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Eating Raw at Work

Hey everyone.. I seem to have a slight predicament. I’ve been pretty high raw for about 3 months now. Everyday I bring a big salad (consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, strawberries or apples, dried fruit and hemp seeds) and at least 5 pieces of fruit to work everyday, sometimes I bring a soup along too. Before I leave my house I drink a big breakfast smoothie of oats, water, banana and hemp seeds. I find it incredibly hard to get through the day without serious hunger. I feel that I’ve been craving some bread/crackers (something other than fruit and veggies and easy to take to work) but I don’t own a dehydrator. Does anyone have any suggestions for filling, easy to transport meals/snacks? Thanks so much.


  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    well I’d suggest making Zoe’s Spring Onion Seed Cheese. I make it when I need something starchy and eat it with big carrots. It’s heavy enough that it calms my cravings and nice and flavorful with garlic and salt and olive oil.

    It really works for me. Hopefully this helps!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I would really recommend you get a dehydrator. It will prove it’s worth time and time again. It makes it cheaper to be raw, and easier. The dry foods like bread, crackers and wraps really help to fill in the gaps.

    If you can’t get hold of one then you could try to get some raw nori and make some wraps, cones etc with it. That would be very tasty. Just find a recipe for a pate, chop up the cuke and roll up. Don’t do it before work or they’ll go soggy, though. Just take everything chopped and ready to roll.

    Looking at what you are eating I would think that adding an avocado to your salad would help fill you up. Also adding a tablespoon of raw oil to your smoothie will help the sugars to release slower and keep you fuller for longer. You don’t seem to have much fat in your diet. I know it can be a contraversial topic, but IMHO the more raw fat the better. It is what has helped my husband and I to transition successfully and stay raw for a long time. We have raw olive oil, hemp oil, avocados (maybe 2-3 a day), and coconut butter/oil.

    I would also make a big cake every week and take a slice or two to work with you. There are some gorgeous fruit pie and cake recipes on here. I lived off mainly raw puddings, pies and cakes for my first 6 months raw.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hi Bronwyn. I really enjoy making crackers in my dehydrator. My problem is that a standard recipe makes so many that I wish I could share them with people like you who don’t have dehydrators. The crackers are great, but after one or two, I’m full and I don’t want any more that day. Even eating one or two every day, it doesn’t seem like I’m making a dent in the pile. I get bored after a few days and want to make something new. Is there any chance you live in my neck of the woods? I’d gladly ship some to you. I live in Canada. As long as we’re not trying to ship across borders it could probably work. If you’re willing to undertake the shipping costs, I could overnight them to you. Who knows? It might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

    Alternate suggestions to crackers/breads would be to make your own raw trail mix. Take a small (one or two-ounce) container or sandwich baggie with you to work each day and nibble whenever hunger strikes. My current mix contains pumpkin and sunflower seeds, almonds, Hunza raisins, goji berries, Incan berries and white mulberries. It’s a great mix, but not something you’d eat in massive quantity (partially because it ain’t cheap!!!). Another idea is to make a seed cheese that has the consistency of a dip. Take sliced carrot/celery/cucumber/bell pepper sticks and dip them. You could do the same with homemade guacamole. I have lots of other ideas. If you’d like more, let me know.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Pate and avocado! There’s a ton of pate recipes, my favorites involve: (almond or cashew or walnut) + (spring onion) + herbs or spices. You could do a dill one, curry cilantro one, cumin one, mexican walnut one. So many recipes online!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I like to make dips/pates/whatever you call them with sprouted buckwheat as a base – cheap, nutritious & filling! Then I put the dip with zucchini slices, or wrap it in cabbage leaves & add other chopped veggies. I used to make seed/nut-based shakes & take them to work in a mason jar. Then I would drink them just before clocking in, or on a quick break, or just after work before catching the bus home, etc. Then I would eat salads & fruit at home when I had more time to eat the stuff with less calories. I also like to take nutmilk with me to add some extra calories easily.

  • are you against nuts? nuts will take care of your whole problem. larabars are a great, easy to transport, convenient snack.

    also, if you don’t have a dehydrator, you can sometimes buy dehydrated crackers and stuff at the health food store, if there’s one witha raw section in your area. it’s a little more expensive than regular crackers for sure, but they can be really helpful.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Kombucha helps me. I am a teacher and can’t eat when my students are in the room. But I can drink something. A little nut butter on an apple or pear fills me up, too.

  • wow! thank you all so much for the wonderful advice and suggestions!! this is so helpful to me right now :)

    troublesjustabubble-i will definitely be making that seed cheese soon. i am trying to avoid excessive consumption of nuts right now so that sounds great, thanks.

    zoe-i know, i’d love to buy a dehydrator but it’s just not possible for me right now. nori sheets are a good idea, i should really bring them to work with some fillings on the side. avocados are a great source of essential fats, i really don’t indulge enough as i should so i will definitely change that. i use coconut oil as a salad dressing and whenever i can, but i’d really love to get my hands on some hemp seed oil, however it unfortunately isn’t available at my local health food store-i can only buy the seeds. cakes/pies are a wonderful idea too, i should absolutely make one every weekend and eat it throughout the week.

    1sweetpea: that is so considerate and kind of you to offer!! i actually do live in canada! i live in toronto. whereabouts are you? let me know, i would definitely cover any shipping costs and i would pay you too. i would also love to make some raw friends in canada :) i sometimes make a trail mix to eat throughout the day, but i should really make them more often. i’m just trying to avoid eating alot of nuts, but seeds go very well in trail mixes. your mix sounds delectable! seed cheeses and guacamole need to be incorporated into my diet more, for sure. thank you so so much for your great suggestions and beautiful offerings. let me know where you are in canada and hopefully we can connect :)

    winona: i will definitely be looking into pates and seed cheeses more often after these suggestions, thanks!

    angie: sprouted buckwheat is a really good suggestion! however, i have heard many rumours regarding buckwheat toxicity when sprouting and it makes me a little fearful to try and sprout it. do you have a good method? good idea on the seed based shakes to take with you, i should do more of that. thanks angie!

    mandelious: i am not against nuts, just trying to avoid consuming excessive amounts. unfortunately i don’t have a raw section in my health food store, in fact i’ve never seen a raw section in any of my local health food stores. it’s really too bad.. thanks for the suggestions though!

    daniefon, excuse my ignorance but what is kombucha?

    thanks again to all of you, you’ve been so helpful. now i am sure to have a satisfied, full belly throughout the day in future. i really appreciate the response and everyone here has such great imput.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Kombucha is a fermented beverage. I buy a brand called Synergy and love it. They use a mixture of 95% kombucha and 5% juice. It has a very tart almost vinegary flavor.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Seriously I don’t know how you guys handle kombucha. That stuff is rancid to me…..no offense. I’m just surprised so many people like it.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    daniefon, how do you warm your Kambucha at work? Or do you make it at home and bring it in a thermos?

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    I drink it cold. I actually prefer it over ice, the floaties creep me out a bit, you don’t notice them over ice.

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