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it is begininng

Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

So the whole daschle thing was just a scam seems he was in office just long enough to get this in the stimulus package and then had to leave for tax purposes

this is so like the other scams the government has pulled on us they are just being more and more blatant about it.

sorry to all you obama fans out there but I see he actually is what i feared. he is pushing really really hard to get this thing passed asap they dont want them carefully reviewing it.

afterall he never REALLY told you WHAT change he was going to make. now did he.

I know so many that voted for him BECAUSE he was black. a snake is still a snake no matter what colour he is.

and who really thought they would let a real person run for office anyway.

this has been discussed so many times it is sickening that so many still cant see it.


  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master


    this is about health care and for me and so many of us that are older than me this is really gonna suck

    they are not going to tell people how to be healthly but they are going to punish you when you get sick

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Isn't it intresting that they told us that a day before they pass it.

    no time to discuss or write your congressman. hmmmn wonder how long this will take to get in effect?

    are you all ready for electronic health records? one more step towards total enslavement

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    This is radically disturbing. I'm moving to Canada.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    But you know there is no where to run it is going to be a one world order

    but first they are going to put usa, canada and mexico together

    bye bye usa

  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    Really Nadia? That is HORRIBLE and very very SCARY... wow

  • Actually, Bill C-51 died with the call of the election last fall. But I have a scary feeling they're going to try to force another similar bill on us in the near future.

    After all, we can't have all of these free thinking, holistic-minded people running around healing THEMSELVES, now can we?

  • canada is no better

    last i heard they were trying to pass a bill called c51

    this bill would strip the right to alternative medicine and supplements from canadians by classifying herbs and supplements as drugs

    so those spirilina or b12 supplements u take would have to be prescribed by a doctor

    anyone caught growing herbs would face a serious fine.....

    i hope that bill didn't pass....dats terrible

    any raw canadians here? can u confirm?

  • thank goodness shella. but yes u r right they just might force something else. I'm sure they see movements like raw food or even the paleolithic diet (well any holistic system i guess) as threats to conventional medicine. folks r healing diseases thought to have been incurable. how can they continue to profit if people can care for themselves. i was surprised a bill like that was even suggested! and in canada of all places....well good thing it failed. =)

    now on to these darn irradiated foods. =(

  • no worries annabelle, someone confirmed that the bill failed

    but she and myself r definitely worried that a similar bill might come through

    i can really see raw food becoming a target...we raw foodists look and feel too healthy from our SAD counterparts =)

  • beanybeeganbeanybeegan Raw Newbie

    bloomberg report. Thank you blue-eyes for the information. This only shows that, eating raw and keeping our body in the best state of health, is advantages to our health for future years.

    Thankfully my trust is in someone higher than the Gov't. .

  • I agree Beany Beegan... I haven't gotten sick since eating raw last April! My daughter is eating healthier too, although not as raw as me, but still, she just gets little colds, and not horrible flu like her friends at school.

    I don't think this problem was the brain child of Obama... McCain would have introduced similar legislation, although without some of the benefits.

  • the health care thing is terrible, but modern medicine is a business. it sounds awful but it really is. i'm sure whoever produces it is in cahoots with the junk food producers that are making so many people sick. then they are directed by doctors who are trained to advise getting addicted to expensive medicines that dont truly help. you cant change everything at once, and i'm very sure that if the health care decisions had been much different, no one would have passed it. although the bill is not perfect, i think obama is just sensing the urgency of so many people that need change right now that he's trying to get anything that could help passed. it's not easy undoing damage that has been so badly done over the past eight years.

    i think mccain would have been much worse about his legislation. if mccain had been the one passing legislature he would have just lowered taxes and take away the pill for women while still giving stimulants to men (double standard much?) and whatnot.

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