Hey Dodo... finally able to change pic

RubyLaineRubyLaine Raw Newbie

Can't see a close up of your pic but I don't see any pink hair. So, yay, you were finally able to change you pic (not that it bothered me) coz I know you mentioned it before. So maybe really new things are to come to this site.


  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    the hairs not pink anymore, i decided all that bleach wasnt how i wanted to spend the rest of my life (im very dark reddy brown naturally), so im back to the natural colour (minus the gray) ;).

    quite disappointed the new pictures are only allowed to be so tiny though, ill have to find a really clear one to put up i guess :(

    im sure itll all come together on here soon, hope so, frustrating isnt it ;)

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