How Should I store My Dehydrated Foods?

I am aware that water and moisture activate the enzymes in foods. Should I store my dehydrated foods in the refridgerator? Will the moisture from the refrigerator cause problems?

How long will dehydrated foods last before spoiling?


  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    I store my dehydrated bread on the counter and it is fine, but it might mold if you leave it out too long. I have never really made anything else. I think the fridge would be fine.

  • I’ve bought a dehydrated bread that was refridgerated. I think it’s all good if you put your food in the fridge. It may have under a week shelf life, so just keep that in mind. :)

  • Thank you both so much!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I’ve had the same type question.. when I store crackers in the cupboard in a tupperware container (I always throw a paper towel in to get moisture) they take on a different flavor and lose their crunch.. any ideas to stay crunchy.. I almost feel like I need to put them back in deydrator before eating which is a hassle

  • Try to store them in vacuum sealed containers and make sure you pump all the air out. So far it worked for me. You can keep salad fresh in those too. When I lived in Hungary a simple ziploc bag did the trick because the climate is fairly dry but in Belgium I must use these, otherwise everything gets moldy and soft.

  • I store dehydrated foods in the fridge, simply because they will last longer. When you are dehydrating raw foods, remember that you aren’t using any preservatives or additives, so storage life is much shorter, and it is more important to store them safely and in a way that won’t cause mold, sweating, sogginess etc. So keeping them in the cool fridge and out of light in an airtight jar or container is advisable.



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