Kim Chi

Ok so I am fermenting Kim Chi and some white stuff has formed on top. Is this ok and should I just scrape it off or is it bad? Please help.


  • Although I work with many Koreans none of them in my office have ever made it themselves because it is too hard. But it is very easy to get here in Korea, every store has a million varieties.

    I googled it for you and there are plenty of hits that come up including a youtube video.

    But please post how it goes because I LOVE KIMCHI and would like to make some that is veggie friendly (ie not covered in fish sauce).

  • I’ve been playing with KimChi lately and really should try making my own, My friend ferments apples and pears in hers. What all did you add to yours? Pleae let us know how it turns out!

  • Hey raw foodies! This recipe was easy! All I put into it was one head of cabbage, salt, carrots, green onion, garlic, ginger, agave, and water. First you have to soak the bite size cabbage for two hours in a lot of salt and water.Then rinse thoroughly and dry. Then mix in your shredded carrots(about 4), onion (2 stalks), garlic (2-4 cloves) and ginger (1/2 inch piece), and agave (1/2 tsp) and pour water over the top. Put some wax paper over the top of the kimchi so that no air can get to it. Cover loosly with a lid and let it sit at room temp for 5 days. Then you can refrigerate and enjoy. By the way I think that it is okay. TheRawDance your kimchi soup looks delicious!

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    I believe you just skim the scum off the top and keep fermenting :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    WATERBABY will drop by soon. She makes it.

  • Sounds delish, especially with your ginger and agave…mmmm! and thank you. Btw. Sueko is correct, I’ve read that you discard the cabbage you use on top of the mix – after fermentation is done… and underneath it is a treasure chest of kimchi!!!

  • Tiny1 . . . you didn’t make your kimchi spicy? I love it spicy and wonder what I can use instead of the kimchi paste. Any suggestions?

    Its funny because I crave the stuff. Sadly I didn’t know until about 3 weeks ago that they use fish juice in it. So I won’t eat it, but now I can use your recipe and make my own! Yey!

  • Tiny1~ sueko and TheRawDance are correct…

    misslizzy3107~ The ginger helps to make it spicy but I also add fresh hot peppers or cayenne powder to heat it up!!!

    Meditating~ YOU know me too well… LOL

  • oh i would definietly use chili peppers in it but I had none. I like my kimchi SPICY!!!

  • Try here, there are sauerkraut and kim chi pots, even a book and you can write to the store owner whatever questions you may have.

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