic stuff, that we are slipping away. We are forgetting what it really means to get out there, take it in, and just BE. To be Free. Me…I am trying to figure out how to POP this Bubble of control. I want to see my daughter Live Life. People created today’s world… people can change it to. This is not natural. Don’t we want to Experience Life; not be enslaved.

    But I guess, it is like Aspire said, “the more people who begin feeling this way the sooner we’ll hit the critical mass threshold or 100th monkey phenomenom and our world will be a better place for it”

    Aspire – By the way, Thanks for your post. I really appreciated it. I could definitely relate to everything you wrote.

    Omshanti – Thanks for the challenge. I really think it is great challenge. For myself, I saw your post a couple of months ago when you and some others spoke of it on the mangers thread. I have already gone through something similiar. Downsizing stuff. I think I am at a standards and limits stage now.

    Years ago, I read a book where the author wrote something like …This was all apart of the greater plan. For us to accumulate so much stuff that we would literally be sick of stuff. Not ever want to want stuff again. So we could finally start to live the lifes we were truly meant to experience.

    I was just wondering how many others were feeling and experiencing thoughts that it was time to do away with some of these limits and take control of ourselves. I watch people continue to buy into everything they are told, poke junk into their mouths/bodies over and over again. Without even the slightest sign that they might actually question what they are doing or are being told. So, I was wondering how many on GR might be witnesses to the same illusions that I am. Who are also thinking Enough.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    simplyraw this is so intriging bq.(Years ago, I read a book where the author wrote something like …This was all apart of the greater plan. For us to accumulate so much stuff that we would literally be sick of stuff. Not ever want to want stuff again. So we could finally start to live the lifes we were truly meant to experience.)

    I would like to read that book if you remember what it was.I need to actually do more living tho and less Reading I do believe. hahaha

    I have been downsizing stuff for a couple of years now.I must admit my husband has dragged me thru it kicking and screaming. But I am coming around and I realize that I do not need all that “stuff” Before I met him I had very little and was content with what I had but then with his income we were able to acquire quite a lot of “stuff” I became very attached to it all and it was very hard to let go. Now I am grateful for his pushing and most of all our love for each other was strong enough to us see thru all my tantrums and we are stronger together for it. It is so easy to get caught up in it all. But the stress in maintaining that life style is draining.

    Our “Dream” now is to be able to spend more time with each other and family and friends and live a more simple and peaceful life.

  • Blue_Eyes – The book was called “The Key” by Whitley Striber.

    It was one of the those books I was meant to read at that time in my life. I walked away with what I was suppose to get from the book. Left the rest behind. So, if you read this book take what you need for you and leave the rest.

    The comment I wrote was towards the end of the book. It was something that stuck with me.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I haven’t seen the movie but I really want too. Hopefully it will be on cable soon.

    simplyraw – I love your posts. Amen to everything you said. I go through the same things everyday. I really hate the way the world is set up (esp the “work week”) – No wonder so many people are so unhealthy and miserable.

    I don’t believe this is the way we were meant to live at all. I imagine is something similar to the Blue Lagoon movie – living off the land, foraging for our own food, enjoying the ocean and the sunshine, etc.

    blueeyes – I am trying hard to get rid of lot of “excess” too. I getting pretty good at it. :) I sell alot of my nicer clothes on Ebay. I know how you feel though. It is has been hard for me to get rid of “thing” – but once I start in on it, I start getting sort of addicted to it! I do it in stages. I have been reading a book by Louise Hay called Heal Your Life. She says get rid of everything you haven’t used in six months – she says too many people hold on to things because they might need it someday. She says we need to trust the universe to give us the things back if we need them again. (yeah, I know hard concept to swallow but it is going to help me get rid of almost two full drawers of sweaters!)

    It is a possiblity that my bf and I may move to a rural raw community in Hawaii and if we do – I will definatley have to get rid of almost all my possessions (except the kitty cats)! (not easy to move to Hawaii with “things”) So, it was be the definate ultimate purge that I need!

    Although, I must admit I sort of enjoyed certain parts of my “academic upbringing” – learning about certain things. College was more enjoyable in my opinon because you get to choose what you want to learn for the most part – some of my biggest changes to my life and beliefs were when I was taking college courses(I didn’t go away to college – worked my way through part-time). Alot of things were “kept” from me when I younger as result of a “religious” upbringing. I liked that I got to finally learn about all those things that I was forbidden to read about when I was younger.

