Thinking too much hurts my brain

OK, my first post to one of Gone Raw’s forums was complaining that I felt like crap after being raw a couple weeks. I could not stop craving pate´s and sweets. I pulled back on the heavier stuff and started to feel better. However, I don’t feel as I would have expected. It has been over a month and I am doing OK I guess, but I still don’t feel so great.

I also feel frustrated about having to think about what I eat. Part of my interest in the raw diet was that I was hoping I would not have to think so much about food. I already don’t have the healthiest relationship with food, (other than that no one has suffered for my meals in 20 years. Been veg for 20 and vegan for 12 of those years). But even being vegan, I managed to overeat and do the yoyo. I have battled my weight all my life. I am freaking tired of it. So I thought if I went raw, I would be able to eat whatever I wanted and be free of thinking so much. I have read many others have been liberated from their unhealthy relationship with food.

So here I am raw for over a month, and I still struggle with eating too much. I do notice it is a bit less because it is hard to eat way too much. My body will protest, as I am hoping it is due to my nutritional needs being met, but if that were the case, I would feel better.

My point in rambling is that I don’t feel energetic, I don’t feel lighter in my body and I still want to eat fats and sweets. I paid for a phone consult with a raw person from Chicago and she said just eat whatever I want and it will balance out. She said many people crave sweets and fats and things will improve over time. Does everyone agree with that?

I am not going to deny that I want to lose weight. I always want to lose weight. I do, however, care about how I feel and I care about my health and the health of the planet.

One struggle is that my husband LOVES sweets and I find myself making a lot to make him happy. We will eat half of a chocolate pie in a day! We are slobs! He does not have interest in being 100% raw, but he is so supportive and does not eat cooked food at home to support me. But I make some of the heavier stuff so I know he will be full and satisfied and of course if it is here, I will eat it.

Anyway, any general advice would be appreciated. I almost gave up a couple weeks ago, but decided to stick it out. I just bought a bunch of kitchen gadgets to help with prep time, so now I am more invested.

One last thing, (OK this is not glamorous), I feel a little constipated. So many people talk about having 3 bowel movements a day. Not happening over here!

What the hell am I doing wrong.

FYI – I eat green smoothies or fruit for breakfast
Fruit for a snack
Lunch varies but may be a little pate´in lettuce leaves or cut up veggies or a big salad with olives and flax crackers
Fruit for snack
Dinner varies but may be zucchini pasta with pesto

One last tidbit (sorry for the book long post) I am hypoglycemic so I have to eat between meals. I also exercise pretty hard so I can’t sustain on lettuce alone :o)



  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    vegan-I feel for you and my advice is a little bit tough but it really worked for me.

    First of all, you may need to just simply cold turkey yourself from the heavier foods and sweets. My first thirty days raw I simply had fruit and veggies and didn’t do any nuts, sweets or dried fruit. I got over all my cravings even though during that time it was hard. I then did a juice fast and it made me start craving the raw basics. Your body will keep craving those rich things if you keep giving them to it. If you husband is supportive of you he’ll continue to be supportive if you take it simpler. Not only do you not have to think about food so much but it’ll definitely help your digestive system. I had the same problem with constipation and this took care of it almost immediately. If you keep it this simple you’ll be able to eat large amounts of food without high intake of fats or sugars. You can eat constantly during the day if you need to because of hypoglycemia. I also have a slight problem with that. With this abundance of vitamins, fiber, minerals(spinach), and protein you’ll feel very energetic and sleep like a baby.

    I really believe you can do this and I know you’d feel so much better than when eating rich, sweet food.

    I hope this is helpful:)

  • Thanks troubles….

    You are probably right. I need to just bite the bullet and withdraw. I just seriously get hungry.

    So are you saying after eating only fruits and veggies for awhile, then a cleanse, you adjusted to the lighter stuff? Do you eat some heavier stuff now?

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I adjusted really well, I didn’t crave anything sweet. I eat alot of fruit and I think that satisfies my sugar craving (I literally can NOT have sugar, it does bad things to me). I started craving tomatoes with basil and dressing and things like that. I don’t eat heavy stuff now but I do occasionally make crackers and some kind of seed cheese but not any rich desserts. I eat dates or something like that if I really want something. Also, something that I’ve found really takes care of cravings for chocolate and sweets like that is my version of nana milk.

    1 frozen banana. 1 cup water. 3 cubes of ice. dash of cinnamin. dash of raw cocoa(or non raw, it’s a small amount). squeeze of raw honey (or non raw, it’s also small, haha).

    The cocoa takes care of the chocolate and the honey and banana are filling and satisfying. It’s also pretty light since it’s more of a drink than a smoothie.

  • Thanks troubles. I will try the nanamilk. I am vegan and don’t do honey so maybe I can use agave. Although I just read a post where someone supplied a link to foods that were not raw and agave was on the list as well tons of other things I eat like cacao, braggs and other things that “raw” recipes call for. All this just overwhelms me. I am all ready an all or nothing kind of gal!

  • chicorychicory Raw Newbie

    I also have a terrible sweet tooth. i mean bad!!!!! And I love pudding, but don’t want to load it up with nuts, etc. My staple sweet treat right now is chia pudding. I just take 2 ripe peaches, or you can use mango/ banana, etc, and blend with a bit of young coconut water, and big spoonful of chia seeds. It tastes really creamy and sinful, with no extra sweetner. You can eat a huge bowl full and it is low cal. You can get extra richness with the coconut flesh or nut milk, but with banana or the denser fleshier fruits you won’t even miss it

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i do agree with the person who said it will get better over time, but you have to start listening to your body.

    do not worry about dead foods, etc, yet. there are many benefits to being high raw.

    although since you are so worried about feeling lighter, etc you may want to consider doing a day or so of a green smoothie or juice cleanse. or when you get the cravings for lots of rich sweet food, try a smoothie or juice instead. it is probably nutrients you are craving, so give your body what it needs!

