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Glamazon needs your RAW info, advice and wisdom

Hello all...well as I said I am new to the RAW lifestyle...still haven't made the complete transition yet. I keep reading and reading and finding new info and then just when I think I can handle it I read something that counteracts the other things!! I'm overwhelmed and flat out bewildered. I know I want to do this, I just don't know how to take the first step. I don't want to start and then give up a month or two down the road. I am on a budget like the rest of the world. I have a Jack L juicer and a Cuisinart blender/food processor combo thing which I have not even taken the food processor part out of the box so that could be interesting LOL

So I have a few questions. I know some, if not all have probably been answered by numerous people on numerous other blogs...but as I said on that other blog I thought any comments I made would be stored somewhere so next time I logged in I would know which one/s I had commented or asked questions in LOL I don't know why I assumed that...guess that shows my level on onliner knowledge :P

Here's the things I really want to change...weight I'm only 5;10" weigh right at 200lbs holy crow I can't believe I actually admitted that...I MUST be deperate!! I have to lose the weight because I have had back surgery and it's tough with extra weight especially on my midsection...I have typical Native American body--larger gut and no butt...that used to be my mantra Lose the Gut-Get a Butt rah rah rah...maybe I shud have been going raw raw RAW!! Ok annnnnnnd I have old people skin. No offense to anyone out there...lots of freckles and bigger ones which I am assuming are the liver spots people always talk about...I even have few discolorations by my eye area. This can't be rihght!!

So on to the questions....mainly asking where to buy certain items and basic how to's from all you lovely experienced RAW powered peeps. Please note I tend to be lazy when it comes to food prep and want the fastest easiet way to do it. I used to love cooking and was quite good one even if I do say so myself and I always made it quick and easy yet very tasty so looking for same priniciples but for raw version.

Where to get raw oats or is there no such thing and how to eat them...

Where is best and cheapest place to buy RAW nuts, dates, spices etc??

Do I really need superfood powders?

What is purpose of maca?

Best juices for losing weight and improving skin?

Should I not eat bananas and pineapple?

Can someone please provide step-by-step nut.seed soaking instructions...like can I soak them in plastic or use glass, do in fridge or on table, do they need to have opening or should they be sealed tight during soaking process??...so many I don't knows---I'm pitiful I know

how do you know if a grain is raw...i.e. quinoa or barley...what is soft wheat and again how do i sprout these buggars?

Where can I get kelp noodlee and dried nori...I went to one of the bigger chinese markets here in NJ all they had was many kinds of roasted nori...they did have this dried seaweed called algua sechee which I did purchase but not sure how or what to eat it with...and they did not stock kelp noodle and neither does Whole Foods...anyone know where to get them I want to try it first see if I even like them before having to buy a large quanity?

Where's cheapest place to buy RAW nuts?

I'm sure I will think of more questions but thats good for now hahahaha

I really look forward to any and all input. Thanks so much.

Peace always!



  • I totally agree with waterbaby about just relaxing during this process. If you overwhelm yourself it can be very daunting. I know it's not hard, because if you're at all like me you all the information you can get which is good but gets very confusing. I would say in the beginning, stick to the more simple things like salads (sometimes I blend mine for convenience) with some lime juice and spike seasoning, whole fruits, and smoothies (I'm not crazy about green ones because I like my greens as is and it messes up my digestion, but I think I'm also pretty sensitive). The gourmet recipes and desserts look really yummy and usually are but can sometimes take days of preparation which I, personally, am not into. You have to listen to your body no matter what. I know it's gotta be cold in NJ so try some warm miso soup, I eat it all the time.

    I'm still fairly new to raw too. You kinda have to do things by trial and error, which I am going through right now, which can be unpleasant at times but just know that once you find that balance you are going to feel nothing short of amazing.

    Also keep in mind that you've made a wonderful decision to better yourself and your health. You or no one else can ever fault you for that.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    And I agree with a "keep it simple" approach. It's understandable to have a bunch of questions about foods that probably seem strange. Instead maybe think about meals - what will you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Figure out what will be practical and affordable for you while you transition.

    Also I'd browse recipes on this site and note any that sound good and simple that you want to try - blended soups, salads, raw pastas are usually easy. Since you enjoyed cooking I'm sure things will come naturally to you.

    Look for organic produce if possible, try to get lots of greens and fruits into your diet, don't worry about sprouting grains or more complicated ingredients and preparations just yet.

