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I don't like fat...



  • This thread about fat and necessary amounts to consume has turned out to be very interesting. I, myself, notice during the Spring/Summer months and early fall crave fruits/greens mostly and later fall/winter I want minimal fruits (maybe 3-4 pieces) still crave greens and a much MUCH higher level of fat. 1-2 avocados a day and sometimes tons of nuts. My body tends to like this approach to raw food better versus following 811rv throughout the whole year (plus I had many many negative side effects which I've talked about). I was always scared of consuming 'too much' fat but you know what?... I gained fat when I was eating too many simple carbohydrates (fruit) in large quantities. When upping my fat content, that gain stopped. I've also been able to generate and maintain more muscle mass w/o the look of atrophy. Anyways, moral here is carbs/fats/proteins are all necessary and need to be consumed - but there is no one answer for anyone. Experiment. Eat a certain way for a month or two and write down how you feel and what you eat daily. Keeping a record not only helps with discipline, it's rewarding and allows you see trends and later analyze which way of eating worked for you best. Good luck and glad to have you part of the raw family. :)


  • Thank you, gratefultobe. I'm a low sugar gal and do amazingly well on Gabriel Cousens' Stage 1 foods. There is no fruit allowed at all, no sweeteners, etc. I eat LOTS of greens and veggies (fruit veggies allowed like cukes and tomatoes). I'm the opposire--lots of fruit makes me gain enormous amounts of weight. I gained 10 pounds eating a higher carb raw food diet and it made me crave cooked carbs even more. Now i have no cooked cravings at all. Just respect what your body is telling you. Many here thrive on a fruitarian diet. i do not. gratefultobe is right. All of your nerves are covered in myelin, which is fat. Without it, you may fuel your brain with the fruit, but the signals will be awfully slow getting there.

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