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sept 811rv support group?

does anyone mind if i start this? if another one is already been started and i missed it, please ignore me and just let me know where the thread is.

I really find these support groups so helpful. I am DEFINITELY still in transition to 811rv, so I appreciate the tolerance and helpfulness on this board. I am about 75-10-15 right now. I did the first (I think?) 811rv challenge on this board and while I never quite got to a consistent 10% fat, I felt so much better physically and emotionally, and learned a great deal about my body. I ‘fell off’ the raw wagon for a few weeks late in august, eating more cooked vegan (low fat quinoa and beans mostly) which I thought would be okay for my body, but it really wasn’t ideal. So i would like to move my way back towards 811.

my ‘cheats’ (just to get em out there): i eat cacao sometimes. i drink hot tea sometimes (kicked the caffeine habit though! no more coffee for me!) i occasionally taste my boys’ cooked vegan food to see if it’s good before i serve it to them. i occasionally drink a glass of red wine. i love celtic sea salt.

confession over. as you can see, i am in no way trying to be a ‘leader’ for this thread LOL—i am still transitioning. but perhaps my honesty with my shortcomings will encourage others to give this path a try, knowing that you can be far from “perfect” and still give it a go! I think it was dr. graham himself who said full transition to the 811rv lifestyle can take up to 7 years…so it’s all good :)

anyone interested in joining me this month?



  • hi nycgrrl – i’ll join you! I like these groups because they keep me on track. I’ve been aiming to eat 811 since the first support group in june. The first month or two was great, but since then i have been haven’t followed it 100%. When i do keep the fat down (and salt) I feel really good. This is what I eat when I’m not following 811rv: olive oil and vinegar (i miss traditional salad dressings), cooked veg, rice cakes, hummus. I also sometimes do not make the best food combinations (melon after salad – you get the idea). So I’m ready – let’s start tomorrow. You have lots of fruit?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    GO FOR IT!

    I’m doing this intense vinyasa hot yoga everyday now for an hour and a half, plus lots of biking. So I’ve been pretty hungry lately, but I don’t have as much of an appetite. I’m finding it hard to keep my calories up, but I need my energy so I gotta..

    This thread will help me regain focus! Thanks!

    Today I had…10 bananas…3 large apples. The water of 2 young coconuts

  • Cool! I’d be happy to join too! I’ve been doing 811 for a couple years now and still am loving it. I’ve been on the raw diet over 5 years now, but still occasionally I have some steamed veggies. And I have a weakness for sweet potatoes. Other than that I am loving my fruit! My favorite thing is smoothies..I have them most days. I just joined Gone Raw and I’d love to keep inspired by connecting with others too.. :) Thanks for starting thread!

  • glad there’s interest. Like i said, i am no expert, but as i try to keep my diet pointed in this direction, i feel better and better.

    Hi moth! okay, so today so far (I will update tonight with figures)

    breakfast breakfast smoothie: 1 cup blueberries, two bananas, 1 tbs hemp seeds, tsp cacao and stevia piece of manna bread

    lunch salad 2 cups romaine, 1/2 cup tomatoes, sundried cranberries, no dressing. three bananas,1 cup of fresh oj

    snack five clementines goji berries

    dinner 4 oz greens, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1 tsp udo’s oil.

    Ending stats: 77-13-10 Calories: 1382

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    hey nycgrrl! Thanks again for restarting up the 811 thread. I’m focusing most of my eating attention on mono-mealing. Today is a watermelon day!

    I was thinking that the hot yoga might be suppressing my appetite. I have been tasting ketones and detox in my mouth all day yesterday and today, especially after yoga class.

    I’m kinda excited that I’m still detoxing even while being active and eating lots of food. Anyone else experiencing any detox symptoms lately?

  • moth i have been breaking out along my jaw line, and I hope that’s due to detox cuz i hate it LOL.

    Guess who I am going to see speak on Sept 28 here in NYC? Dr. Graham! I am psyched to meet him and hear him speak.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I have a few pimples on my nose and I NEVER get them there, so yay, ha, I FEEL YOU!

    I’ve been applying tea-tree oil (might want to dilute if too harsh- this stuff can really damage your skin if you’re not careful) nightly to the areas and it dries them out pretty quick.

    A less harsh solution is lavender oil dabbed to the area…this is so much more gentle and works pretty well. I’m out right now though.

  • nycgrrl – thanks for info about Dr Graham coming to nyc – just got a ticket – I’m very excited :-)

    my stats for today: 78/8/14 – i had a 2tsp oil and 1Tbsp hummus – too much overt fat. also ate lots of watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes, and some grapes.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Where can I get some tickets for Dr. Graham?! I’m only a $15 dollar bus trip away from NYC!

