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concerned Christian..Has anyone tried meditation using Holosync Centerpoint CDs?

I have been using Holsync Centerpoint CDs to help me meditate off and on for a year now. They really help me to relax and relieve the stress. I really like them, I’m just a bit concerned as a Christian about what is influencing my subconcious. I always reflect on Jesus and God’s Word when I listen to them though. The scientific aspect of it makes sense though. my first question is…is it safe for Christan use? I am not asking if meditation in itself is harmful. I know that it is not if done which the right intentions and purpose in mind because King David meditated, and to me all meditation is is reflecting and allowing one’s spirit to be still and at peace thereby removing the focus from one’s self. I focus on God and God’s Word when I meditate and I do believe that God can speak to us when we are still and not concerned with other things besides Him(him is just a pronoun I use..I believe God is neither male nor female, but spirit).

I am asking if someone who REALLY KNOWS WHAT THE SOUNDTRACKS ARE ALL ABOUT can tell me if there’s any chance that they could be harmful in as far as them including wrongful subliminal messages and the like. I called the company and they said no, I am only receiving those messages that I recorded for myself.

I decided to post right hear because this post is not only for Christians to respond. I would like to know if anyone has benefited from long term use and in what way. Your responses will be much appreciated. ~Kendra

To learn more about what I am posting about (for those who aren’t familiar with Holosync) go to HOME PAGE: http://www.centerpointe.com/

HOW IT WORKS: http://www.centerpointe.com/articles/articles_h…

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: http://www.centerpointe.com/articles/articles_r…



  • Hello precious Kendra,

    I spend much time in the presence of THE FATHER through Praise, Worship & Prayer (in English, as well as in the spirit). There is NO GREATER PEACE than when we worship HIM with every fiber of our being (something HE created us to do for HIS pleasure). Worshiping HIM causes us to get our focus off ourselves & onto our CREATOR WHO loves us SO MUCH!

    I just looked at that site you referenced. I was very troubled in my spirit when I first saw the page. Here is what is being dropped into my spirit as I am typing is this… There are many deceptive ways the enemy uses to get a child of GOD to draw further away from their FATHER… meditation & yoga are just a couple of the MANY. It looks innocent on the surface, but the focus is on self, not JESUS. Plus, there are certain positions & meditations that open people up to demonic oppression or possession. We, as children of THE MOST HIGH are to focus on our LOVING LORD (fellowshiping & communing with HIM).

    Remember… HE will keep thee in perfect PEACE whose mind is stayed on THEE. Here is the Amplified version from Isaiah 26:3—You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You).

    Anyone or anything that draws us away from our HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS & THE HOLY SPIRIT is of the evil one (Satan). Satan comes as an angel of light…he causes things to seem innocent, but once one falls into his trap, it can be hard to get out. He is the deceiver of the brethren THE LORD told us in HIS WORD. Please seek THE LORD for yourself, but I was led by THE HOLY SPIRIT to your question this day & this answer has come from HIS Heart.

    Keep your eyes on JESUS for HE is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH & LIFE (THE FATHER said this HIMSELF about HIS SON JESUS)...there is no other way to get to HEAVEN (home) & spending eternity with HIM! I long to go back, but there is still MUCH work to be done down here & HE has a destiny that I must fulfill for HIS GLORY! HIS NAME BE PRAISED FOREVERMORE!!!

    P.S. JESUS appeared to me when I was 15 (not a Christian at the time. However, no one could tell me that GOD did not exist, even though I wasn’t brought up in a religious family). There were other supernatural things & visitations by THE LORD throughout the years that followed, though the enemy sought to take my life MANY MANY times! Then in the 1980’s just after I rec’d HIM into my heart as LORD & SAVIOR, HE took me into HEAVEN.

    I would encourage you to go here www.spiritlessons.com & read a book online titled “HEAVEN IS SO REAL” by Choo Nam Thomas. As a result of this book that THE LORD JESUS HIMSELF told her to write, it opened my eyes to things THE LORD JESUS wanted me to know that I did not have knowledge of.

    Also, I encourage you to read the online books by Mary K. Baxter. They are powerful & life changing (full of Scriptures). I met Mary…she is a very humble servant of GOD used mightily by HIM in many ways. I believe these powerful testimonies on this web site will greatly encourage you in your walk with HIM.