    But I do agree that what sort of childhood do you have left if you spend it all learning? i think it should be optional to do when you are older. When you are really young, it is definatley forced on you.

    In the world today, for many good paying jobs, you need at least a Bachelors degree now as a prerequisite (and it often doesn’t even matter what it is in)! Sometimes I wonder if all this a scheme cooked up by the univerisities and the big companies to make you spend money by going to school. Although, I did enjoy alot of my college classes – I don’t see how I have ever used any of it for my jobs.

    How did the world end up like this? Esp. the work world? There is too many people competiting for all the same stuff. It is sort of like standing in line for the canoe down the river. And everything (jobs included) go to the lowest bidder (meaning those that will do it for practically nothing which means outsourcing!).

    I honestly can’t stand it anymore. I often feel like I have wasted my whole life busting my butt and now none of it matters because the rules have all changed – so all my experience and education don’t even stand in my favor any more (oh wait – they do if I go BACK to school and get more training – ugh!). ENOUGH ALREADY!

    I sincerely hope we will be able to move to Hawaii to get away from it all.

  • Whats funny is that I never even heard of this movie, or this book, ever, until about a month ago when my friends told me to rent it because they were hoping it would frighten me into not going hitchhiking next summer.

    It just fueled me even more once I watched it and read the book :)

    As above, I too have been trying to live a much simpler life. I sold/got rid of all my video games and my television, and live off of art and reading books for entertainment :)

    Queenluff: Your speaking to my heart! I am in the middle of getting my college degree, and it seems like each time I get to the point of getting closer to my Associates ONLY, they add extra classes I need to take that I cant get out of! I honestly think college is truly a money making industry, as I can learn anything I want to from the library for free, and things that will actually be useful!, than going to college.

    But as you said, you need that stupid degree! I have gone to school for almost 6 years, and I have learned more on my own, during summers and couple semesters off, than I ever learned at school. And learned things more relevant to my life!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    My aunt who is phd’d says college boils down to the ability to handle bullshit…..that after all those years chasing her doctorate! She is a principle of a high school now and still disdains the way we are taught.

    society is confining, confounding and in many ways set up to torment its members…but just as we all got to this point so can we all get to a more positive free, real, place of existence. Defineit for ourself and start planning. there are no laws saying we have to follow the rest of the herd!;0)

    Like blue eyes My hubby and i seek a simpler more organic exsistence, oh the plans we are making!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    jkd_soccer – Yep, You won’t believe how many different degree type things I have: I have a cosmetology degree, a bachelors in Psych, a certification in Mainframe Programming and I have half finished my Masters in Information Systems. Now, lately I have been considering going to massage therapy school which I honestly can’t afford. It took me 9 years (and tons of debt accumlation) to finish my Bachelors because I didn’t have the luxury of being able to go to school full time – I had to work my way through and that is alot of work. Ugh! I honestly don’t even want to go to school anymore! (more because I don’t want to pay the high tuition!)

    My bf only has an associates and he is having a really hard time finding any job to even apply to. I have all degrees and alot of experience but you know what – I still can’t even get an interview. alot of the jobs in my previous job field are being outsourced for cheaper labor and to people willing to come to America to work for peanuts (I am not putting down these people that get the jobs – but it is starting to become really unfair to Americans).

    So, I feel like, here in America, we are let to believe that if we go to school and get our degrees there will be all these great jobs waiting for us when we have gotten our degrees and paided our dues – well, not so anymore – all those that told us that have gone and given the jobs away to people in other countries! So, why should we go to those schools anymore or even try to be qualified for those jobs anymore when these people have no interest in hiring us?

    Even if you work just as hard as anyone else – you will be looked over in favor of the cheaper option.

    I have had interviewers tell me that the reason they want someone with a colllege degree is because it shows that you can “stick through” something. Like you are reliable. Ha! There are plenty of people with degrees that are the most unreliable people I know! I have always been a super reliable person – getting a degree didn’t make me more so or even less of one. So that I don’t get and don’t buy it.

