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I'm feeling a little bit bummed. I want to go in to a fancy salon and get a haircut to surprise my boyfriend and to help me get out of this "looking sloppy like I don't care" funk I'm in. I'm too embarrassed to because of my scalp psoriasis. :(

I just washed my hair today ( I know shampoo isn't the greatest thing) and gently massaged my scalp to get flakes off.....but still..even the same day... I'm am flaking all over my required black work attire and I also have tons of these weird blackhead-like plugs in my scalp I can scratch out.

I went to the Dermatologist about a year ago......and he told me to wash my hair everyday to help with my scalp crud. =/

It's not red patches or oozing sores....perhaps a LITTLE bit of small scabbing here and there....but....I just feel gross and sorry for the person who would be dealing with my hair.

I was just all excited thinking about getting my hair done....and then I was like "oh yeah...that's scalp is nasty. I don't want to subject someone else to dealing with that." And I know there is a really good thread on how to treat psoriasis down a bit further....but I don't want to hijack it with my own problem and I am taking steps to help deal with my psoriasis...but I know it will take awhile. :)

How does anyone else who has this deal with getting hair cuts and whatnot? I don't want the hair person to think badly of me.


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    I've always thought of my hairdresser sort of like I do my physician. If I have a problem, I address it with her and let her make recommendations. She's pretty cool with the fact that I no longer use traditional products and has been very helpful. You might just try being honest and asking for assistance in finding resources that fit your lifestyle.

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    Look into Morrocco Method hair care. I had cronic drandruff for many years of my life and even eating raw food didn't make it completely go away. But after using Morrocco Method solid for months now my scalp is %100 better. Their shampoos are made from clay, seaweed and herbs and they are kinda like putting mud on your head but they detox your hair and scalp and my hair and scalp has never looked better. My hair really shines now and I hardly ever use conditioner. They also have a great forum on their webpage that you can talk to other people about these issues like scalp psoriasis. The other thing that is kinda neat is that Anthony Morrocco advocates that people learn to trim their own hair at home to keep it healthy. Many people talk about doing this on the forum with great success. Chat with people over there and you will get some great responses.

    If you want to get your haircut then just remember that hairdressers have seen it all, so I'm sure that your scalp situation will be nothing shocking to them. Just don't let them convince you to buy a bunch of conventional products loaded with who knows what, they will only make the situation worse in the long run, trust me I've been there.

    Here is the website:

  • Hmmm...that is a really interesting idea!

    I wonder if the person I end up seeing would have any helpful knowledge they could add. I know what to do to help psoriasis, but I just don't want him/her to be super grossed out. I guess if I was just upfront about it and told her I'm sorry it would all be cool. I just remember being grossed out by other peoples dandruff when I was younger lol. For some reason I also feel a bit of shame for having this, even though quite a number of people have psoriasis there is some guilt for making some poor person deal with my nasty scalp. *bit dramatic there* :)

    I guess it's also not the first time she/he has seen flakes....

    I am feeling a bit better.. I was feeling extra disgusting and freakish this morning...but I will just have to get over that feeling. lol

  • I have psoriasis it is bad to wash your hair everyday. It will dry your scalp out, Im surprised the derm told you this. Also try to avoid agitating the natural oils in your hair too much. Try not to use hair products and brush gently with a comb not scrubbinh your scalp. I use olive oil shampoo and conditioner works great. Most hairdressers if you go to a good salon know what Psoriasis is and dont care they wont be shocked. At least you dont have it on your skin thats way worse.

  • Thank you for the link! It's something to investigate.

    I'm guessing like you said, the hairdresser has seen it all. I'm probably experiencing some feelings of possibly being judged because I did when I was younger and people had flakes. So I'm figuring that I judged/criticized people, so I will be judged/criticized as well. I am VERY lucky to not have it anywhere else. I was just having a self pity moment perhaps where I feel like a monster. Which is incredibly silly.

  • Hi tunacupcakes,

    Reading your post brought back a flood of not-so-good memories. I suffered with psoriasis for years. I had a spot on the back of my head that popped up in the 4th grade. It was horseshoe shaped. I grew my hair and wore it long for so many years in an attempt to cover the never-ending "snowflakes" on my clothes. I never wore dark colored shirts. I was constantly shaking my shirt to get the flakes off. Every day there were times the itching would be so intense I would have to leave wherever I was and find a "secret" place and just scratch and scratch and scratch. It was awful.

    I was always embarrassed to see a hairstylist too. I would tell her or him that I had psoriasis and that it wasn't contagious. They never freaked out or anything, but I kinda felt like I should let them know beforehand. One hairstylist told me she had seen much worse and she thanked me for letting her know upfront.

    When I was 38 years old I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, and POUF, just like that, the psoriasis was gone. I've never seen a flake since. I was a hormonal train wreck before my hysterectomy and I've always wondered if psoriasis can be caused by hormonal imbalances. I started my period in the 6th grade, so I suppose it's possible that my hormones started "waking up" when I was in the 4th grade.

    My post is probably not much help to you...but it may be worth a hormone test just to find out if you are in the "normal" range.

    My heart goes out to you, honey. I sure hope you can find some relief.

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