  • Thank you for your response From His Heart…I love the name. When I began using the CDs I did not do it for spiritual reasons. I did it for relaxation purposes and to help me with my studies in school. I focus so much better now.

    I am a true worshipper at heart!!! so I know what you mean about being in the presence of God. It is the best peace in the world! But if you could understand the amount of stress that I face daily, you would know how difficult it is for me to even focus on prayer sometimes because my mind wanders so much. So I may listen to the music and then once my body has created those feel good chemicals like endorphins and serotonin, I can actually focus on what it is that I need to do.

    Yes the devil is deceitful, that’s why when I recorded my affirmations onto the CDs, I quoted a lot of bilical scriptures. But I will take into careful consideration all that you have posted and stay open to God’s answer to my question. I sought God about an answer to this before and I did not receive a no response.

    The CDs actually have good effects on the brain’s neurological connections and make you smarter. It all makes sense in that regard to me, although I do not believe in Bill Harris’ (the creator of this technology) philosophy on life and happiness. All good things come from God and Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly ;)

    Again, thank you for the post. Oh yes, and I have Mary Baxter’s book too!

  • What do you consider meditating? I don’t think it’s safe to meditate. There’s a big difference between prayer or meditation. It can be like seeking a vision or receiving a vision. If you have concers I would ask your Father and if you do not hear from Him I would wait on Him.

  • I guess you would have to REALLY be familiar with what the CDs are all about…like actually have used them. If one judges from the outside appearance of things, it’s easy to get the wrong perception. They actually offer a demonstration CD.

    Like I previously stated I am not using the CDs for spiritual reasons. Nor am I trying to get some type of revelation. I do it for relaxation purposes and to help me with my studies in school. I focus so much better now.

  • I’m sorry. I didn’t mean any harm. What I guess I meant was…it’s November, my furnace is running and I have a draft from my front door. Although the cold air is getting in I am warm but still…cold air is getting into my home. Sorry, I do not make any sense. I am just a big music appreciator and OK I’ll be quiet now ;)))

    There’s nothing wrong w/ a little draft fanning your flame.

  • Hi marionvalleygirl, I feel your heart! You are a Christian trying to help out another Chrisian here. That’s like our nature isn’t it ;-) helping people in general.

    I just want people to get a clear picture of what I am asking. I am not some gullible Christian who is unstable in my ways. I have discernment, but yet, am willing to listen to what others have to say because I know that the heart sometimes is wicked and deceitful and I don’t want to fool myself into thinking I’m doing something good when really I am not. Our emotions can deceive us at times when we really want something to be true. I am just seeking a definite answer from God that is not biased by anyone’s opinion. But I also know that God uses people to convey a message.

    I also wanted to know if the CDs have helped anyone in a positive way.

    Thank you for your response and it’s nice to know that hopefully I have made another Christian friend!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Have you guys ever read A Course in Miracles? Another book authored by a woman (non-christian, actually) supposedly via Jesus (he dictated it to her)... just wondering.

    Also, yoga, dangerous? Meditation is not only/always about the self— and millions and millions of people will not be ‘dammed’ for living good lives if they dont believe in Jesus. Christianity is just ONE of COUNTLESS belief systems that have existed on this planet since humans appeared.

  • Kendra: Yep, ya got me as a girlfriend ;)

    You’re right Annabelle, I believe in lots of belief systems. We all have paths. We’re not getting religious on ya, you’re bless, called, and loved just like the rest of us.

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Marionvalleygirl.. this sentence: “HE is the ONLY WAY, TRUTH & LIFE (THE FATHER said this HIMSELF about HIS SON JESUS)...there is no other way to get to HEAVEN (home) & spending eternity with HIM! “

    was what I was referring to. I was raised Catholic and was confirmed—and I think there are many good things about Catholicism… but I cannot accept the ego-centricity of the statement above.

    I totally don’t want to start a religious debate… peace!!

  • yayyy Marion…a new friend! Well ladies, perhaps this is my fault. I should be more specific in my questioning (I will revise) because I know this topic draws people with different belief systems from mine. So as not to move from the question at hand…

    I am NOT asking if meditation is harmful for Christians. I know that it is not harmful if done with the right purpose in mind because King David meditated and to me all meditation is is reflecting which I do on God’s Word.