  • You won’t regret seeing Dr Doug. He is an excellent speaker. I’ve done both his Health and Fitness Week and his month long fast in Costa Rica, and I cannot recommend his program any higher. He is a huge inspiration to me…:)

  • hey Moth: here’s the link:


    it’s at bonobo’s in the city…let me know if you get in!!! you should definitely pre-pay as it’s selling out fast.Mimo-that’s great…moth, if you get a ticket, we should all meet up beforehand and say hi!

  • I have been searching for this book on all of the Canadian websites (Amazon, Chapters, etc..) and it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada. Any ideas where I can get it?

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I haven’t read the book yet (but it should be arriving Tuesday), but I’m still trying to keep track of everything I’m eating. I definitely need a lot of help figuring out ways to get more calories into my diet because I just don’t feel all that hungry. Last night, I ran 6 miles, and I had to force myself to eat something afterward because I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode. I’m hoping all this planning will get a little easier once I’ve read the book.

    Anyway, I’m giving it a go, even though I’m a little late jumping onto the trail.

  • I would love to jump in here too. I guess the ‘old’ 811 thread is defunct.

    I have been back to 811 after a break (traveling). Had an excellent start and now back to it a month now. Generally good high energy. This time transitioned with out the spaciness I did get the first few days I first transitioned .Thats even after being raw a year.So far a nice easy month.

    This AM 3 mangoes and one orange. I have been less than 10% fat lately. Seems to be ok.Anyone else?

    Thefigidea; can share a bit about your time in Costa Rica with Dr Graham? Would love to hear as much about it as poss!

    Karuna; I got my book on Amazon usa. If you can’t do that try Dr grahams website; foodnsport.com My google search also turned up www.Rawveganbooks.com as having it too.

  • Hey all, glad to see some more people joining!!! I am sticking with my sub 15% fat for the time being, and unlike last time, I find it quite easy, so maybe I will get to 10% this time!

    here’s my food so far

    breakfast smoothie: 2 bananas, 1 cup strawberries, kale. One small piece of non-raw manna.

    snack: 3 large pieces of watermelon

    lunch: 4 oz of green and red lettuce with 1 cup tomatoes, 1 ear raw corn, 2 stalks celery, 1 tsp udo’s oil, 1 tbs avocado.

    snack: 2 bananas

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    So far today:

    Pre-breakfast: 8oz water with juice of 1 lemon and 1/2 tsp B-vitamin supplement.

    Breakfast smoothie: 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 cup mixed berries, 6 leaves of romaine.

    I finished my smoothie almost 2 hours ago, and still incredibly full. Gah. This is my problem. My appetite has totally disappeared.

  • i am going out with hubby tonight to either bonobo’s or quintessence—both great raw places, but probably not 811. wish me well!!!!!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Have a great time, girl! I’m going out to the Organic Garden (raw vegan restaurant in Beverly) on Wednesday with a friend, and their fare definitely isn’t 811…but I’ve already decided not to limit myself. Special occasion! :-)

    Today was rough for me. I have felt so hungry and nothing seems appetizing. I had a bad reaction to an herb salad last night and have decided to cut out the herbs and only eat one type of green in a salad, if I have one. I was gonna try and do all fruit as long as I can, but seriously…fruit is not appealing to me right now for some reason. So I’ve decided to screw pure fruitarianism for the time being (until it feels right to go back to it) and just concentrate on low-fat items. I had 7 bananas for breakfast, a big box of strawberries for lunch, and dinner will be some spinach and cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes are what I am actually excited about; local and organic! You can’t get any better then that. I popped one in my mouth earlier tonight and HOLY CRAP; I literally thought, “This is what I’ve been waiting for!” :-D

    So I’m gonna go make a salad and hope it digests well. (having bad luck with salad digestion lately -which I why I thought I should shift gears to pure-fruit)

    I’ll think down-stream thoughts…

  • nycgrrl – still haven’t gone to any raw restaurants in nyc – what’s your fave?

    today – breakfast – lots of watermelon, lunch – romaine, tomato and mango, dinner – romaine, tomato, and 1Tbsp hummus, snack – more watermelon 82/8/12

    MOTH – hope you feel better ;-)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Mimo – that romaine, tomato and mango dinner sounds yummy. :-)

    I ate my spinach salad – I can now safely say I don’t like spinach, LOL.

    learning experience yay!

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    MOTH -that’s sad because spinach is awesome. Have you tried arugula? That’s my most favorite green because it almost has a salty flavor. It rocks!