    Seeds like pumpkin and sunflower are a lot less expensive than nuts and are sometimes more widely available in regular markets.

    Here's a thread with some online store suggestions too - http://goneraw.com/forum/favorite-raw-internet-storefronts

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Glamazon, check out this thread for some tips on using the site features. For specific information about finding threads you've started or to which you have replied check reply #8.

    Waterbaby and Suasoria have given some excellent advice. I don't know that anyone has ALL the answers to going raw. Each of us is different. The best advice I can give is to just start somewhere. For me it was with a fruit smoothie for breakfast, and eating more healthy in general. I started consciously adding more raw as I went along. I'm not 100%, but it's my goal. If I slide back and eat something SAD, I don't get all worked up about it. I know I'm eating much more healthy now than I did 15 months ago.

    I think it's kind of like learning to swim. If you don't jump in the shallow end and start trying to paddle, you'll never learn to swim. So, just jump on in. The water's fine.

  • I live in NJ also. If you are near Monmouth County there are 2 Dean's Health Food Stores that have a big selection of organic and raw foods. They have raw nuts, they have dates, a juice bar and even prepared raw foods such as dehydrated pizza, crackers and breads from the company www.awesomefoods.com

  • Oh you guys all totally ROCK. I'm seating here with a huge smile on my face. I thought I was an idiot not being able to understand and combine all the to do's. OK but....I know it probably means something so obvious and I just can't see it, but aaahhh what is SAD foods?

    waterbaby12347 thanks for taking the time to type out that reply..almost as long as mine LOL and I'm NOT a typist so imagine hahahaha I really appreciate your input!! I will check out that link you left..again thanks!!

    graceinyaface, emtpdmom & Suasoria thank you all as well! I am so thankful for all of your kindness and encouragement. I will def check out links any of you send me. I'm more excited now...I don't feel all alone. My friends here whom I love just don't share my quest for healthy balance. They are still into white bread and butter. I think the only fruit most of them eat is apple, oranges and bananas which is usually what I bring over for their kids when I stop by. They consider iceberg lettuce and cucumber a salad--can you imagine?!! I keep trying to get them to try ANYTHING new but they are set in their ways. I love trying new foods and spices...so it really boggles my mind when they won't even TRY something quite honestly.

    So went to whole foods got my crunchy sprouts that I always love, also both sunflower and pumpkin seeds, few organic bananas coz I do love them and they called to me so i couldn't leave them there hahaha altho they are hi sugar I still love them and I'm not ODing but what a nice way to go hahahha.

    I had already gone to a farmers market. I bought collard greens and napa cabbage for wraps...my steady stand by tomatoe, cucumbers, peppers all colors, and garlic. I added fresh parsley and even got some dandelion greens and beets. Couple of avocados with limes and lemons and my fav Fuji apples!! I even bought a red onion although I DO NOT like raw onions so I'm going to try to keep eating it because of their healthy benefits---they say it takes trying something like 20 times to acquire a taste for it so wish me luck on that LOLI I do think the Farmer's Market title is misleading coz it's not really locally grown stuff but they have a wide selection and so much foot-traffic that I know its all rotating constantly BUT really don't have organics besides bananas. Wegmans is relatively close and they have quite a selection of organics at cheaper prices than Whole Foods and sadly I have to be cost effective for myself. I have been buying the big container of organic baby spinach and baby spring greens from Sam's so will continue that as well.

    Thorne...yes I have been to Dean's when I lived in Belmar...at the time I wasn't looking at RAW stuff..was more into cutting out meats. I may have to make a trip. Thanks for the tip!!

    So whats opions about Bragg's aminos...I love the taste of it and I do use their raw apple cider as well.

    Gosh I'm just so happy...you have no idea! BUT I will stop before this becomes a novel as well.

    Thank you all...thank you, thank you!



  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I did a blog post about how to start: www.angiesrawkitchen.blogspot.com - look up the one titled "Where to Start?"

    I would say, though, that starting to eat raw foods isn't really any more complicated than taking a bite. Seriously, it's not that hard if you don't put pressure on yourself to reach a certain % raw at a certain time, or to limit too many things at once, etc. Go for what works for you! I DO have blood sugar issues, but tropical fruits work great for my body, and sometimes other things are better. The thing that really rang true (& worked!) for me was Victoria Boutenko's description of how her family started: any amounts & combinations of food, as long as it was all raw. For me, it was any amount & combination of food as long as they were whole foods, and then I progressed to eating mostly raw. That is still what works for me. If what I'm doing isn't working, or I feel I'm missing something, then I read books & consider other people's experiences & opinions, and then I ultimately have to do what feels best for me.

