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Can infants eat raw at 6 months old?

Hi, I would like to have members advise me how I can start a 6 month old baby to a raw diet. At the moment he (Jordy) is 4 and a half months old and is being fed breast milk.

Kirk from Montreal.


  • Please be careful with this. There was a family back east a year ago or so that was feeding their baby raw food and it died. The courts prosecuted them. I never did find out the end story on it other than they were arrested and the courts saying they would prosecute fully. I don’t mean to scare you just passing on what happened. Sorry

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Gabriel Cousens has a nice section in Rainbow green live Cuisine on Rainbow babies. It goes month to month, but as i recall, there was not much in that regard at the 6 month age.

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    rawquad. I am glad that you asked that question. In my opinion a baby is not ready to eat solid food until he/she has teeth. If there are no teeth, then that’s the way for nature to tell us that the baby is not yet ready. Teeth appear at 8 months, although every child is different. Please keep in mimnd that the earlier you start your baby on solid foods, the greater the probabilities for her/him to developing food allergies. My advice would be that you follow a breastfeed only approach with your baby until he/she is 8 months old, although I would strongly recommend that you do keep it up until he is one. I am not sure about the specific foods to start with, but please do your research beforehand. After having a daughter that developed several food allergies (including life-threatning to peanuts) I learned my lesson. Good luck to you and enjoy your baby!

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    This might be a wacky question and I have never had children or researched that area, but what do you expect after the “debate sideshow”... Even though breast milk is a perfect food and is perfect by itself, what about making a smoothie with pumped breast milk and veggies or fruits as a transition food for a baby?

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    Took out my Cousins book. On page 416 he states, ” The beginning of the teething process is the sign that baby may be ready for solid food…The appearance of teeth suggests that the enzyme systems have begun to manifest, in making it appropriate to introduce certain foods. He suggests 6 mo. or longer as mothers milk is the best. Cousins does explain, how, what and when to feed baby, and how to prevent food allergies.

    I would really consider waiting a bit longer.

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Bluedolphin, the food combination may represent a problem for the baby’s diestive system…milk and fruit, fruit and veggies. When you introduce first foods, you usually do one at the time for a week or so, before you introduce a second one. Combination is usually not recommended before the adjustment time.

  • iknikn

    Just wanted to share my experience with you about my kids. This was before I was raw or even heard about this lifestyle. I breastfed both my kids until they were two years old. For my oldest son (he is now 11) at about the age of 5-6 months I introduced fruits. First I started with one organic apple. I made it into a puree and fed him with a small teaspoon. fisrt he made funny faces but then he loved it. For a week or so I only gave him apple. Not the whole thing, but about two-three teaspoonfulls. I always made a little ritual and gave it at the same time. I increased the portion until he ate almost a full apple. Then a few weeks later I started the same thing with bananas. I let him taste it and then increase the portion. I made sure that I keep the “apple ritual” and just add the “banana ritual” at another time. Like apples for breakfast and bananas for lunch. Later I gave him mangoes, pears, peaches etc. For a long time he was eating raw organic fruit purees and breastmilk. If I remember right he was about 10 months old when I started to give him steamed vegetables. one type at a time, intoducing it the same way as as the fruits. Later, as he got older I would mixed them together. I did the same thing with my youngest one too (he is 7 now). Unfortunately they are not as good eaters as they were then. But still eating pretty healthy compared to their friends. They are both healthy, no allergies, no major sicknesses. But, I do have to say that now they are not raw, nor vegetarian.

    Wish you well!

  • Breastmilk is best for as long as you can handle nursing. Many drs say 1 year is ideal. Some babies can handle a small amount of food before 6 mos depending on child, but always consult a dr first. Children need a significant portion of fat in their diet for brain development, so 100% raw for children is not ideal. Also, its important to remember to only introduce 1 type of food at a time, just in case of allergies.

  • springleafspringleaf Raw Newbie

    Shazzie has raised her child Evie as a raw vegan, her website


    would be a good place to start. I know she is just finishing a book about raw children but it is not out yet.

    Also Kate wood


    has raised her childern mostly raw, google will also help with articles for them. I have seen all the childern mentioned at raw events in the Uk and they are the epitomy of good health. Good luck with your search!

  • same for me as with ikn. I nursed my daughter until 2. Exclusively until 10-11 months, then I started to introduce new foods. One at a time and each for at least a week. I cooked some of hers and kept some raw. Fruits were raw, sweet potato cooked, etc. All pureed with breast milk or water. Yes, please be careful, keep breastfeeding , for as long as possible. If you can produce the milk, at least pump, if you want to ween Jordy from the breast, but give it to him for as ling as you can. No troubles then!

  • natalia rose discusses this a bit in her book “raw food detox diet,” writing about how she started her children on green juice when they were 6 months old.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Thankx rawlizard

  • I’m very happy to have advise from nice strangers, and I thank you all. I realize that breast feeding as late as you can for babies is very important. I will wait until Jordy’s teeth start to appear before introducing solids. Thank you ikn for sharing your experience (I will start with an organic apple too!) and I encourage others to share your experience feeding your children for the first time.

    Kirk Montreal, Canada

  • @ Bellasera. The raw vegan couple fed their kid applejuice only, not breastmilk as breastmilk wasnt vegan(in their point of vieuw). I guess theres unimformed raw vegans too.

    They were sentensed to life for manslaughter I think.

  • Hello rawquad, My son is three and a half, still breastfed occasionnally but less and less. I believe the right moment to give solid food to a breastfed baby (i don’t know for the others) is when the baby tries to grab pieces of food to taste it, and not until this moment arrives. Mine started interesting himself in solid food when he was one year old. I gave him whole pieces of apple or banana, never pureed nor cooked. He liked it like that, was doing a real mess but enjoyed it. Now he eats A LOT!!! all day long! he is like a giant stomach! and mostly fruit, and cooked starches, no meat because he doesn’t want to, nor vegs, once or twice a months he wants cheese too. Babies’ instinct is the best, I just regret I wasn’t raw nor had heard of it when he was younger, otherwise I would have tried to keep him raw too. Now he knows cooked food, sweets, chips, but well he is not so badly fed. I completely messed up with my older son though… he is 11 and pure cooked protein and fats :( I was badly informed when he was a baby. Have a lot of joy with your little Jordy :)

  • Hi Rawquad,

    Just to let you know that Shazzie’s new book: Evie’s Kitchen: Raising an ecstatic child offers an abundance of recipes for raw food, “recipes to love your child to life.” is on sale now.

    Maybe you would like to check the link: http://www.detoxyourworld.com/acatalog/evies_ki…

    Hope it helps you!!

    Blessings, The strawberry girl

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