    Today’s food:

    Pre-breakfast: 8oz water with juice of 1 lemon and 1/2 tsp B-vitamin supplement.

    Breakfast smoothie: 1 peach, 1 pear, 1 cup mixed berries, 6 leaves of romaine.

    Lunch smoothie: 3 bananas, 2 tbsp hemp protein, 1 tsp cinnamon.

    Snack: Yellow bell pepper stuffed with my summer mixture (1 cup butternut squash, 1 ear of corn, 2 stalks of celery, 2 green onions, 1 tsp dulse flakes, and 1 portabella mushroom all processed together).

    Dinner:4 cups of mixed greens, 2 cups of mung bean sprouts, 1/2 avocado, and lemon juice.

    Snack: 4 dates.


    I almost managed to hit 1500 calories. I’m sipping a glass of wine now, so I should be there. Does anyone else find it difficult to eat tons of fruit all day? I find lots of stuff building up on my teeth, and I get a dry mouth from too much sugar… to the point where I’m craving greens. I think maybe I should try to eat some more non-sweet fruits like tomatoes or cucumber?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey girl, Heyenglish! I’m actually feeling pretty confused with my body right now; not sure what’s going on. I feel hungry, but am having a hard time eating much. Even my favorite fruits don’t seem tempting. Greens just don’t hit me well at all -makes me wonder how I’ll handle the raw vegan restaurant on Wednesday, ha. Maybe whatever’s going on will work itself out by then.

    I honestly think it might be detox related. I have been releasing so many toxins through the hot yoga, sweating buckets daily. It’s definitely a form of exercise that is new to me, and yet I’ve been really throwing myself into it. Heh, I think I’ll adjust in time…

    The next time I get the urge for greens, I will try some arugula. During the June 811 challenge, I recall eating handfuls of arugula like potato chips, hehe. :-)

    Right now I’m having some young coconut milk (don’t eat the meat), which is hitting the spot, easing my tummy.

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I wish I felt hungry! My appetite has totally disappeared this week, and I have no idea why. I figured that by cutting out most of the fat, I’d be more hungry. I’m even running more than I usually do (tomorrow morning I’m attempting a 10-mile run, which will be the first time in about 6 years!), but I just don’t want to eat.

    I think part of my problem is that I bought some really crappy produce this week. It hasn’t been fresh at all, and the flavor has definitely been lacking. Most disappointing! It’s definitely uninspiring to my body. So, tomorrow I’m going to find a local farmer’s market and grab fresh, tasty fruits until my heart is content.

    That yoga sounds intense! I’m so curious to try it, but I’m not flexible at all. Flexibility is the last thing I need to start incorporating into my workouts. Over the last year and a half, I’ve first worked on my cardio and endurance, and now it’s strength. It’s just finding the time to fit something else into my schedule. Do you practice the yoga at home or in a studio? If at home, are there any particular workouts or DVDs you’d recommend?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Yep, I started with Shiva Rea’s vinyasa DVD. I spent about 4 years doing that at home before I ever made it into a studio. I’m glad I was familiar with it before I started the hot studio vinyasa. I’m not that flexible either; working on that, and my balance is pretty off and on; some days I feel completely THERE, centered, unshakable, and then other days I’m falling all over the place in my own puddle of sweat, LOL. I used to love running myself; would do miles and miles everyday, until I overdid it and hurt my knee. I’m just so glad to find a new form of exercise that I can put my body through. I’m one of those people who NEEDS to exercise for my own mental health. This yoga definitely does the trick…

    You know, I think the approach of autumn has something to do with my own lack of interest in fruit and whatnot. Just knowing that soon all the fruit I do enjoy will have to be carted in from places thousands of miles away…well, it’s kinda depressing. Winter in Boston is hard on me. The last peaches I bought didn’t even ripen; just started rotting on my countertop. Oy.

    But! I have to stay positive! Things are already getting better, with my taste-buds at least. Grapes are delicious right now! :-) I went out and bought a bag earlier and they are pretty tasty if I do say so. And I got some local organic tomatoes that are just fantastic. I’m saving the tomatoes and grapes for tomorrow so that I won’t eat them on top of the salad. Here’s hoping for crazy fruit-hunger tomorrow, LOL. :-p

    Have a fantastic run tomorrow!

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    I used to run back in high school, and then I forgot about it after my first year of college. At that point, I became allergic to exercise and any food that was remotely nutritious. With the help of a particularly crappy relationship, I gained about 100lbs! So, since January ‘07, I’ve been working my way back to health. I’m finally 90lbs down, and rediscovering my passion for running. Night time during the early fall is definitely my favorite time to run. The stars are out, the air is crisp and clean, and there’s barely anyone on the road… I feel like I own the night as I fly through it. It’s so addicting!

