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Help.. please!!! Need support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I posted on here before a few times a little while back, and I read regularly! I I have been vegetarian since I was 11, vegan since 14, and have tried raw a few times. I REALLY want to do this, even if its just 90% or so, that would be great, I feel AWESOME when I eat raw, it works for me. I just have so much trouble sticking with it.

To have someone to talk to and to help me stick with it would be so great. Any advice or volunteers?:)

Some more info,

I am 19 now, and have gained about 20 pounds in the last year and a half. I'd like to lose that because it tends to effect my POTS(low blood pressure problem.)

Overall, I feel great raw, and I want that, but need help!

Thank you SO much everyone! You guys are an inspiration and I love all of you!


  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    For me, i have to keep reminding myself how crappy i feel when i eat cooked foods. When i do "cheat", it's because i say to myself "oh, just one bite wont hurt", but that one bite always does hurt because it starts my odd cravings again! So, for me, sticking to 100% raw is best for me to avoid my old habits and cravings. You just have to realize how much better off you are without those cooked and processed foods - and how great your body is going to look and feel! That really keeps me going!

  • Thanks! Those are great ideas. I have to admit, I feel the same about the 100%. With Vegetarian and Vegan, I switched immediately with no transitions and its easiest if its all the way 100%. I also am a one bite isn't going to hurt, then end up gorging myself with crappy stuff.

    Thank you! It is so helpful to hear from anyone in this matter. Feeling alone is the hardest part of it sometimes.

    Also, Do you have any easy favorite snacks or drinks that help you with cravings or when you just need something fulfilling?

  • schmoopeeschmoopee Raw Newbie

    I agree it's much easier to be 100%. If I do feel myself craving more I'll add soy, brown rice or steamed sweet potato, but I plan it out and don't eat them compulsively. For me I know feeling deprivation will eventually lead to a binge, so I prefer to allow myself occasional healthy alternatives.

    What do you "cheat" with? I'll bet its not that bad considering how long you've been a vegan.

    for snacks I usually have a piece of fruit or a few nuts. If I really want something special and savory I mix some nuts (cashews + pecans) dried cranberries a bit of olive oil, cumin and salt.

    I love a smoothie with spinach, lemon and an apple.

  • Keep talking on the forums for ongoing support and just try to make the best choices. Learning how to prepare raw food into gourmet dishes will help you stay off the cooked food you crave. Buy the occasional raw food book to keep you motivated.


  • I believe in doing this 100% also. However my ignorance didn't allow me to do this overnight, it was a process. I read books (David Wolfe), searched sites like this (www.thegardendiet.com) but didn't know HOW at first to make the change without starving to death. It took about 18 months of gradual transition for me. I read books, experimented with foods and finally got to where I am now. The glow I feel is not some sort of hype that "they" (current raw fooders) used to suck you into this lifestyle, LOL! It's real and the best healthy high in the world.

    Just keep at it and don't give up.

  • I feel for you! I too have been trying to stick to all raw, but for now, I'm around 75 percent, and I'm okay with that. I do recognize the difference in my energy level and elimination of any aches and pains I used to have. But even being on 75% raw, the remaining 25% is mostly clean food and by that I mean organic products. I can't help but love grains and lavash.

    Regarding a snack or drink to take the edge off; I throw in my high-speed blender 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1/2 banana, 1 tsp spirulina or a kale leaf (stem removed) and 1 cup of water. If it's not to your liking, you can always add more banana and a little raw agave nectar, which obviously makes it a little sweeter.

    Hang in there! Your body will thank you.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi There,

    Just jump in and chat with us all about everything, that is what this site is here for. We all have something to offer each other, even if you have only been raw for a day! It is great to meet younger people like you on here. I wish I had gone raw when I was in my teens, you are so lucky you know. Most of us on here only go raw in our 30's, and you can see what an amazing difference it makes to us, for you, it should work even better because you are young.

    I am 100%, for me it is the easiest way. I just feel crap and get cravings if I eat anything cooked so I don't...but it takes a while to get here, depending on what your background is and what support you have. I went raw with my husband which made it easier for me, and we are both holistic therapists which helps too because we have an understanding of health and well being, and lots of handy tools to help us through our detox.

    I think that finding people to do it with helps. Do you talk about raw food to your friends? Is there a raw family near you with kids? Or a raw potluck maybe? You might be surprised to find more people than you would imagine who are raw around you.

  • I have been raw for 2 months now and at first I had a difficult time sticking to it because it seemed to lack so much... ultimately I realized that it wasn't cooked food I was missing but rather things like dairy and cheese. So when I reintroduced dairy back into my life it opened up so many doors for potential recipes, like mushrooms stuffed with a ricotta/parmigiana mixture, or raw pizza topped with grated parmigiana. Fact is, that cheese is not technically cooked, especially if it is made with unpasteurized milk. And not only does is taste wonderful (IMHO) but it adds protein and some cholesterol and fat; bad words, yes, I know, but in actuality they are only bad at the consumption level of the SAD diet, a raw foodist can not possibly eat too much fat or cholesterol.

    Why be so strict with oneself? I don't understand veganism.

  • Thank you all so incredibly much!! All of your advice is very helpful and encouraging for me.

    The snack and drinks sound great too, if I just have something I love to fall back on, that helps tremendously. I usually have a banana smoothie(banana, almond milk, simple, fast, awesome.) I can't wait to make the new recipes though!

    Zoe, I don't know of any raw foodist around me. There are some vegans, and quite a few vegetarians, but where I live has just over the past couple of years turned slightly more into a liberal/open minded/california?.. , type of place instead of being the normal small Texas meat town it used to be. So, I don't know about raw..but that's a great idea and I think I was told before there is a potluck in Houston, now that I think of it! Also, you are right. I am so lucky to have discovered it at a young age. I'm glad I discovered vegetarianism when I did as well, and then veganism:) They really changed my life. Raw is next!


    Thank you for your words, they are also great suggestions. I've never really cared about the nutrition of dairy though, since I know we can attain it from other sources. I, personally, believe we were not meant to consume animal products, however, even if we were(whoever decides that?) I still would not. It's for them, not for us, in my opinion:) On the other hand, when I met my boyfriend I was a strict, strict vegan(very light-hearted about it, didn't freak out at restaurants or anything!) and a part of our compromise was he went mostly vegan, and I loosened up on the vegan thing and had some small amounts of cheese or dairy, which I am happy to report I dislike! very much! The cheese section at our local store smells like mold now, so, I'm back to strict vegan, and rolling with raw:)

  • I don't know if anyone will check this, but! I am doing awesome with the raw. It is going better than it has before. Everyone's suggestions were wonderful and are helping greatly.

    Thank you!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I'm pretty much 100% raw except when I want something tasty and soothing I'll eat cooked broth with spices or a sip of coffee..never any real food though. If you plan on not being 100% try to stay away from cooked grain, seed, or nut products. The recipes on here are unbelievable......there are some exact replicas of cooked food on here :D

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I'm pretty much 100% raw except when I want something tasty and soothing I'll eat cooked broth with spices or a sip of coffee..never any real food though. If you plan on not being 100% try to stay away from cooked grain, seed, or nut products. The recipes on here are unbelievable......there are some exact replicas of cooked food on here :D

  • Oh, good idea. That's kind of what I did yesterday. I had a bit of homemade soup with some lightly cooked vegetables and some organic broth watered down. Besides that it was all raw! :)

    Oh, another thing I wanted to mention, my stomach gets so bloated when I eat usually, but it seems to be doing a bit better with raw meals. I remember before when I was 100% after about a week it was improving a lot. I hope that continues!!!

    Thank you guys!

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