what plants are good for oxigenation inside the house?i live in a very polluted area

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any ideas?i live in the heart of Orlando,fl,near factorys and near a main mayor rd,I HATE IT!!!!!!!! Can't wait to move!!! i walk on a treadmil,but i feel all this smoke froom the outside when i open my windows and i hate it,how can i bring fresh oxigen in to my house? i know some plants will do it,but do you have any idea of wich ones?? thanks!!!!!


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    Your local plant nursery is an excellent source for this kind of information. They will know what plants thrive in the Orlando area. They may also know the specific pollutants you need to remove, and be able to match them with the most appropriate house plants.. I would recommend a Google search first. I'm always more comfortable talking with professional people when I have some background knowledge on the subject.

    Here's a NASA study that lists 15 common houseplants they recommend. I'm personally fond of spider plants for cleaning the air. Let us know what you find out and which plants you decide to include in your home.

    Good luck, and here's to clean air.

  • I also like the spider plants, it is known for that.

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    Here is another link to check out... Top 10 Houseplants for Removing Indoor Air Pollution:



    Kristen Suzanne


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