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What type of water do you drink?

rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

This is one of my biggest questions, what type of water is the best? It seems to me that there is no easy answer. I don't think I need to go into details about why tap water is no my first choice, but the bottled water I buy now does not seem healthy either. It is filtrated using the reverse osmosis system, which leaves the water without minerals. On top of that it comes in plastic bottles, which probably contain BPAs.

I would like to find an alternatives, but either home filters do not filter the fluoride, or leave the water acidic. Since water is so important for health, I am curious to know what type you drink and why. Anybody wants to share?


  • We live on a 40-acre hobby farm so we have a 200+ foot well at which point they had to hydrofract.

    I bought a water ionizer from www.watershed.net and have been happy with that. However, water is so important that I'm always wondering if I'm doing the best I can in that department.

    Interested in hearing from others.

    Laura J

  • Tap. ;)

    I like the fluoride in it, good for the teeth. Straight from the tap is a little unbearable taste-wise so I usually have a water filter for it.

  • Our municipal tap water is fluoridated, so I have a filter on my shower and use Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass bottles for drinking and food prep.

    I also think I could do better than just pure water in glass, so have been looking into energizing my water, making sole, etc. but haven't implemented any of those measures yet.

  • I'm a tap drinker!!!!!! Milwaukee has good water and it fits my budget. I am considerring a filter for my sink just in case a recipe states filtered water only.

  • I only drink distilled water -- have my own distiller. Occasionally add a grain or two of rice in the bottle to add minerals -- but for the most part, I drink it 'as is'.

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    I just go for tap too, but hope to eventually get a filter for the house.

    Speaking of, does anybody have suggestions for a good filter that is relatively cheap? Around $100 or less?

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    Personaly, I don't like tap water because it has:

    - fluoride (which by the way is a by-product from the aluminium process, for more info on this check processhttp://www.mercola.com/article/links/fluoride_links.htm)

    - All sorts of medical residues such as antibiotics and other drugs(these are not filtered by conventional filtration systems, this was big news like a couple of months ago)

    I don't trust well water because pesticides, herbicides and the like filter through the dirt and end up in the water.

    I am not sure about reverse osmosis either since the water may be exceptionally clean, but it is extreemly acidic. Some add minerals that you can buy, but still there is the PBA problem.

    I am just amazed how we humans have screwed up so badly that now it is so hard to find clean water and air! :(

    If you ever had the chance to try REAL clean water, you'll know what I am looking for. I hope you have the chance one day to try it, it is like nothing else...

  • denzildragondenzildragon Raw Newbie

    I eat so much fruit these days, that I hardly ever need to drink water. The plant does the filtering for me. What little water I do drink is just filtered tap water.

  • Carbon filters make water acidic apparently, I only found that out just after I bought one. I did have a reverse osmosis system, but our water is metered and is the most expensive in the UK and each time we got a litre of water, about nine had to be discarded. I couldn't put it on the garden even because it rained so much this summer - when the bills went up, we had to switch it off, hence the carbon filter. Now I drink cooled boiled tap water and hope for the best.

  • I get my water from a bulk vending machine downtown. I get 3 three gallon jugs full and bring it home and put it on top of my water crock dispenser. If you want to make it better you can put a pinch of celtic salt per gallon and set it in the moonlight overnight. According to Gabrial Cousens this will condition the water to the right ph and electrical charge. This is the most practical way that I can deal with the horrid water situation we are in now. I would only drink tap water if I had no options. When I leave the house I always bring water with me.

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    We live on a property,so tank water is all we have.

    The four years we have been here no one has ever been sick from drinking it...I don't think so anyway.

    Maybe with bits of this and that in it,B12 is covered also,all in one glassful:)

  • beepsandclicksbeepsandclicks Raw Newbie

    I read The Drinking Water Book and decided on a home distiller. It was $100 and works great for us. The water distills into a plastic jug that came with the unit, but I get it out of there ASAP and store the water in 5 gal glass containers from some Green Mountain spring water I bought at Whole Foods. My main concerns were fluoride and pesticides and we could not afford one of those reverse osmosis systems, plus I read they tend to waste a lot of water. Distilled water has been great for us. I add a pinch of Celtic sea salt for minerals and have some crystals in the bottom of the ceramic dispenser for good mojo and for good measure.

    I am confused by all the love-it-or-hate-it regarding distilled water. People either think it's the only thing to drink or they think it will kill you. It's been a year for us and we're still here with no ill effects. All I know is it's gotta be better than the swill Houston calls water...and it'll be a cold day when I knowingly subject my 18 month old to fluoride, if ya know what I mean!

  • Distilled from Calvert Springs in Tennessee (5 gallon bottles for cooking and making up blender drinks and smoothies etc.)

    and Kroger Purified water in 16oz bottles for drinking.

  • Well water with reverse osmosis system

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