    If you don't like onions, don't force yourself. There are plenty of other healthy foods without eating onions, and if your body needs them someday, then maybe they will appeal to you more - at least that's how it's been for me. :)

  • Thanks Angie. Ya know I actually I think I did read from your site...I remember your icon picture hee hee oh I read your info on oats and groats etc...

    I know it's best to start slow and I want this to be a lifestyle not another of my fleeting dietary changes! I am kind of an all or nothing type personality...I have gotten better but I just want to start and do this right. I have always just eaten nuts---majority raw, but never soaked them. What is the real reason for this anyway?

    I am a foodie....love to eat almost addictive I think...hoping the RAW will curb overindulgences and get me healed FULLY mind body emotions and connected back to Source and bring out the real ME.

    I welcome all advice and help

    Much love to you all


  • just another quick question....do you freeze bananas in their skin or what??

    annnnnnnnnd if I buy frozen berries are they RAW? things I really don't know.

  • oh and emtpdmom I read that thing and #8 and I have seen that track tab before but now i don't see it so not sure where it is or went??? I have a view and an edit tab...no track

  • Glamazon~ Peel those bananas before freezing... Or you will never get to use them... smile I break mine in half and freeze in a large bag, that way I know how many I am using and they take up less space...

    Yes frozen berries and fruit are raw in the stores... Veggies are NOT raw, they are blanched or parboiled before freezing..

    Soaking the seeds and nuts helps to remove any impurities... The soak water always looks disgusting...

    SAD means, the Standard American Diet...

    Good health to YOU!!! smile

  • 1. You don't need any superfoods.

    2. Eating raw fruits and vegetables gives you everything you need.

    3. Don't buy into maca or spirulina.

    4. Dehydrated foods are not whole foods.

    5. If it looks like pizza, tastes like pizza...it probably digests like pizza.

    6. Oils are empty calories and pure fat, Cider vinegars are poisonous to the body.

    Eat as much fruit as you want and then follow it up with greens for vitamins and minerals.

    Don't overcomplicate things, your body doesn't like it. No need for 20 ingredient mock-burgers, you're only feeding mind cravings and addictions. The body only wants 3 things, and 2 of which should be limited, and one of which is very hard to get past even 15 percent. Eat your carbs, sparingly eat your fats, and the protein will just come naturally.

  • Glamazon~ Oh my goodness you do have a long list!!!

    It will be easier if you start simple and slow

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    IWWkevin - you've only been raw for 2 months. Try eating only raw foods for 1 year, as I have, and i'd like to know if you're still eating just plain fruit and plain veggies and zero cooked food.

    Sorry, but there is a point to be made - glamazon, listen to your own body. cider vinegar isn't poisonous. omega 3s are important to your body, they're not just empty calories. dehydrated foods are fine. you're going to hear so many extremists, glamazon, it's better if you take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt. Just eat whatever you want, as long as it's raw, and see how you feel. then you can adjust your diet to feel the best for YOUR body.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    oh and if you don't like red onions, perhaps using a tiny bit of green onions in recipes is a better choice. i always use green, as red is WAYYY to strong for me!

  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Glamazon, I don't know what to the deal is with the "Track" tab. I can see mine and yours. There are 2 rows of tabs on the profiles. The second row has View, Edit, Subscriptions and Track tabs. Your Subscriptions (which was turned off the last time I checked) and Track tabs can only be seen by you. I guess there's a chance either Ray or Kandace (site Administrators) was working on the site earlier which shut the Track down. Hopefully your Track tab is back now. If you still can't see a Track tab, you can use the Feedback link in the bottom right corner of the screen and send a note directly to Kandace and Ray and let them know you have a problem.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I'm a total foodie too. Foodies are good at doing raw because we know how to make things taste good...and when things taste good, you want to eat more of them. Then the overindulgence....but I think you're coming from a positive interest in adding/trying different foods, which is typical of a gourmet or gourmand!

    I have always frozen bananas in the peel - usually when they start to look too brown and soft for me to want to eat them! They do look awful frozen, but I leave them out for a few minutes, slit the skin lengthwise with a knife, and the peels come off easily. Maybe try Waterbaby's technique and this one and see which is easier.