    I am asking if anyone who knows what the CDs are all about knows if there’s any chance that they could be harmful in as far as them including subliminal messages and the like. Maybe I am just being paranoid and should stop worrying. I called the company and they said no, I am only receiving the silent affirmations that I recorded onto the soundtrack.

    I also wanted to know if the soundtracks have helped anyone to receive any of the benefits that they claim. They have helped me somewhat, actually a lot in regard to calming me and helping me to focus but I don’t use them consistently enough.

    Now, what I am about to say right here IS something that only a bible believing, Jesus follower would understand…”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” the bible according to Ephesians 6:12 This scripture is the reason that I made the post in the first place because I want to be careful about what I let into my eye and ear gate and I know that the devil is crafty. I want word from someone who knows for sure. But I also do not want to discourage from posting those who do not believe like I do.

  • Oh ladies, I’m off…getting ready for work. You’re all gorgeous. King David would have loved all of you!!!!

  • Have a great day at work Marionvalley girl!

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Caio MarionValleyGirl!

    Hmmm… Kendra, I don’t know. My belief system is pretty crazy these days, based on my experiences. Like I said I was raised Catholic and at the time of my confirmation I was pretty hard core. Then I had an experince laying in bed one night—I was looking at the stars and thinking about the idea of an endless/infinite universe—and realizing that if it is infinite there MUST be other planets with intelligent life—if there is only one God, and Jesus is the only way to heaven, then is Jesus the savior of all the other countless beings in this universe? The idea seemed like an absolutely ridiculous notion to me—and I realized that it seemed equally ridiculous to think that people who are good who have, by chance, been born into a family that was not Christian would not be ‘saved’.

    At that point—overnight—I became athiest. I believed that we live and die like a blade of grass lives and dies—that we are biology and thats that.

    I felt that way UNTIL i was lucky enough to be awake while my spirit/soul left my body one night (i think that our bodies need rest, not the rest of us)... seeing my BODY while I was not in it removed me from athiesm pretty quickly.

    Since I was 12 or so, I had been having terrifying experiences while sleeping—waking up completely unable to move or scream and it would take all of my might to shake out of it. Many think that this happens when you are awake when your spirit seperates from the body—and that IS when I was able to leave mine—

    BUT while in that paralyzed state, it is sooo terrifying not only because you cant move, but because it feels like there is something completly evil involved. Once I saw a dark hand moving towards my face… I’m not sure what causes this— if it is a natural reaction of the brain? Or—if being in that state invites evil things?

    so—ive had these experiences with things that felt truly evil—but I dont believe in heaven and hell—i guess the path of learning is endless…

    oh! The point of all of this post— I have some CD’s called HEMISYNC that play different tones in each ear that are meant to allow the body to reach deep relaxation while keeping the brain awake—which supposedly helps reach the state at which you can conscioulsy leave the body—- is that what your tapes are like?

  • wow, interesting story annabelle. didi you go anywhere when you had your out of body experience?

    i was also basically atheist until a year ago. now ive gone 180 and i believe that there is life after death, the soul is eternal, reincarnation is true, aliens are probably out there (or here).

    the universes is much more mysterious than school teaches us. i have read a little bit of the course in miracles.

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Hey DreamBrother

    Nice picture! I’ve always wanted to make a big full color glossy-paged book of nothing byt close-ups of peoples Irises! Mine looked like cracked glass…

    Its kind of funny— I was sleeping and I woke up paralyzed, but this time it wasnt as intense at it usually was, or as scary. So, I tried to think of floating up—which did not work. After a while, I tried to move out laterally and I fell out of bed onto the floor.

    When I laughed at myself for falling out of bed, my voice was a disembodied sound—that did not come from my thoat and I diddnt ‘hear’ it with my ears! It was then that i ‘saw’ myself still on the bed!!

    I thought of getting out of my room, and instead of walking from the bed, as I expected to do, I was immediately by my dresser on the other side of the room… thought ruled everything! Because I wasnt seeing out of my eyes, everything was a bit distorted and seemed to be light-blue and static-y. It occurred to me to think clearly about seeing clearly and then I did!

    The clock next to my bed read 2:34.. and it was soo clear which amazed me because I am legally blind without my contacts/glasses. I stared at my clock for a bit, and then tried to get out of my room… which put me immediately at my door. I went to turn the door knob, and my ghostly, illuminated hand passed right through it (duh!)

    This shocked me so much that I snapped back into my body, and was wide awake staring at the ceiling! I looked at my clock and it now read 2:38… it was wild!

