question for 80/10/10 folks

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I just got the book, and am starting it tonight, but I wonder, how do you get enough calories while eating 80/10/10? I seems to me you need to get a LOT of sugar, or eat 20+ pounds of food per day.

I am also in the middle of the China Study, and I find the low protein argument compelling, but to get enough calories per day without eating tons of concentrated sugary fruits, I am coming in close to 50/40/10 (carb/fat/protein).


  • There’s nothing wrong with eating all the sweet fruit you care for. Eating fresh fruit is not like eating refined sugar. Eat your fruit and enjoy! :)

  • steviostevio Raw Newbie

    I have been reading at stories of long time fruitarians developing diabetes. As I have diabetes now, I am hesitant to go on a high sugar diet, even in the context of whole foods.

    Even eating sugary fruits, I am still skeptical I can get adequate calories without eating some form of concentrated food. THis means concentrated protein (which The China Study has scared me off of), High Carb food (which the sugar scares me) or high fat foods (oils and seeds) which is what I am doing now.

    I guess I’ll keep reading 80/10/10, but if anyone wants to comment on “the calorie paradox” from, I am interested in hearing about it.

  • hola stevio.. been doing 80-10-10 for sometime now..checked three days running on CRON-o-Meter and getting good calorie counts..great vitamins / minerals levels – (often way over) and eating fruit mostly in green smoothies with lots of good greens..and hitting without trying too hard on the 811 marks..(close but not exact each day that I checked..) suggest you finish reading the book & then decide if it makes sense..

    and lots of good info out there re zapping diabetes- its the fats that cause most of the problem.. Dr Gabriel Cousins..films/talks/ works..

  • Stevio – I think you’re forgetting about vegetables, and non-sweet fruits! I get a CSA bin each week, so I eat a lot of different vegetables in addition to lots of yummy fruit. Find a balance that works for you, in terms of getting enough calories… the most important parts seem to be limiting protein and fat intake to about 10% of calories eaten.

    I eat 1-2 salads every day, my favorite lately is pear/apple/lettuce/ lemon squeezed on top for dressing. Sometimes it is shredded beet on lettuce. I also eat lots of tomatoes (get lots in my bin) and have fallen in love with blending tomatoes, eggplant, garlic, basil, and a few green olives to make a yummy soup or sauce. I also shred up a winter squash for noodles and eat that with the sauce. Peppers are another non-sweet fruit that you can incorporate into your diet. You can bulk up on calories through your favorite veggies, just don’t add fat to them.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    stevio—read the book, it will answer your questions. fats cause most of the problems, not sugars. also google “robbie barbaro” for 811/diabetes success stories.

    im not saying its easy to get 2000 calories in a day eating only fruit, but with little practice and some stomach stretching its not hard.

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