    Braggs: I don't use a lot of it in raw recipes because I figure nama shoyu is preferable. I agree, though, sometimes that taste is just what you need in a certain dish.

    ACV I use for almost anything that requires vinegar.

    And like anything you read on the Internet, yep, there are wackos out there with agendas to push. I include myself in that category from time to time! ;)

  • Where did you get two months at how long I've been raw? Don't use your stupid elitism at me, stop assuming.

  • hey glamazon!

    i'd get the kelp noodles straight from the manufacturer - www.kelpnoodles.com . that is where i got mine; i ended up getting a case of them and am still going through mine. try juicing half a lemon and pouring them over the noodles when soaking in water. this softens the noodles up to a consistancy more like a noodle. i love them...and when i first started out, they really helped me since i was a former pasta addict! also, regarding food and addiction, i've come to realize that it isn't some short-coming of mine that made me overeat certain cooked and processed foods, but the food itself initiating a reaction. when you start eating nutritionally-dense foods, you don't want to eat more than you need. i used to eat a lot of "white" foods, and you can keep eating them long past you are full because your body is craving nutrition that the food lacks. so i think you are in for some great surprises, and as a foodie, you'll probably be conjuring up some great recipes and great-tasting raw food!

    you really don't need too much. the one thing i invested in was a good blender. i juice using my blender and a nut-milk bag. but you have a juicer, so use that! i juice celery, carrot and cucumber juice regularly for my skin. the vitamin A in carrots helps reverse skin-damage. you might not notice it right away, but as your body becomes cleaner and healthier, you will notice awesome changes! food prep is easy, but i make sure to make my green smoothies and soups the night before. i've read that smoothies and other raw blended foods last in the fridge from 3-5 days. i don't have money for a dehydrator, but i did buy some dehydrated foods online for when i was tempted to eat something crunchy and non-raw. i also like chia seeds, and i add them to give meals "crunch."

  • Why hello all my lovely people...as always thanx so much for all your input! So far I'm doing pretty good I think LOL

    I do use Braggs ACV as well as the aminos altho I guess the latter is not raw : (

    maybe further down the road of this journey I won't desire it.

    What is the feelings on Herbamare & Spike?? I'm loving the Nutiva Hemp seeds...pls don't tell me they aren't raw.

    Those cocao nibs looked very enticing but my foodie-fiend would kick in and woof the whole bag at this stage in the game so I chose not to buy them suckers just YET.

    I def want to try those kelp noodles! They look so interesting. So thanks for that link heloise. WOW I have been making that SAME juice--it is so tasty! Today I added beet and the beet greens it was also yummy. I'm glad thats a skin nourisher and improver--mine needs help.

    emtpdmom--yes today that track tab was there!! Thus helping me find this thread with 9 new messages Yeeeeeeeeeah!! so thanks for that info. I will be much more efficient getting around now--look out! LOL

    Oh Suasoria we are all wackOs to some degree but most of us deny it hahahaha. So if you are one from time to time I feel privileged sharing that title with you. I see nama shoyu in many recipes, is it raw?. I am going to try the frozen bananas both ways. I just didn't know if freezing the skin was toxic or something.

    Waterbaby as soon as I hit the 'save" key the light bulb went on about SAD hahahha I was going to go back and edit it but I figured maybe someone else having a brainfuzzle could benefit from it LOL I knew veggies were not RAW coz my aunt works at BirdsEye yet I never thought to ask if she knew about fruit/berries...she gets all her frozen veg for FREE too bad she cant get it pre-production. That would be sweeeeeet. Hey do you know the deal with rejuvelac? isn't that something let from sprouting or am I way off? The name alone doesn't sound appealing.

    Winona I just see red onion in so many yummy looking dishes so I figured let me go for it---plus purple is my fav color HAHA! Sadly they taste terrible to me...I love sauteed onions but at this point any raw onion is just not tasty to me at all. But they say your tastebuds change every 7 years so maybe in a couple of years I will love them raw.

    IWWkevin you need a hug :D we are all here to share, encourage and enlighten. No need to be insulting to one another. Everyone is entitled to their opinion/s. I'm happy to have so many coming my way. Ultimately I will have to take from each what actually works for me.

    Well again thanx to you all...hope I didn't leave anyone out.

    Many blessings


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