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Hi. I consistently crave nuts, peanuts, coconut oil on sprouted hearty whole grain, chocolate, and SALT. Why on earth does my body want be to drown in salts and fats? I am not 100% raw, I would say about 80% for sure.. Ive been vegan for three months and vegetarian for five years.. can anyone relate? provide advice or enlightenment on such topic? thanks


  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    I would probably have to say because it craves more fruits and vegetables. Eating a lot of high fat foods is not a very natural way of eating…

  • defiantly not… I think I will try a 24hr water fast, followed by a one day monodetox of apples and/or grapes, and then see what happens….. would that make sense?

  • i can’t say why but i notice the same thing happening to me…even when i feel like i’ve really had enough nut/salt type foods and any more would make me feel sick, i still crave them in a wierd physical way…maybe there’s something missing vitamin/mineral wise?

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Your body could be detoxing. When I first detoxed and again when I did a six day water fast I craved all the worst things from pizza to sloppy joes and it was because my body was losing the toxic fat built up in my body from when I ate those things.

    I’d say do about a four day fruit diet and whatever you do DO NOT give in to your cravings. If you don’t continue to eat fatty, salty foods afterwards your won’t have such a problem with cravings. If you do, I’d say consume large amounts of greens. They tend to nip cravings as well.

    Hope that helps.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I hope you’re right, troublesjustabubble:). I have been eating nonstop today. My body is craving fat, salt and sugar. I started with apples, but I’ve eaten a bunch of nuts, seeds and raw raisins and mulberries. I ate 4 raw olives and I had some carrots with raw zucchini hummus. It’s all good, healthy food, but way too much of it and way too rich for one day, particularly since it’s only 1:40 p.m. I hope I can stay out of the kitchen for the rest of the day. I work from home, so it’s tough.

    This had better be temporary and part of detoxing or I’ll have to buy a new wardrobe soon!

  • Good advice! Im glad Im not alone on this one. I must be detoxing… I have wanted pizza all week! yuck.. troublesjustabubble:), four day fruit diet you say? sounds delicious. Any info, or links for this one?

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Be careful not to HATE fats and salt! They are nothing more than a necessary part of our diet that taken in excess can be harmful. Just like almost everything else we eat. Moderation!

  • Heck i LOVE fats and salts! Thats why I have been od’ing on them. I have switched to kelp instead of salt, and cut wayyy wayy back on nuts, and only eat one slice of sprouted bread a day, annnnddd, Im not taking as many shots of flax/sunflower/olive oil in my foods lately… I also snack on dulse when Im craving a snack. And Ive added Aloe juice. mmmhmm Moderation is key!

  • our bodies need sodium, they are essential nutrients for our cells to operate correctly. Sea salt is an inorganic mineral, that we cannot break down! Make sure you get your form of salts (or any type of sodium) through plants, they have organic salts that we CAN use in our bodies.

    I suggest to see how much fuel you are actually consuming. Fats are high in calories, this could be why your body is craving them. You may need more fuel and your body is going to the densed source. Carbs are our main source of fuel! Glucose and fructose is what our body breaks complex carbs down to. Cut out the middle man, go to the source, fruits! Fruits and veggies for a strong healthy body!

  • Thankyou TreeOfLife! Funny how on the path to Raw Foodism, some tend to forget the simplicity of it all. Worring about Iron defincey and Protine and Omega fats, and blah blah blah. Whos to deny the power for live plants!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiFapKB59Ow SO cheesy… but so good.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    aylee-nope, no links, just trial and error. It really helps get the excess salt and toxic fat out of your system and then it’s ready for a lovely low key combination of all the good raw stuff that’s out there!

  • Lovely, thankyou! :)

  • There is a great site out there for nutrition tracking, it’s called SparkPeople. It’s not raw or anything but you enter the food you eat and it calculates details based on information in its database. If the food isn’t already included you can add it to your own personal profile based on info that you have sourced yourself. I found it was really helpful when I was trying to make sure I was getting a variety of nutrients and not too much of any one thing.

  • aylee, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I don’t think there’s a problem.

    If that’s what you want to eat, eat it! As long as the nuts and fats are raw and the salt is sea salt, and the chocolate is from raw cacao nibs, you’ll be fine.

    Fats help regulate our appetite and give us a “full” feeling. I feel that it’s essential to get enough fats in your diet or you’ll end up underweight. You might be craving both salt and chocolate for the minerals.

    Don’t be afraid of salt. I just went over this in another forum and presented references and links for the benefits of salt (http://goneraw.com/forums/being-raw/topics/what….

    TofL, unless you’re going to provide some proof refuting what I presented there, please stop promoting your unsubstantiated claims. Again, inorganic simply means that there is no carbon atoms in the molecule. Any compound in chemistry and biochemistry that does not have carbon in it is considered inorganic. That doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, or undigestible, or anything like that.

    There is no evidence that salt is undigestible. Salt is good for you.

    Please don’t become a Food Phobist….it’s all good.

  • FruginiFrugini Raw Newbie

    Speaking of salt, what do you do when you are craving salt? I tend to crave popcorn when I want salt, but I would like a better, raw alternative.

  • 1sweetpea1sweetpea Raw Newbie

    I either eat a bit of a nut or seed cheeze/pate, or I eat 4 or 5 raw, cured olives. They’re really salty and you can’t eat too many without feeling like you’ve overdone it. It’s good, because you satisfy the craving quickly and can move beyond the craving. The times I’ve tried to deny my salt craving, I’ve wound up nibbling on real cheese, which is an addiction I’m really trying to kick. I hate how my body reacts to dairy, but I love salty sheep’s milk cheeses. My boyfriend makes airpopped popcorn sometimes, with a little bit of olive oil and a sprinkle of kelp or sea salt. One small handful is enough to satisfy any salty snack craving. I tell him I only want one handful and not to let me inhale the whole bowl. He’s good that way. It’s cooked, sure, but a very minor deviation.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    lindsaylou – When I want something salty, I eat raw crackers/breads made with salt, pine nut alfredo (has salt in it), sunflower seed cheese, or I just add salt to anything that isn’t going to be gross with salt (i.e. anything except chocolate pudding :P).

    aylee – Is your current way of eating causing you to feel bad physically, or are you trying to change it because you’ve been trained that salt & fat are “bad for you”? I eat what my body wants, and sometimes that is loads of salt, or nuts, or greens, or avocados, or mangos…A week or two ago I wanted nothing but raw desserts (LOTS of fruit & nuts!) for two whole days, and I got a little nauseated when I forced myself to eat some zucchini so it wouldn’t go bad being in the fridge too long. After a couple of days, I wanted salads again. I just eat what I crave (raw, of course) and it all balances out to give me what I need! :)

  • angie, I work in a health food store so I know that the “bad” fats and salt story is a complete illusion. I am in a tough situation trying to be raw, because I do not have a juicer, dehydrator or strong blender. And I live with parents who are completely uneducated in the field of veganism, and raw foodism, or nutrition in general for that matter. So I am seriously struggling, but learning alot and am MUCH better off than when I first started. Ive learnt over the past two days only, that the problem was I was eating WAY to many nuts and didnt have variety in my food selection, which was causing me to feel physically and mentally ill. Now all is well I think. Life is just a lovely learning adventure! :) Experimentation seems to work best for me! Thanks everyone. GoneRaw kicks!

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