    I think I am going to try and learn massage therapy from a book.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    My husband used to be a Programmer and I work with computers also. About six years ago the company he worked for went under and he was out of work for almost a year. He really needed to go back to school to get another job in his field. Any way he decided to become a truck driver instead and though he is not home much he likes the freedom of it. I know it is still polluting the air, but for him it is better than sitting in a box staring at a computer.

    I am planning on quitting my job in a couple of months and going with him. There is a refrigerator in the truck and outlets so I am planning on trying to do simple raw meals while on the road. He drives and I am the raw cook!! So I will need to learn how to create meals in a really small space with the least amount of cleanup!! Not going to have a lot of room for to much water. So I would love any ideas anyone has. More complicated meals I can make when we are at the house. And then take with us sometimes. Other than that it will be the salad bar for me.

    That will also leave me free to go and help out with my Mother and brother who are both ill, not that they will do anything I say. And still come home to see my daughters and granddaughters and my grandkitty.

    He is all for going more raw although he will not give up meat. But it is a start. We would both love to have a small house in the country and grow our own food. We have talked about it off and on for years, Maybe someday.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    queenfluff I can empathasize.
    It (the paper-chase drill in our country) really is crazy. I have several degrees (one of them is a BA in Psychology) and I’m in a similar situation… wondering if I should get ‘yet another’ degree (that I can’t even afford)... so I can eventually get a better job (which there isn’t even a hint of a guarantee of)... so I can get out of debt!
    And the craziest of all is that I’m not a materialistic person. I feel like I just buy gasoline (so i can get to/from work) & food (to live)... I don’t care about having more STUFF.
    The more I think of it the “Into the Wild” idea has it’s appeal….

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    simply raw….Have you ever heard of the, Back to the Landers? This movement was big in the late 60’s and 70’s My DH and I was in this movement. The biggest problem is that it is hard to pay for cloths, medical if needed, gas, or even up keep of the home you live in and car, or pick-up. Then what about payments for the land you live on.Supplies for your children’s school and even the small things like a comb.Course Teasel is good for that. Little hard to get work in the middle of no where, especially if you have your own place to take care of.

    So we got away from it all for 18 years and now we are right back in it. Why? Because it is impossible in our society to get away from it all. Oh, you could move to a smaller town and get a low income job,then what? You will always have bills.

    True we don’t have to follow the herd but we will always be part of the herd.

    blue-eyes I think you have a good idea. Sounds like fun.

    Just some comments from someone who got away from it all.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    beany – so true, even being a “back to the lander” (or “survivalist” is kinda a word of it now) cost money – you even need a job to support that. (buy the land etc). You unfortunately can’t just plop down somewhere in the wild and declare it your land. It is really sad. It is very hard concept for me to wrap my brain around – I mean, WHO really own this land? How in the world did all of it get “owned”? even the wild parts of it? Is there nothing left free for everyone to enjoy? It is riduculous.

    I don’t mind having some bills (well it would be nice not to have any but I know that will never happen) but I would just like to be able to PAY those bills – somehow, someday – but if I can’t even get a job anymore that I would have been able to have gotten with no problem like 10 years ago – what is there to do?.

    greenghost – Exactly! I had to stop working on Masters after I got laided off because there was no way I could afford it – the idea of all that debt coming back to me again (I had JUST finally gotten myself out of it almost) and here I am right back in it again. It is like a that story of the person who pushed the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down again (I forget what that is called). I honestly can’t do it anymore. I don’t plan to finish my Masters (at least Not in computers). And yes, there is no guarantee of any job anywhere – it is pretty scary. Esp right now – even people with jobs are scared of losing them.

    I used to be more of a materialistic person but I am definately not as bad as it used to be and I am selling alot of my things. Now, of course, they aren’t worth anything like they were when I bought them. I don’t care to have more stuff either – I want to get rid of the stuff I have but have more money come in SOME how without having to “sell my soul”. But yes, I feel like things like gas (of course we don’t have a car right now – not by choice!), food and other things. Esp food! That is why my bf is so into wild food and foraging.