  • Hi Kendra, I have a good friend that has used the holosync cd’s and she found them to be wonderful. It is just my opinion mind you but I don’t see anything wrong with them. I am always saddened that many christians out of fear, dismiss helpful things like yoga and meditation. You will know in your heart what is right and I personally don’t think people should speak on God’s behalf for you and what is working for you. Take Care, Jen

  • when did that happen, annabelle?

    i kinda wish i could have a reality shifting experience like that without having to use mushrooms or LSD. i think tripping can be highly educational, but it still is based on chemical processes.

    i did have one out of body type thing when i was 5 years old but i hardly remember it now. my family was on a vacation to paris and we had been awake all night on the flight. we were waiting to check into our hotel room and i fell asleep on a couch in the lobby. i remember seeing my body being carried by my dad up a flight of stairs and into our room. he laid me on a bed and i woke up a few hours later thinking it was a dream. the weird thing was i knew the layout of the hotel room exactly and i asked how i got up to the room – my dad told me he carried me.

    i remember thinking, “well this is really strange.” i think i told my brother about it but he didnt believe me.

  • Anabelle:What you saw was spiritual. Did it touch you in any way? Where did it touch you? Did it punch you? What was the hand doing? Was there a silloutte body or was the arm so long you could not see it? Was the arm behind reaching around or in front? I am very interested in your journey. You have spiritual eyes. Do you meditate, pray, or ? You are far from blind girlfriend. You have a gift. I believe what you saw. I have seen similar also.

    If the arm is not attached to a body command it to go in the name of Yahushua.

  • Annabelle – I will believe what you see, if ever you get to a point where you need a friend or feeling like you are in need contact me. Yahweh loves you.

  • Hello everyone! I have read all of your posts and you are very kind for responding and offering helpful advice. I am on my way to school right now, so I don’t have the time to respond at this time, but I will later on today. Love you all!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    annabelle77…..what you experienced has happened to people before, and is well documented. the paralysis is a medical condition known as atonia, and out-of-body experiences can be traced back to your neurology, as they have been achieved using direct brain stimulation. i hope i don’t have to mention that hallucinations are also well-documented neurological symptoms. often these symptoms (sleep paralysis accompanied by out of body experiences and frightening hallucinations) happen together, and though the underlying condition is not well researched, it is mapped back to neurology, and there are very effective treatments. if i were you i would see a doctor asap.

    and try not to let the fact that i am an atheist shake you, it’s just that i happen to be familiar with such conditions, and it would be heartbreaking for you to mistake a possibly serious sleep disorder/other medical condition for something “mystical”.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    also i might add that i am horrified at the completely irresponsible response of many of the members of this site. i don’t rule out the possibility that annabelle has had a “spiritual experience”, but considering the very real possibility that she is experiencing symptoms of a neurological disorder (considering virtually everything she described has been traced back to activity in the brain, and abnormal activity at that, signifying a possibly life-threatening disorder) it would probably be better to rule that out first! remember, if there is a natural explanation, we simply don’t need a supernatural one…

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Hi Beth.. (cant see your entire name due to pic issue)

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I had seen doctors when the experience first started happening—and there was no underlying cause. It used to happen often—virtually every night when I was a freshman and sophmore in HS. Now, it happens pretty rarely, maybe once or twice a year. I also appreciate your scientific view and concern for my health—As an undergrad studying anthropology/archaeology we always joked that whatever we did not understand (artifacts, art etc) we always said “oh then it MUST be spiritual!)

    I am a skeptical scientist in nature—and have done extensive research on OBE (out of body experiences) phenomenon, and have found my experiences to be valid and not a brain or sleep disorder. There is an institute (the Monroe Institute) developed by the late Robert Monroe who wrote three AMAZING books about his OBE experiences—I HIGHLY RECOMEND THESE!— this institute studies OBEs scientifically. i.e many people can leave the body at will. They have these people in a locked dark room under video surveillance, and in another room have people doing various things. These folks can go to the other room, come back to their body and describe exactly what happened in the other room!

