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Fasting Questions For You All

Hey Everyone, I have not done a fast ever before in my life. So this brings me here to ask some questions. I was looking at doing a vegetable fast with some fruit mixed in once in awhile. I am wondering should i stick to one type of juice for the duration of my fast. Or can i mix it up with different types of juices each day. I would like to know what fasts have worked for you guys. Also, i know this might be a dumb question but, while a person is fasting, there is virtually no fiber intake to give the body a rest from digesting food, so i was curious to how the body expells of the fecal matter in the intestines when there is no fiber to help move it along. Sorry I got a little too personal, but i had to ask. Any advice on some ingrediants i could add. I heard Cayenne pepper was important, i know that is an ingredient in the master cleanse. Thanks everyone.


  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi- I’m not an expert here but pears are really high in fiber. You could use one or two in a smoothie. You could also make popsicles out of juice for variety. Technically a lot vegetables are fruits so I think it’s ok to mix. I can’t drink sweet juice all the time so I’d recommend spinach and red pepper in more of a soup. good luck!

  • I did a fast a few weeks ago for the first time. I used fruit juices in the morning, and veggie juices at night. I also alternated water days in between to really help my system detox. It worked out well for me. Just listen to your body – it will tell you if it wants fruits veggies or just good ol’ water! I liked the variety of different juices – but i know some people are okay drinking the same thing. As far as fiber – i had pretty regular movements in the beginning, and i did a colonic at home about halfway through to make sure everything was clean. Hope that helps!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I like to fast with some apple juice and orange juice. Or just water. One day’s fasting per week is very good.

  • The nice thing about juice feasting is….variety. Juice what you have on hand and mix it up a bit so you don’t get bored. You can go mono fruits & veges or make it a V-8. If this is your first time, you will probably want to start with fruit juicing and work your way to veges. If you start with veges, which can be a little bitter, you might not want to do it again.

  • Also fruit juicing has a laxative effect so don’t worry about the fiber moving things….you won’t need it.

  • Thanks for all your imput, also i was wondering how long some of the fasts that you all did. Did you just listen to your body and decide that ok i’m done, or did you have a set time frame. Thanks

  • Try a 1 day water fast. Just remember to drink lots of water, especially when you become hungry. If it goes OK, start doing them once a week. After a few months of that, possibly start thinking about longer fasts.

  • I did a 7 day juice fast before I went raw to clean things out.

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    I would do a water fast (eat nothing and drink only pure water). I’ve never done a juice fast before for two reasons; I don’t have a juicer and I think water fasts would be more effective at removing toxins.

    When nothing is entering the digestive system, the body can purge, purge, purge its toxins from the cellular level. Even if you are taking the fiber out of your meals, on a juice fast (or feast) you still have to digest the juice.

    If you decide to do one, I would recommend going at for three days. I’ve done One day water fats before and they are way harder than 3 days. I know it sounds odd, but on a one day fast you are hungry all day and the thought of eating in as little as 24 hours is a torment. But on the second and third day of fasting, you are no longer hungry so you are not concerned with eating. Plus, the longer you fast the more toxins you excrete and the better the fasting “high”.

    Regarding “listening to my body” to decide the duration of the fast, yes i have done this. But I would reccomend sticking to a goal because it is your first. Fasting can be addictive because of the mental clarity and state of bliss that is achieved and you wouldn’t want to shock your body.

    Another thing that can shock your body is eating to much after a fast. I can’t stress enough that you should eat very slowly. UF you eat to much you will get bloated and feel awful and your digestive organs will be stressed.

    I eat a sliver of orange of another easily digestible fruit every half hour or so for the first few hours of the breakfast. A SMALL salad for lunch and somehting small for dinner too. If you are able to control yourself on the first day of breakfast, you can return to a normal diet the next day.


  • for your first time, i think juicing would provide a gentler, more pleasant fasting experience. the juice will help keep you from feeling hungry, plus it is supposed to help carry away toxins.

    If you are concerned about keeping your bowels moving, i would use a product called oxymag. it is a great colon cleanse/bowel mover, and you will avoid a lot of detox symptoms by flushing released toxins out of the bowel. however, i recently did a 27 day juice fast without any products/fiber, and i didn’t have any problems. everyone is different though.

    i agree with james on the 3 day thing. i usually don’t even feel like i’ve entered fasting mode until the 3rd day.

    good luck!

  • Thanks everyone, i have been doing a juice/water fast for the past three days. I did cheat a tiny bit by having about 10 cherry tomatos today, and i also had one apple the day before. I am new to fasting so i just ate that little amount. I am not too upset with my self, but i know i screwed up a tad. I think i will go for one more day of fasting tomorrow (real fasting no food whatsoever) and than ease in to eating food slowly. Thanks

  • If you just need something to eat but don’t want to break your fast, watermelon is as close to juice as you can get and it won’t slow down the detox process at all. Don’t eat a lot of it just enough to get you through the bump in the road.

  • laurajlauraj Raw Newbie

    Sipping carrot juice is great for immediate energy and getting you over the weakness or impulse to break the juice fast. Try mixing it with apple or ginger juice. Red apple(4)/orange(3)/red grapefruit(1) juice combo really reduces my hunger, too.

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