Truly RAW nuts??

I'm newbie at Gone I am being overloaded with all the what if's, and, buts, and maybe that, no it's not truly raw, thats crazy and more info.

I just came across this...wondering if anyone has any advice or more info as to whether these nuts are actually considered RAW. Man why can't they make it illegal to say it's raw if it's NOT?! Shyzzza too much having to review, check authenticity, verify this verify that ask questions that I don't even know nor would I think to ask. Anyway here it is...your input and knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.



Recently there has been much confusion in the popular press regarding the requirement of "pasteurization" of Almonds. We are asked over and over if our Almonds are "pasteurized".

Important News About Our Shippable 2008 Almond Crop !

D&S Ranches, an Orchard Grower in the San Joaquin Valley of California, has an Important Announcement to make regarding Pasteurization of our Naturally Grown California Almonds! After the Almond Board Rule went into effect we began to extensively research the Best, most Non-Intrusive methods available to reduce bacteria on the skin of the nut without affecting the nut meat itself.

The Good News:

The Good news is that we have found a process that does just that ! This method was developed for the Spices Food Group where any alteration or destruction of the interior of the nut or spice kernel would destroy the delicate value of the item. As it turns out we were able to get this technology approved for application on our Selma California Grown Nut Crop!


How It Works:


The process is very expensive and requires the latest in production technology. It is centered on Water Based Botanical Principles. We call this process H20-UN-Pasteurization. The almonds are held in a chamber that draws down the air to a vacuum, so all the air born bacteria and pathogens are removed from the chamber, then a computer controlled mist of sterile distilled water dry stream is injected in to the chamber. This steam is computer controlled and balanced against the known weight of each nut. As the small amount of Steam condenses on the skin of the nut it transfers only minimal heat energy just to the surface it contacts! The nut meat is never heated internally!


After the dry steam injection, a 4 to 6 second process, the chamber is then evacuated again causing the condensed purified water to evaporate from the skin of the nut. Next the chamber is brought back to normal conditions with HEPA Filtered Air.


This process preserves the internal natural balance of enzymes, amino acids, proteins, and most importantly it preserves the natural living nature of the nut! You can sprout these Almonds !


We are sure you will be very satisfied with this process, and as far as we know we are the only Ranch Direct Almond Grower in the San Joaquian Valley of California that is using this expensive, and time consuming process, so that we may bring you the very finest in US Graded Fancy #1 California Almonds !

Please beware of other processes:

We are concerned that there are a good number of other processes out there that are very inferior and some are outright dangerous! The most common is simple autoclave sterilization and this is, essentially, just cooking the nut. After an autoclave process, the nut is no longer living, it is dead, and all the valuable nutrients of the nut have been cooked and destroyed. Unfortunately the Almond Board, under pressure from the Big Almonds Handlers, Processors and Growers are calling and labeling these nuts as RAW ! They ARE NOT RAW! They are COOKED !

Other processes are using PPO (Propylene Oxide Gas). You should never, every under any circumstances eat nuts exposed to PPO Gas. PPO is a known carcinogen (causes cancer). It is toxic and poisonous!.. The European Union (EU) has prohibited the use of PPO Gas on any Human Food Product. The USDA and the FDA still allow it. Inquire with your store if their nuts have been exposed to PPO ! Make sure you know! This is serious business.


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    Glamazon, thanks for sharing this information. PPO Gas . . . yikes! Could you also post the web link for this information? I figure their almonds are more expensive, but probably worth it considering the technology involved. What do some of you more seasoned raw foodies think about the process?

  • i don't even eat nuts at all.

    problem solved!

  • this is the site

    sorry you will prob have to cut and paste to your browser...I'm originally from Cali and my cousin told me about this place in san joaquin area.

    why don't you eat nuts?? they are tasty and good for you.

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