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What makes you "go"?



  • FeeFee Raw Master

    Going to the library!

    I don't know why but I noticed a long time ago that in the library I often have the urge to go. I don't know if it is the way I stand that helps - sort of leaning part way over to the right while I try and read the book titles.

  • Bummp

    guys im bumping this, because i am grately suffering and wanted to know if anyone had any other suggestions???

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    Lobo, I've noticed that when I'm strictly 100% raw, I have no problems going at all. Even just eating one cooked food can screw me up. A few things that I need in my diet are greens, papaya, tea (I drink chamomile, peppermint, and senna), and really ripe bananas. Other than that, exercising helps me too. I always go after doing the elliptical, treadmill, or bike riding.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I agree with joanna, any cooked food(especially before eating a raw meal or any raw food) makes me terribly bloated and keeps me from going.

    My suggestion is to start eating only after going poo. I do this and it's helped me. Basically I wait to eat until I've gone poo and that way I know that I'm not contributing more to the problem by eating.....also, I start my eating with a big green smoothie and only go to solid food when I feel hungry after that.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    troubles, you just reminded me of something!! haha about waiting to eat after you go poo.

    every morning, i drink a big thermos full of water. i have a SIGG water bottle so i think it holds around 16-20 oz of water. i do this before i eat anything or drink tea. i ALWAYS go to the bathroom after i drink it. if for some reason i don't go poo, i drink up to 8 oz more until i do. it just cleans out my system and i feel so much lighter before i start my day.

  • Thanks. I will try the water thing too. I tried the No food thing on Sunday, and well, at about 6pm i was dying and so hungry i finally cracked down and ate. I tried a laxitive tea, i tried the salt water flush and a at home enema and well, still basically nothing. Not sure if it could be something serious, or just my diet, cause i feel like i have to go and cant.

  • I already posted on the first page, but thought I would also mention putting a stool/step/box near your toilet. I have IBS/UC and experiened nightmarish constipation. apparently your knees should be higher than your hips while going and my box has really helped. Try to go every day at the same time even if you don't actually go. Sit with your feet on your stool and take deep breaths and relax. It helps to train yourself to go at that certain time every morning. The stool really helps.

    They sell special foot stools made to fit around your toilet just for this, but I just use boxes or little foot stools.

  • Thanks!

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Lobo-That sounds really serious. I think you should probably go to the doctor. There's gotta be something wrong. I know a girl who had your problem and she actually had a deviation in her intestine where poo was collecting and blocking her flow. That is something a diet can't change but I think maybe a doctor could give you direction.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Lobo- I agree with troubles, make sure there are no underlying causes first. you may want to do some colonics too. They will help to get out backed up garbage. They can really help make your system stronger.

    From someone who used to have severe IBS-

    1) take digestive enzymes, esp with heavy or cooked meals

    2) try a couple tablespoons of chia gel everyday. it takes a few days to get going through your system well but they are great for regulation

    3) flax seeds. ground or soaked- ill give you a cracker recipe thats yummy and will get you going

    4) senna tea but watch it with that stuff

    5) exercise- do it, and do it often, it gets ya goin'

    6) do a colon cleanse, you can clean up your diet, but until you get out the backlog of garbage itll still slow you down

    Banana Raisin Crackers (I believe its a Brigitte Mars recipe originally)

    2 c flax seeds, soaked for 2 hours in equal parts water (add more water or seeds to make a thick gel)

    3 ripe bananas

    cinnamon to taste

    nutmeg to taste

    1/2 c- 1 c raisins (i like lots of raisins in mine)

    blend bananas with cinnamon and nutmeg. stir in flax and raisins. spread on teflex dehydrator sheets. dehydate for 6-8 hours at 105, flip and remove teflex sheet. Dry for another 4-6 hours, until dry, but they will still be pliable. Cut into cracker pieces with kitchen shears.

