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A few questions Google-searching wouldn't answer...

1. Is rice milk raw??? 2. I found these great Clif bars called Nectar. Are those raw? 3. Will going raw really help my eyesight? If so, what should I do? Should I just stop wearing my glasses? 4. Is it okay to warm things up in the microwave for a few seconds? Or should I just use the oven (below 110 degrees, of course)?


  • Oops, one more: 5. Are Quaker Old Fashioned Oats raw?

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    Probably not raw on the oats, unless it is labeled as such.

  • thanks superfood!

  • I thought Lara Bars were raw, just not organic. How is it that they are not raw? Really Curious!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Lara bars aren’t raw because they use nuts that aren’t truly raw. But some people don’t mind and eat them seeing them as a lesser evil than a Snickers bar

    Check out The Dead Food List for some more of those dodgy items ;)

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    1. No.

    2. No.

    3. Yes. Eventually you may not need glasses.

    4. No. Microwaving is, no matter what, really bad for the food.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    Yeah, I think Larabars aren’t certified as raw, though maybe, by chance, here and there, they might be. :( It’s unfortunate!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I don’t like Larabars because they taste boring. If I were to eat an unsoaked nut bar, it would be Raw Revolution’s. Larabars are not raw either I don’t think, and I can prove it by the fact that their selling out to General Mills.

    I think it would be really interesting to try some truly raw rice. Currently, all rice, even wild rice, is not at all raw. It is impossible to buy raw rice even if it’s labeled raw. It’s steamed to 270 F or something like that.

  • SuperfoodSuperfood Raw Newbie

    I have sprouted wild rice before.

    ETA: but that’s a fruit, not a grain.

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Yes, I did so too Superfood, I get my ‘wild rice’ really wild and organic from the Northern Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, $ 6CAN per pound, I feel really lucky as it tastes so awesome soaked for 2 to 3 days. I love it!

    I did not know that about Larabars either… just tried them the other day… but usually get a ‘Raw Organic Food Bar’ made by http:www.organicfoodbar.com Just hope those are real ;))

    In case I’m getting hungry in the city… but most often I just take some dates along and eat a banana or such…

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Oh and me again… and what’s that with brown rice not being raw? Does it really get heated? I have made rice milk out of brown organic rice, its tasty, but does not last that long so its better to drink it fast or dont make that much.

    But then if its not raw, how come some people are able to sprout it for bread or such? Or did I just plain misread that?

  • I love LaraBars. When I found out that they weren’t raw, I still ate them anyway. They are the best.

  • Why not make your own Larabars? Whip up some dates and cashews in the food processor.. wham, you have the equivalent of “Cashew Cookie”.. plus it’s fresher, cheaper, and probably tastes better.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Raw Revolution uses “cocoa processed with alkali” (definitely not raw) in their chocolate flavored bars. :(

    Regarding rice – All the wild rice I have bought before just splits when I soak it (it doesn’t sprout), & Gabriel Cousens’ book says it’s not really raw like was previously thought. Brown rice isn’t raw, either, but SWEET BROWN RICE is raw and will sprout – it grows little tails! It’s still pretty crunchy, but definitely raw. :)

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