Callin all the Tribe, food prep wisdom....

I thought I would start this thread to gather some tribal wisdom on tips and special tricks you all have discovered in your own raw food prep journeys. Here are a few of mine;

You can use ice water in place of water in the HS blender when making nut cheeses and sauces and that will help keep the temp down when doing some heavy duty blending. I just fill the cup with ice then add the water to it at the measuring line.

Always taste a recipe for your own preference. Acid like lemon will correct bitter and sweetener will correct sourness. I use this in my green smoothies every day because I use weeds and stuff like grape leaves along with different greens so I always taste to adjust.

When I buy a bag of nuts or seeds I just bring them home and sprout the whole thing then dehydrate. These are then ready to make my nut milks, butters and sauces and are always ready instead of having to think of soaking them. I find that if I powder these up in my HS blender before adding other ingrediens, they will get creamier faster. You will have to add just a touch more water to your sauce or cheese recipes to compensate for the dryer nuts and seeds though.

I freeze dehydrated nuts and seeds before I grind them to keep the temp down and am very careful not to over-grind and overheat them.

When making recipes with added sweetness I use some stevia and then add dates, honey or any other sweetener for the flavor. I call the stevia my “sweetness booster”. It is much cheaper and I don’t get that sugar rush.

I dehydrate tomatoes for use in recipes by blending up a batch in my HS blender along with a little onion and salt. For every regular size blender container of raw chunked tomatoes I blend in a cup of powdered flax. I dehydrate on sheets and they come out after flipping and cutting like tomato crackers sort of. These can be used like dried tomatoes or used as a unique foundation for other concoctions.

I am sure that you all have learned some things along the way and I hope that you can share some of those with us so we can all benefit from your wisdom.


  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    Any time I am worried about my food in the fridge getting too old, I slice or chop it up and dehydrate it. I have built up quite a collection of veggies that I powder for seasoning, or add to warm water for instant soup (not necessarily powdered). I also like to chop up and dehydrate the rest of the onion when I don’t use a full one, which is good for adding to a recipe that you don’t want to add too much liquid to, or you want onions that aren’t hot or you want that crunch! You can even add dried powdered veggies to thicken recipes that are too moist.

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