cacao for pms

hey all- i find cacao really, really helps my pms. I know it’s not really raw, but I wonder if others have experienced this beneficial property and if so, what it can be attributed to, physiologically?



  • cacao (and all chocolate) is very high in magnesium, a naturally calming and muscle-relaxing mineral. most pms supplements contain a good amount of magnesium, but food sources are generally better. when we’re craving cacao (or chocolate) it’s usually due to low magnesium levels.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I’m trying to figure out how to eat as much cacao as possible without stressing my adrenals. Using it with maca seems to help, since maca supports the adrenals.

    Also, in Naked Chocolate, David Wolfe estimates 5 cacao beans eaten whole equals about 12-15 beans blended, since blending seems to destroy much of the caffeine and theobromine. Although cacao has very little caffeine, it’s possible the combined effect of the caffeine and theobromine are more stimulating than either substance alone. I notice a difference in stimulation when eating nibs with goji berries as a crunchy snack versus blending cacao powder into a smoothie. I haven’t compared eating nibs/beans whole versus blended yet.

    Yes, the stress from PMS and the resulting depletion of magnesium seems to deplete dopamine in the body, and at the same time the central nervous system stimulates production of serotonin. This imbalance of dopamine and serotonin is believed to play a role in several PMS symptoms. :)

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    I have really sapped energy and believe I am struggling with adrenal fatigue. I have noticed about 2 hours after I have a smoothie of hemp milk, frozen acai or acai hemp powder, bee pollen, maca, and cacao, I get a nice boost of energy but don’t feel jittery like coffee. I no longer drink yerba matte since beginning this concoction, which I have had about 5 times. With this drink, I feel so much better I am thinking about making it every morning

    ACHIN 70 – Why do you think it will stress your adrenals? How can you tell if your adrenals are stressed (as I am unsure if that is necessarily the same thing as adrenal fatigue)?

    I don’t know if it is the maca or bee pollen that makes me feel so much better, but I suspect it is the maca. I don’t think it is the cacao because when I make the smoothie without cacao I still feel much better but the cacao just seems to make that feeling last a little longer.

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    Meditating: When I was at Tree of Life, I met someone who had adrenal fatigue because of the overconsumption of cacao. She was tired in the mornings, and had dark circles under her eyes. I believe Gabriel Cousens had some testing done at TOL, and he concluded more than 16 cacao beans a day will stress your adrenals.

    When I overdo cacao, I get jittery, kind of like a coffee high gone wrong. I believe this would be one sign of adrenal stress. Also, I notice after eating about 3/5 oz of cacao nibs, if I stand too quickly, sometimes I get lightedheaded. The low blood pressure/lightheadedness is a sign of adrenal fatigue. Then again, it could be because I already have fairly low blood pressure, and recent research has shown that cacao lowers blood pressure.

    I just had a big smoothie this morning with 2T of cacao powder, and I had no lightedheadness at all. And 2T of cacao powder is quite a bit, esp. considering that cacao powder is likely more concentrated in theobromine and caffeine than cacao nibs. :)

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