So my mom was diagnosed with Interstial Cystitis (IC). She has tried EVERY convential method there is and the next step is completly removing her bladder, which I am SO against. She is SO limited on what she can not eat (anything acidic) so I wanted to know if anyone who either has IC or knows of a way (natural) to treat it. PLEASE give me any suggestions, I hate seeing her in pain every single day!

Thank you!



  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Sorry to hear about your mom. I don’t know anything about that specific condition but have you checked it out on this website: it’s usually a pretty good resource for natural remedies and cures. I hope you find some help. What does she eat, is she raw?

  • classical homeopathy may be something to consider. a good web site to learn more is blessings!

  • beate64beate64 Raw Newbie

    Hello, please have a look here, I found some very useful information and natural treatments.…

    I’ll get back to you by e-mail if I find more… heads up!

  • My mother suffered from the same condition, conventional medicine did nothing for her except prescribing a lot of drugs and do infinite tests. At one point given that doctors told her that she was basically destined to get worse with age she gave up and resorted to alternative medicine. She got eventually her health back with Natural Hygiene and more specifically with therapies such as fasting or semi-fasting, hydrotherapy (hot/cold water steam sauna, cold water friction rub etc.), fangotherapy and very important.. a raw vegan diet (food combining rules will also help). The key is to detox and these therapies along with the diet will help achieve that. Try to look for a Naturopath or a Natural Hygienist in your area to give your mother directions on these therapies, some natural therapies if not performed correctly could have adverse reaction. Good luck!

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