    One thing that makes me sad is that where I live in Cali there are all these citrus trees all over the place filled with ripe fruit in people front yards near the street and they don’t even eat any of the fruit – it justs rot on the ground – but everyone else is forbidden to touch it! It just goes to waste and there are people struggling who don’t have anything to eat (not me but other people worse off) – but they can’t have any of this fruit. My bf says that certain things are wasted on the rich. (he is right!)

    I guess that “into the wild” movie IS on cable right now but it is pay per view. Ew! 5 bucks to order it! I think I will wait or look for a deal on Ebay – anyone got a DVD burner?? :)

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    beany, yes i agree we will always be part of the herd!;0) since my grandma grew up on the thick side of poverty, in a coal town in Tenn. I heard the storys,( two room “home” for all eight people sleeping head to foot, running barefoot to the crick for water in the dead of winter, hopeing like hell the hog grew so you could feed the kids meat through the cold months) they grew their own veggies out of neccesity they had hens and hogs, they had a wood stove to heat and cook on and they had one set of clothes each, some years no shoes…this is how my mom grew up, my granny grew up rougher. When i voiced my displeasure with society at the ripe old age of 18, and espoused the “wonder” that was my grannys era, my mom set me straight, real quick” Grannys life was hard, she wouldnt have wished it on anyone, they did what they had to do” It was just like my growing up overseas. I saw amazing countrys but did not live like the locals. If id had to, I may not have had such fond memories. YOu can downsize to almost nothing, but you will still have needs and wants that will need filling. no matter how much you say you dont need….you will find you need.

    a friend of mine just downsized to a single wide one bedroom trailer in a small town in northern Ca,she was hoping to live off the land and just do all the things she never had time to do here in the rat race in socal, after a year, the cushion ran out in her bank account and she is working at a nursery, which she really loves but she admits to having the same issues there, not enough time or money but in a happier place and on a smaller scale….something to ponder!

    Blue eyes enjoy! sounds like fun….. dehydrate some stuff, make it really dry (even burgers) then mist with water before eating! I read this idea on a package of lydias organics bread and thought how cool!!!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    100 things challenge, for greenghost: we all started by making a list catagorizing our stuff….like kitchen, clothes, pictures, tools,furniture ect ect…i think i mentioned excluding some things like food, for me horse items for hubby tools* we veiewed this as work related. then we went about asking questions like, am i keeping this because i may need it eventually, because it has sentimental value or had i forgotten i owned it. the hardest things are the sentimental things, i found that if i had stored it as a keep sake, i got rid on it. what pleasure can something give you in a box in your garage? clothes where the easiest for me, then kitchen stuff, like that second and third can opener, those coffee mugs( they must reproduce in the cupboard!) second sets or half sets of dishes and silver ware and glass ware. art that i was saving that didnt go in this house( right to ebay) furniture that no one used but was there just in case. almost all my knicknacks, tons of books i hadnt cracked in years, you get the picture…. oh another sourse of clutter? linens…how many towels and sheets do you really need?hoe this helps….

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie


  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    Thank You omshanti!
    Those are some very practical ideas. I appreciate your constructive input. It helps a lot. Cheers!

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Hmmm, it has been while since I have seen it, but thats not at all what I Took away from the movie. I saw it that we need to share lie with people and need to have people to love in life, otherwise living is pointless if we can’t share it with somebody. You can “live freely” all you want, but if you aren’t sharing life it’s all pointless.

    My personally philosophy on life extends well beyond this though, but It’s a great point to be made that I agree with. I need to see the movie again though, I loved it.

  • What you wrote was very well put into words. I do fully agree with you…”if you aren’t sharing life it is pointless.”

    I walked away with that message also.

    But I also, saw the control in our lives and system that possibly led him out “into the wild”. It was the limits we have on our lives today that drove me to start this thread. The limits in society, the system, economic slavery, people not thinking for themselves, standards that are put on us/people, etc… I think this is where I could relate in a sense. Relate to the need to break away. (It was not the tramping part that I was refering to…. but the need to break away and scream.)

    What you wrote was great, though and I fully agree. It is a great book and movie. I will probably watch it again soon, too.

  • Example….Is it not enough that we watch our children spend day after day learning all these academics that someone says they must learn. When do they get the choice, the right to just be children. There is more to life than academics. Isn’t it sad that this is how we determine who is smart and how far someone is going to go in life. As parents when do we get to just be with our children and share the experince of life?

