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Any Raw Foodists in AZ??

The path of raw can be lonely at times, especially when your family thinks your a health freak and your boyfriend is a loyal carnivore, sharing a freezer stocked with meat. I would really love to meet more raw foodists in Arizona, mainly anywhere around the Phoenix area and boundries. Anyone live around here?? I have yet to meet raw people, and would really love to have raw friends for support. Non-raw people just don't understand some times..



  • I live in Glendale, AZ Eloisa. Where are you at?

  • Hey! I'm up in North Scottsdale/Desert Ridge area, but I work in central phoenix.

  • Oh! just found your other thread for a potluck this saturday - I will be there! Thanks!

  • Awsome there are about 5 of us going including my boyfriend who is a total sad eater so bring your boyfriend along. If you really want to go let me know that would be so awsome. look us up on the phx raw potlucks on yahoo also. that way we can talk more about it. :-) How exciting. There are only about 5 of us so far but it is nice to have the influence around. I am Patrici pronounced Patrice, nice to meet you:-)!!!!!!!!!!

  • FYI I work in central phx as well, 16th street and glendale

  • Next time you have a chance to visit Sedona, come over to Cafe Bliss and Raw Chocolates off of Hwy 89A. Ask for me (Zephyr), I am one of the chefs! We have fabulous raw dishes and desserts along with smoothies teas, elixirs and divine raw chocolates! We also have a great little community garden out back, and it's a super place to meet other people who are into the living foods lifestyle. Hope to meet you sometime!

  • rawgirl78~ Yeah for sure i'll come! and the bf might come along as well. Nice to meet you Patrici! I work at central and thomas.

    rawvibelove~ I LOVE Sedona! I go at least once a year I go up there, but try and go as much as I can. I will for sure be headed up there this winter, so I'll make sure to stop by thanks!

  • Hi Eloise! We have a Raw AZ yahoo group and facebook group. You should join! We share a lot about our raw walk and experiences and bargains in the area. I love meeting new friends. I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

  • rawvibelove- I heard there was an awsome raw rest. up there, I am really looking forward to going:-) Thanks for the info!!!!

    Eloise- Yea, how exciting. I am so looking forward to meeting you:-)

  • kaikai

    I'm in the Desert Ridge area too. And I'll be there Saturday. I cannot wait!

  • StrongAndRawStrongAndRaw Raw Newbie

    Hi! I am in Gilbert....a little ways from the rest of you but still in AZ! I would love the exact names of the Yahoo groups that you are all referring to. I have tried to find raw potluck groups in the Phoenix area on Yahoo to no avail. Thanks!

  • It's my website. Just click on my name and it'll take you to my profile...then click on my website.

  • Hey Raw in Chandler here.

  • Raw in Tempe here!

  • Yea!!!!!!

  • Aloha, AZ livefood lovers! Lengthy lurker/1st time poster from NorPhx checking in. HaleyGrrl, I just joined Yahoo Groups but can't get recognized to join your group yet for some reason. Can you please provide some of the basics about your meetings, such as the one tomorrow? When and Where? If I can't make that one, I look forward to a future get-together.


  • http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Raw-Food-Meetup-Group/

    This is a link to all of our meetups:-) We just started it so it will be easier to keep track of the details.

  • I tried to get the Yahoo thing going and join the group. It didn't work out so hot. The meet-up.com is pretty easy to set up and navigate. Lets all join that one.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Hey, I live in Flagstaff, and have been raw for almost 3 years now! Let me know if you ever come up north!

    Also, I will for sure join the raw Az yahoo group, I didn't know it was out there!

  • Hey all! I'm super excited for tonight! and even more so that there are plenty of raw foodies here in Phoenix!!! See you all later!

  • Hey rawgirl78~ I joined the yahoo group and am trying to figure out where the potluck will be tonight, but I can't seem to find it... ???

  • THE POTLUCK IS NOT TONIGHT!!! We are meeting at mandalas (raw/vwgan rest.) tonight in old town Scottsdale. I did not put it up on the meetup.com because it well....tonight:-)

    Are you going to go? we are meeting at six o'clock and if you are I need your headcount ASAP so I can change the reservations.

    But this is why I set up the meetup. com so we will all be on the same page at all times:-)

  • Oh! Yeah, I went to the meetup page and saw it was for the Jan 3rd or something. But YES!!! I will be there tonight! It's me and my SAD bf, haha, but he loves the mandala :)

  • Great thank you, I will put you both down!!!!! :-)

  • Hey rawgirl78~ My apologies for not attending the dinner at Mandala last night. All day I was so excited and looking forward to meeting all of you, and then an unexpected problem came up right before I was to leave my house. I am so sad I was not able to attend! I wish we could do get-together's every weekend, but I'm so looking forward to the potluck on Jan 3!

  • kaikai

    It was really great to meet you guys! I'm only wish I could have stayed longer. My poor parents ended up having to wait forever at the airport anyway. Who ever heard of a plane being early?

  • Ok figured out the Yahoo and Raw Meetup. I joined both and my GF and I will see you at the next event. I am getting pretty good at this raw chef thing and I am looking forward to sharing and getting some feedback.

  • Eloise-It is to bad that you were not there, it was wonderful:-) And such a good time. You can look at the pictures on our meetup page I listed the link earlier:-)

    Kai- It was so nice to meet you. I hope that your food was good to go. The dessert we had was wonderful, Im sorry that you missed it. But thank you for coming it was so nice to meet you.

  • Our second raw potluck in phoenix is tom. The last "official" one was absolutly amazing. Check out the site if you are in the area!!!


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    We have a raw meetop in Flagstaff now!! Here is the link to join:


    We have a potluck coming up Feb. 21st.

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