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itchy scalp + dandruff

Hi everyone.. I have been suffering from itchy scalp & dandruff for years and years. I hoped eating more raw ( about 75% raw right now ) ..would help. but it hasn’t.. I keep wondering what causes this. And if anyone has a solution? I’ve tried dandruff shampoos, going no poo, I’ve tried mixing GSE ( grapefruit seed extract ) with my shampoo – and nothing works :( I wash my hair every other day ( on the “off” day that I don’t wash my hair the gets dandruff the worst, washing actually helps )

thanks for any advice.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    hmm, well after being all raw for several months my eczema went away. nothing external ever worked much. but MSM cream is worth a try.

    i wonder what the 25% of non-raw is. could have an impact.

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    I was getting an itchy scalp and it went away when I did the salt no poo. Did you stay on the no poo long enough to help? Like 3 months? I have heard, a parasite cleanse can help if that is the problem. I also understand, fungus can cause itchy scalp. Do you have an alkaline or acid system? The shampoos and anything else you put on your hair would give me concern.bitt also brings up a good question, what is the non-raw?

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    Have you tried a mild vinegar rinse? Sometimes old tricks are the best tricks.

    Still, if you are having abnormal loads of dandruff, you might just have a skin condition on your scalp. I’m not a huge lover of the medical field, but you might want to have a dermatologist at least examine you and tell you what is causing it. You can do your own healing from there.

  • iknikn

    I had dandruff in one spot for a while and I rubbed tree tea oil with vitamin E on it. I left it on overnight and washed my hair in the morning. It stinks though! you might want to put a cap on for the night. Also, as TomsMom said, vinegar rinse is really good. good luck! let us know how you do.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    bitt: I just started taking msm (orally) and noticed the cream in the health food store. good idea.. i’m going to try it.

    Oh, and the 25% is stuff like..popcorn, decaf cold-brewed coffee, sprouted bread, tofu (rarely), steamed veggies/rice & once in a while some junky (doritos) or something like that.. but i’m gearing to quit the junk food now.

    beany: I was on no poo for about 5 1/2 months. I agree that no poo lessened the dandruff a bit..or I should say that I believe shampoo may strip my scalp & then produces too much oil or something.. I tend to have an alkaline system. I firmly believe this is a fungus/parasite problem. What is a parasite cleanse? I’ll have to google that..

    TomsMom: You saved me the day!! I tried a vinegar rinse immediately after reading this and the itch went away! .. I’m fearful this won’t last because I used to ‘no poo’ & used baking soda & vinegar..but eventually the itch returns. I hateee having to wash and wash my hair everyday – especially in the cold winter months!

    ikn: I’m all for this! going to pick up some tea tree oil & vitamin e at the health food store. thanks!

  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    A few months ago I switched over to more natural shampoos(Trader Joes brand) and cut back the amount of times I washed it a week. That and about 2 times a week I do a cider vinegar rinse. My scalp is much better than it used to be. Once a month I will massage scalp with coconut oil and leave it a few hours until I shower. Overall the combination of changes has gotten rid of any itchiness. Coconut oil with brown sugar has made big change on my skin too!

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    ACV helps keep mine down to a bare able amount. But going completely gluten free takes it away completely for me.

  • I’ve heard that dandruff and dry itch is caused by a lack of omega 3-6-9’s But who knows! I have these symptoms right now, and I have alot of hemp seed and Udo oil in my diet.

  • I used to have a really bad scalp problem until I started using a natural shampoo-Jason’s Natural Comestics Dandruff Relief shampoo. It has MSM, Neem oil, Tea Tree oil, Colloidal Sulfur, and Rosemary. I have recently starting seeing my dandruff return as well as a itchy scalp, but I have also decreased the amount of fat in my diet and I’m not sure if that may be a reason for my returning scalp problem.

  • I’ve had the same symptoms for years. Mine is called sebhorreic dermatitis (sp?), which is essentially psoriasis on the scalp. My (Quantum Techniques) energy healer diagnosed mine as being purely emotional. As my frustration levels rise, my scalp gets itchy and scaly and flaky. My frustration cannot be voiced so my skin speaks for me.

    No amount of diet/supplements/treatments have ever worked, though some things work better than others at symptom control.

    This guy told me that, like most of my physical problems, this will get better when I resolve the cause. Although resolving the cause is difficult, its nice to know that no amount of diet/supplements/treatments are really going to work.

    Finally having a real diagnosis of the CAUSE of the problem makes me feel hopeful that I can address the underlying problems. Not getting distracted with “barking up trees” chasing symptoms gives me more energy and less frustration to deal with the cause, if that makes any sense.

  • artzyfartzyartzyfartzy Raw Newbie

    jenoz funny you bring up this topic because my itchiness is “flaring” badly right now ( and my daughter has been sick & my mom had a stroke yesterday) I noticed when i’m tired it gets worse or feels more itchy. So what you are saying makes total sense to me. thanks.

  • In that case, you might want to try some form of energy psychology. EFT (www.emofree.com) and TAT (www.tatlife.com) are free to learn and relatively easy to learn to practice at home.

    Blessed be and may all your relations – and you – be well again soon!

  • A sage and rosemary tea w/ a drop of olive oil may be a good spritz to consider for inbetween washings if it itches. I was reading about homemade shampoos last night. I suds up my hair but was researching alternatives and sage/rosemary were good…so was lavender.

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