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I've been quite skinny all my life (6'2" 155 lbs currently) and am starting a new exercise program to build muscle. My beginner question is shouldn't it be easier to build muscle on a raw diet than a normal diet?

From what I've read, people say they have more energy on a raw diet. I imagine that energy comes from getting more nutrients and less energy being used for the digestive process. Then if you're lifting weights, that extra energy should translate into you being able to lift more and also help you repair your muscles faster and re-cooperate after a workout. Does that sound right?

If I go fully raw, I want to gain weight and this is something I'm concerned about.

I can understand why there would be so few raw bodybuilders though. After all, the industry makes it money off non-food products so no one is going to make any money promoting a diet of fruits and greens.


  • ConstantinConstantin Raw Newbie

    I would still eat a lot of protein rich foods like spirulina. raw hummus, mustard greens, broccoli rabe. The point is you need to be eating well over the calories needed for maintainance (living,digesting, breathing,etc.). This can be hard on a raw diet and despite all the "raw body builder" stuff I've seen when I actually look at these peoples physiques they're either at my level of development or below.

    I'm transitioning into raw and am having the same questions about the diet, but I'm sure there is potential here because of the gains raw food provides in energy and strength. Although there is the whole "protein myth" for normal SAD lazybodies, I'm still pretty sure that we as bodybuilders need a significantly higher amount of protein because well....muscles are protein and are made in the kitchen not the gym!

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Perhaps check out some raw athletes/fitness buffs for tips? While not raw, Robert Cheeke comes to mind - here are some of his articles

    Richard Blackman is a trainer who is a fruitarian - with quite the bod

    Brendan Brazier and Tim van Orden are both well known.

  • ConstantinConstantin Raw Newbie

    The thing that always gets me nervous about the people who are hailed as examples of raw bodybuilding is that sure they have some muscle...but not much. You can go into any well populated gym and find more musclar people than any of the above posted names. That is the part that makes me concerned.

    I understand the many other virtues of a raw food diet but I've yet to see evidence of significant bodybuilding potential on a raw food diet...that's not to say I won't try it out. Brazier is a triathelete and VanOrden is a tower runner...very different builds from bodybuilders.

    I just hope that the raw diet does not inherently preclude significant muscle gain because of whatever reason. as a side note though I tossed all my protein bars in the garbage today after seeing that they had as much HFCS as protein per bar!

  • rawcanadianrawcanadian Raw Newbie

    Maybe try reading the China Study, which will teach you the connection between high protein diets and chronic diseases.

    You don't need HUGE muscles to body build. Lean with less body fat looks much more natural IMHO.

    Bodybuilding is suppose to be for the health, but if taking in huge amounts of protein compromises the health, then it doesn't make sense doing it.

    The biggest thing as always with exercising is to "just show up" and make sure you "Bring It"!!!

    I also believe that anybody that eats a raw diet should exercise, since diet is only half the story to being healthy.

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