Where is best deal on organic, raw hemp seeds?

I have been using pre-packaged hemp milk, which is dead. I really like hemp and it makes me feel good. I purchased a small bag of Nutiva raw seeds at my local market (the only way they sell it) and just blended it up for milk. It was great in my smoothies.

I prefer to purchase some hemp seeds online and in bulk (a few pounds) and save some money. Can anybody recommend a source with good product and great prices?



  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    I buy a case (9 one pound (454g) containers) from Rocky Mountain Grain products in Alberta. Shipped to my door for $100 CDN!

    I asked them and they will ship to the USA for the same price. You can call them at (403)329-1380 to order.

    I mainly use the hemp hearts to make hemp milk.


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