    When do we start to stand up and say enough is enough.

    Simplyraw, so many of the things you have written was as if I was reading text from conversations I have had with my husband over the years. We question everything. WHY do we do, buy, and say the things we do? So much is just brainwashing, everybody does it and so do we.

  • Thanks Mamamilk, you are right it is just brainwashing, everybody does do it and we do it too.

    I am a part of the herd.

    I just tend to have a larger and larger part of me (on the inside of my being)...who is wanting to break away and scream from the madness of today. Dreaming of seeing the cycle change… you know what I mean. But, until then, I will try to influence others around me by provoking thoughts to make them question. Maybe even, stop and think. I will be a change to an extent that might influence others. And this might possibly lead to a better tomorrow. I do not think this crazy cycle is going to change through the use of our political system at all. Just different rules and regulations. I think it is going to have to truly come from a different way of thinking, from the people. But for me, so many believe what is being fed to them by elitist. Do you know what I mean? I look to the horizon for change.

  • Yes, I do know what you mean. It will not come from the institutionalized systems around us. I believe those will be until the end of time. People see the problems, but they seek solutions that are the same “answers” just packaged a little differently. They just jump from one institution to another. I see it all the time in the homeschooling movement. There’s all these curricula that are being peddled and it’s just a re-creation of the same stuff in the school systems. I’m not saying everyone should do it one way or another – the systems work for some people and it’s their prerogotive to choose. The issue I take is when people proclaim that their doing something “different”, “cutting edge”, “non-conformist”, “out of the box”, when it’s just the same old same old with a different label. The very fact that those words are even used, tells on itself. If one needs to define and explain it, then it’s just another non-institutionalized institution. It’s kinda like the BOX of being ‘out of the box’... can any of us escape or are we all “products”?

  • There’s a completely sustainable farm in Swaziland that my husband visited. Nothing goes to waste, even the chicken poop is used for something. There’s a small community of adults who care for many many orphans whose family members have died of AIDS. It is a humane wonderful place.

    There’s also a place in Tennesee called The Farm. Have you heard of it? Here’s a few of their values and a bit of who they are:

    The Farm community is a cooperative enterprise of families and friends living on three square miles in southern middle Tennessee. We started the Farm in the hope of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly-directed community, a base from which we could, by action and example, have a positive effect on the world as a whole.

    The Farm is a human scale, full featured settlement founded by Stephen Gaskin, and 320 San Francisco hippies in 1971 as an experiment in sustainable, developmentally progressive human habitat. The Farm’s successes are numerous and dramatic:

    Natural and non-toxic buildings • Organic gardening and composting • Biological wastewater recycling • Renewable power systems • Conservation land planning • Music, yoga and dance • Wireless broadband internet • Gourmet vegan food, training and workshops in permaculture, sustainable living

    Here’s the link!!


  • Mammamilk -

    Thanks for the link. I briefly looked at it earlier. Will go back to it later tonight. All in all, looks interesting.

    We homeschool as well. This could be part of the problem. Why so much is obviously wrong. I do get tired of trying to meet other’s standards of what is needed. In my eyes they are doing a wonderful job of forefeeling their goals… goals of Dumbing Us Down.

    Once again thanks for the link…:)

  • I probably should add the following… It is something I believe and wrote on another thread….

    Currently, I try not to let it consume me so much. I have come to the conclusion for me… if I see the world as an awful place, then it will be an awful place. So, I try to focus on a brighter path. And focus on the beauty the world does have to offer.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    All, I finally saw the the movie last week. It was interesting although I thought it was going to be a bit different. I wish they hadn’t switched back and forth from the Magic Bus to the beginning travels but I really like the spirit of the movie. To me, this is a pretty common phenomeon amongst younger individuals who get out of college. I don’t really blame them for wanting to be free and go road tripping and leave everything behind. The baggage of “baggage” can be enough to drive you crazy. I am selling lots of my stuff now – at least stuff I can sell. I still purchase new things I need but I feel better with less stuff. (esp when moving time comes around).

    There is still a chance I might move to Hawaii and than almost all my stuff will go so that will be a great way to purge myself of material things. I like things of the natural world better anyhow. I would much rather watch the birds all day than TV or the the computer.

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