  • Thanks everyone. I was wondering... i sat down today after my trip to the Vitamin Shoppe- Since ive tried laxatives, senna laxitive teas, and two (yes you heard correct) two enemas, with penny size results, i decided to think about my diet since i have gone more raw.

    About a little over a week ago, with the exception of Saturday, (i had a medium) i have given up coffee. I also have almost entirely knocked out soda from my diet, with the exception of a glass or two when I really Really want it.

    Could this be a issue? I didnt go after my saturday medium from Dunkin, but am not sure if this could be impacting my abilities. I am 29 yrs old, ive never been regular regular, but would always go at least once a day.

    Could the coffee or lack there of be doing it? If so, why would the laxatives etc not be working? and if so, how long would it take to get back to normal now that caffee has be diminshed??

    Thanks again for all your advice!

  • I got a mild colon cleanse, a few years ago, and cleaned myself out. It was the first one I ever had, so I felt that I was cleanzing away all the previous years of bad diet choices.

    I really feel clean inside now. They say that death starts in the colon. So a clean one is better than a stuffed one.

    Now, I find I feel cleaner if I have a bowel movement about 3 times a day, and within 4 hours of eating a big meal.

    I feel sick if its been longer.

    I use coffee, any coffee to clean me out sometimes. But not at work. I am a cashier, and sometimes they place me in a till right across from the Tim Hortons'....I smell it for all of my shift. I prefer to get the coffee beans and make a french-press coffee, as it seems to work better, on that subject.

    I am going in for a cartiledge operation in July, so the exercise will come after the surgery, and make a contribution to a better lifestyle.

    Stress will make a big problem, so don't stress the small stuff; everything is small stuff.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I agree with the water suggestion and further suggest maintaining a high fruit and green and low fat intake for maximum health and ease. ;)

  • Hi Lobo! I started this thread and since I first posted it, my troubles have almost gone away, thankfully. It took a couple weeks of first going raw, but eventually I was going to the bathroom at least twice a day, and up to 6 times. Anyone who has been chronically constipated will understand how amazing this can be.

    I used to drink coffee, tea and diet soda often but have given them all up except the occasional weak tea, which doesn't seem to affect me. My body doesn't need the chemical kick to make me go anymore, as I'm eating mostly fruit and veggies and making sure I drink bottles and bottles of water every day.

    If you are still really clogged up I think you should go to the doctor. If you've tried several natural remedies and they still aren't working after a few days you may have something that needs an expert's help.

    Once you get this blockage figured out, I think you've got the right idea of focusing on more raw food and kicking the coffee and soda as best you can. I have found one thing that really helps me go:

    I drink a bottle or two of water when I get up, over a half hour period, then I eat as much watermelon as I like. Within the next half hour I go to the bathroom. Yay!

    Good luck to you!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie


    laxatives, even natural ones, are really bad for the body. after a while your colon learns to depend on laxatives for peristalsis and will no longer be able to do it on it's own. also, taking laxatives only gets rid of the symptoms, it does not address why you are having troubles with constipation. this problem is directly related to diet. i recommend taking out all laxatives, coffee, and soda and eat a ton of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of pure water. also, make sure you are exercising and moving your body. be patient and give your body time. it is normal during the detox process to have periods of a sluggish bowel. don't try to interrupt the cleansing process with laxatives, bulk or any other natural remedy. it just makes more work for the poor delicate colon!

    hope this helps!

  • I've been having constipation problems too. Oddly enough I've been raw about 7 months total but it's not until recently that I started showing any signs of detoxification. I started adding 1 tbsp of psyillum seed husk to my quart of green smoothies .. not to be underestimated!! My bowels aren't in perfect functioning yet, but it's definitely helping. I recommend anyone having trouble to give it a try (you may want to use even less

  • I recommend probiotics. I take 2 of the Jarrow brand each morning the moment I wake up because you can't eat for .5-1 hour after taking them.

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