    I’m definitely going to check out that DVD. Thanks for the recommendation! I’m starting a new job in a couple weeks (so I’ll only be working one job instead of two), so, fingers crossed, I’ll have some more free time in the evenings to practice yoga. I usually lift weights at the gym or run every morning, 6 days/week and I’m seeing such great results that I don’t want to give either of those things up. I like having “guns”. ;)

    Enjoy your tomatoes tomorrow! I can’t wait for my boyfriend to get back into town so he can give me some more of his. Homegrown veggies are THE best!

  • hi all! last night was pretty good at quintessence—i mostly ate salad plus some bites of their Indian food special. Their food really is wonderful.

    This morning I am having a strawberry pineapple smoothie, a big break from my normal 3 bananas, berries, cocoa and stevia shake. It’s delicious!!!

  • heyenglishheyenglish Raw Newbie

    Mmmmm! That strawberry pineapple smoothie sounds delicious. That’d be the perfect breakfast right now, but I need to grocery shop first. (Sigh)

    I just finished my 10-mile run (eek! I did it!), so breakfast smoothie today is: 4 cups mixed greens, 1 peach, 2 dates, 2 stalks of celery, and half a cucumber. Yum!

    Now it’s time to shower, and then hopefully sell my baby chinchilla if the woman interested in him decides to show up.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    NYCgrrl- sounds like such a lovely evening! Yet another NYC raw venue I will have to check out. I plan on taking several trips to the city this fall and winter, so I’ll put that place on my list. I’m not going to be able to go to Dr. Graham’s talk…I promised one of the managers a few weeks back at my job I would work that weekend. Such a bummer…hopefully he’ll come to the city again at a different time and I’ll be able to meet him.

    Heyenglish – CONGRATS girl! What a run! Great job. I can totally relate about “working your way back to health,” as I’ve lost about 80 pounds from 4 years ago. I went through similar circumstances as well during my “overweight” time. Raw is really an awesome way to maintain a healthy weight and I’m still losing with 811 and the yoga. Pretty cool – I’m gonna have to go clothes shopping again soon to get some duds that stay on, LOL.

    Today so far I’ve had – 2 apples, 7 bananas, and I’m about to eat 10 gold kiwi.

    I’ve been pretty cranky today and I think it’s because I have’t really eaten enough the past few days. So I’m concentrating on volume today. I’m also going to try and get to sleep at a reasonable hour – I keep staying up too late!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Today turned out awesome, thanks to yoga and TOMATOES! Holy shit, I CANNOT get enough right now! Appetite has returned. :-)

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    Hi, I’m joining in this month. :)

    I had a rocky start this week though, because I was craving a veggie burrito so badly, and thought I’d treat us to our favorite burritos with our friends after soccer practice on Wed., since it was 6pm and we weren’t even home yet… and we usually eat dinner around 5:30. I actually felt great, and thought, burritos every once in a while is fine.

    But then on Friday night after we picked up our CSA bin, it was 6:30 pm and we were so hungry, so we went to our favorite organic restaurant in Berkeley, and I got another burrito. This time, it didn’t sit too well with me, and I vow that next time we go there I’m going to just get their spinach and apple salad, without dressing and lemon on the side.

    So that’s it, my dabbling in some cooked vegan food is done, and I’m back to eating 100% raw. I feel best when it is 80/10/10, so that’s what I’m going to do. I gave away all of my nuts and sesame, since I stopped eating them and my daughter is allergic… and had constant rashes since I brought nuts into the house. So I’m done with nuts. I’ll have the occasional coconut butter or avocado, but maybe once/week at most.

    For me I’m totally into salads with mixed greens and diced apples, pears, even pluot and I squeeze some orange on it. I’m out of organic lemons, and thought I’d try the orange as a dressing, and it is really nice and sweet. yum.

    My other current favorite is: tomatoes, corn, sweet peppers, and sprouted soybeans (all from my CSA bin) on salad greens, which makes for a nice hearty salad.

    I feel so much better when I eat just fruit and veggies. I am making some chia fruit pudding now and then for breakfast, and some basic wheat bread with yellow squash, since I have so much of the yellow squash from my CSA bin, and I don’t like to eat it raw. I don’t know why, but it tastes so different from raw zucchini!

    Let me know if anyone has any other ideas for eating raw yellow squash.

    I’m determined not to slip up and eat anymore cooked food this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

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