    MarionValleyGirl The image I saw, or spirit/entity— it was a disembodied dark arm—or if it had a body, it was too dark to make out. It did not touch me, I forced myself out of paralysis right before the hand came over my face. It was reaching down standing over my bed. I have also seen a ghost when I was 8.. but I think it was residual energy of the man who died in my bedroom (previous tenant). Also, I had a near death experience—which was amazing! There were a bunch of entities made of light—all of whom I knew completely (more than I know anyone here)- I had the sense that they were the others that I have ‘grown up’ with- soul mates if you will. I was SO EXTREMELY HAPPY to see them—a feeling of being HOME that I have never experienced here. I went to them and they were communicating with me that they were just as happy to see me. Then one of them whispered in english “Anne, its so great to see you too, but you know that you have to go back now, it’s not your time to die yet”

    DreamBrother—that happened to me in 1999 when I was in college.. and your OBE sounds awesome, too bad it is hard to remember!

  • I have seen this. I have experienced this. I believe you saw an arm.

  • vegan2rawvegan2raw Raw Newbie

    I grew up in Texas amongst the sounthern baptist christian community and I know many family and friends who are wonderful well behaved christians (unlike me I have since switched to mostly Buddhism or non denomination for my own reasons) anyway they do yoga and meditate and it does not harm their belief system. Once you start condemning other things as toxic to your religious practice you get into dangerous book burning teritory and I for one believe Christ would want everyone to be accepting of other beleifs or practices even being intertwined with his own as long as they do not harm anyone and are spiritually adept which yoga and meditation are. Did he not preach of acceptance and love thy neighbor, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Personally I have found through meditation a more close feeling to Christ ,Buddha and the spirit that is within us all plants animals humans. Go with your heart if you feel this is helping you it is your instincts will lead you in the right direction. And as for those dissing yoga I healed a hairline fracture in my spine with yoga and did yoga both pregnancies which led me to a 7 hour and 8 hour birth with virtually no complications. Yoga actually massages your internal organs thus keepiing your flow inside and out flowing nicely. I helped my babes through gassy stomachs learning to digest with a book called Itsy Bitsy Yoga. they would calm immediately once in the poses and giggle. Babies do yoag naturally in movement without being taught it. The practice is thousands of years old Look it up before you judge. I beleive we are far from knowing the true teachings of Christ we only get a blurb in the bible and most only pretend to follow when it suits their opinion but if it outside their realm they attack all that is different as sin. This is why I choose to follow with no categorization.

    Peace Light and Love And I pray that soon all opinions can embrace acceptance

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Well said Vegan2raw!

  • Hi Kendra, I haven’t looked thro all of this thread as I have to go to work early tomorrow and got to go to bed. Just wanted to let you know that although these CDs were expensive, I got the first CD (the Dive) because I had such problems sleeping after my mum died and it was driving me insane. I had to pay through the nose for the CDs to be imported to UK but in fact they did what they said on the tin cos I slept better and had better outlook on life. Have no idea what was being subliminally said to me just that it eased my mind considerably. This COULD be the placebo effect but as I am aware of placebo effect, I am not sure it is. I was quite interested in getting the second set but cannot afford it really, and now have lost the first one which kills me cos I can’t sleep so well at the moment!!!!! I was brought up Christian but chose not to believe nor disbelieve. I believe that being good to others is the most important thing in my life and that has not changed from listening to the CDs so I don’t think that there is anything ‘evil’ behind it if that is what you are worried about. Take care Kendra and happy listening.

  • Do you honestly believe that God would let evil befall you when your intention is to to be peaceful, humble, clear and reverent?

    I heard a beautiful quote once that prayer is when you talk to God, and meditation is when you quite your mind and listen for God to talk to you.

    In my beliefs, spirit is everywhere and your intention is what matters. In whatever manner you honestly try to connect with spirit, you remove the division between your ego and the spirit in you that connects you with spirit everywhere. Anything positive you do can be done with the intention of strengthening your connection to spirit. That is all that is required of you and all you can possibly do. So if your practice is praying, meditating, doing yoga, playing music, walking through the woods in awe, serving others, etc, etc, the result is the same: you raise your vibrational frequency and resonate in closer harmony with spirit – the one – love – call it whatever you want. It is all God.

  • Oh Jenoz…I like your definition of prayer and meditation. Ya know, when I am relaxed and peaceful, I do feel closer to God and communicate better with God because I can listen. When I am all stressed out I am crabby, snappy and make bad judgements.

  • Kendra, read your profile. I have some happy poems for you. I didn’t know you were a minister either! Send me an email and I’ll send you some old poems off of the top of my head.

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