  • Vegan, “I have battled my weight all my life. I am freaking tired of it. So I thought if I went raw, I would be able to eat whatever I wanted and be free of thinking so much. I have read many others have been liberated from their unhealthy relationship with food.” WOW! I hate to quote Meatloaf to a vegan, but YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH! Seriously, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am struggling with the some of the same stuff you are. When I first started eating raw, I felt so great….. but all the thought I have to put into it has totally deterred me. It’s totally overwhelming at times—I, too, am all or nothing. I keep wanting to just give up but this lifestyle makes so much sense to me. I don’t know how to get over the cravings. I keep reading that at first we should just eat whatever we want, as much raw as we want… but I have such a fear of gaining weight. I don’t want to get out of control, even if it is raw. Calories are calories. Maybe it’s just the fear of gaining weight I need to get over….? Anyway, sorry to ramble, but your post just really hit home. I hope to hear others’ advice!!!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    I doesn’t look like you are eating too much to me! Lot of raw foodies eat more than that! (i don’t but lots do). This is a different diet than the one you were used too – your eating will be different.

    The phone consult person was right – it will even out. I have always heard it said that you eat more when you first start raw and less as you adjust. The adjust can be maybe six months or a few years so give your self time.

    If your body is telling you, you are hungry than eat! Don’t worry about it so much. The stress of worrying about what you are eating or how much will make it worse for you. Don’t feel so bad to give in to sweet craving if you need too – some of those raw sweets are good for you too! But it more important to eat when you are hungry. Just eat as much raw as you can and let go.

    I have always been one of those person who can eat like a bird and get by but I know many people need to eat alot which is fine. For me, I get busy with something and eating “gets in my way” (weird way of thinking I know but I have always been like that) and I end up only eating when I am hungry.

    Also the “thinking about what to eat” thing – like what is raw and what is not – that definately gets easier over time. Yes, at the beginning your brain will hurt from too much thinking about it. It is normal. Pretty soon it will second hand and you won’t have to think about it at all. :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I just ate five bananas for breakfast…and that’s a light meal for me. Relax don’t stress. :::hugs::: Eat as much fruit or veg as you wish until you are highly satisfied. When I first started, I could eat 10 dollars worth of broccoli in a sitting and now I’m more into fruit, LOL. Keep in mind that your body probably needs the nutrients from years of eating cooked food. I agree with Queenfluff; if you feel hungry, fill yourself to satisfaction. Your energy will start to come when you are highly satisfied with what you eat, whether this means tons of fruit or tons of salad or recipes that make you feel yummy. My suggestion is to eat more fruit; that stuff is loaded with power. And you won’t gain weight by eating fruit…I have lost weight and become incredibly toned after several months of almost purely fruit. Through if you are having intense cravings for cooked, LOADS OF GREENS will help you greatly. The green smoothies are awesome.

    I use dates to sweeten things instead of agave or honey. Just an option.

    Good luck…I had constipation and some digestive problems in the beginning too. Then one day, I released A LOT of inky black stuff from my colon and things started getting smoother. :-D

  • I have been struggling with the same issues as You too! Thought RAW would take care of the “thinking aspect” . I have a big sweet tooth & carb tooth I guess.. The more you eat fruits and vegs the more it goes away! More green smoothies will help with that “lighter” feeling you desire,, Good to know there are so many people going through the same thing at the same time..LOL! I have been doing RAW for about 2 months.. Coming from eating 100% crap,, You are doing fine,,You were already Vegan/VEG!!

    Good Luck! Hang Tough!!

  • Thank you so much everyone for your responses! This is like a raw support group. I love it! It really helps me a lot. I feel such a strong draw to this way of life, but I also view this as complicated or difficult at times. I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday preparing things for the week so I could just grab meals during the work week. I don’t want to prepare stuff every day. I will give up. I made lots of crackers, pumpkin seed pate´, cut up fruit ad veggies, green smoothies and corn crapes. The whole time I was thinking, this is too much work not to feel great. Then I wake up this am to all these supportive posts. You are all awesome.

    Troublesjustabubble suggested a cleanse from my first post. I am gearing up for that. I am hopeful this will give me a little better clean slate to be raw and may resolve some of the craving for heavy stuff. I think I will do the one from The entire one is like $275 but it might be worth it.

    MOTH, thanks for the virtual hug. That was so sweet. I smiled when I read that. I needed it. I have been a bit depressed on top of everything else, which was another appeal to eating cleaner and more whole. I also bought a rebounder to help lift my spirits. As for eating a bunch of bananas, I think I would gag, but I will give it a try.

    Goal..getter, good to know I am not alone. That alone helps a great deal.

    I guess I will just chill out and keep doing what I am doing and utilize you all when I get discouraged. My main motivation for being raw was to resolve some health issues and feel better, but I also really am so tired of food being such an obsession and struggling with my weight. I so envy people who can eat whatever they want and have no repercussions. My body will blow up if I eat too much the same day! No lie! Thanks mom for the super metabolism :o)

    Couple last things, my teeth have gotten bizarrely sensitive since being raw. Could this be from eating too much sweet stuff like dates and agave?

    Also, because I have some health stuff going on, this adds a little stress that I am not getting my nutritional requirements met. A few other threads talked about “knowing what you are doing” in regards to being raw. Is there any general guidelines I might follow?


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