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Hi everyone

I know there are a few forums going about being too skinny and losing weight or not losing enough weight … but, what i wanted to know is what your jurney with weight loss has been.

so if you are not shy, then let us know

-what weight you started at

-what weight you are at now (roughly)

-if you ate a low fat raw diet

- and how long it took you to get there

for me, i started at 150 lbs about 4 weeks ago being mainly raw – completely vegan, and i have lost about 8-10lbs (making me 140-142 depending on the day), so .. im making good progress. my goal is to get to 125 and i believe this is a very healthy way to get there and maintain a very healthy lifestyle – along with regular excercise of course.


  • Forgive me if i turn this into a brag session – after my divorce i packed on a gross amount of weight. I finally decided to try to loose it, so i hired a personal trainer, joined a gym, and tried every diet under the sun. (really – everything from diet teas to diet soaps in addition to very low fat/low cal food). I managed to loose 10 pounds in a year. Discouraged as ever, i gave up, and gained another 30. At the end of march i went raw. 100%. Over the course of 12 weeks i went from 210 to 170. Im down another 7 now for a total of 47 pounds. I went from a tight sz 16 to a comfy 10. :) I still have another 30 pounds or so to go – but going raw accomplished for me what years in a gym hadnt been able to. I have energy, im not sick anymore, im looking better, and i feel GREAT!

    Im so glad someone actually asked! lol – i love telling that story and i LOVE bein raw! I wish i had discovered it years ago.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Weight… 26 to 14 Stone (363 to 196 lbs US)

    Cholesterol… 8.4 to 2.5 UK (324 to 97 US)

    Blood Pressure… 184/50 to 120/80

    Pigged out the whole way! Avocados/Nuts/Oils/Dates/Whatever looks good at the time and plenty of it!

    Lost most of the weight in about 16 months.

    Before and After Pictures http://www.purelyraw.com/ourstories.htm

    You know I never get tired of this topic, I hope I never do!

    Purely Yours, Chris (formerly “The Fat Man”) <<< actual nickname for years.

  • Hi everyone, this is my favorite topic of all, weight loss. I went raw April 02

    Starting weight 229lbs

    Current weight 189-190lbs – so 40 pounds lost to date, no amount of exercise or diets has ever worked before except for starvation.

    Started as a size 18-20 US size now a comfortable 12 -14

    Depression gone!

    Anxiety attacks gone!

    Allergies gone!

    Fears mostly gone, but I am working on it.

    Also I sleep like a baby now, I used to be a stone cold insommniac

    I am also off all the various medications I used to take.

    My plan is to live long and have the best life ever, yeah sure I do sometimes miss certain foods, pizza, cheeses, bread, pastries…but there are amazing raw food recipes if one craves salty, crunchy, sweet or savory things. And the benefits so greatly exceed the comfort food habit that I am in this for the duration… Going raw has saved and is continuing to save my life :) Peace to all Dea xoxoxoxo

  • I used to be an insomniac also, but not I also sleep like a baby. I used to weight 196 and now 143, almost to my goal weight. I love eating raw and for me, it is the only way. I have made a lifestyle change and there is no going back to SAD for me.


  • That is awesome!! I am happy for you all.

    I have lost only about 10 lbs, although I really wasn’t trying. IT feels great!

    I too, would like to keep going. As an athlete, I have written on this site before about preserving muscle, while leaning out. I am trying to cut down on nuts and avo. I only have about 1/4 c of nuts or seeds and half an avocado – is that too much?

  • Magdi, I am in the exact same boat as you. I gained a ton of weight after a really hard break up..I went from 126 to 152. After being 100%Raw for a month and a few days now, I am down to 141. I want to weight 125 as well, and hope to get there. It has truely been a great experiance thus far. Is a low fat Raw lifestyle better for you?

  • I’ll put in my 2 cents as well…

    I had steadily been gaining weight since my husband died 6 years ago. I started at 215 lbs. in September 2006 (which is the heaviest I’ve been). I am now at about 170. I would have lost more if I hadn’t fallen of the wagon sever times (sheepish grin)...but I never have any problem jumping back ON the wagon even when I do stray. I’m adding a little extra exercise daily in hopes that losing more weight will keep me inspired.

    Peace and Blessings, Suzy

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Me too; I’ll add my two cents… for the “too thin” people:

    When I started eating more raw foods… I was about 100 pounds. (I’m 5’2”.) I dropped to about 94 pounds. Then, I went through a 10-day intense cleanse, but I didn’t drop any weight. This was my request to them, since everyone else on the cleanse wanted to lose weight! I didn’t lose any weight… until a week after after the cleanse. I dropped to 88 pounds. At this time, I was 2 months of 90% raw. I started to eat more cooked foods because my cravings were so strong… and I started to gain weight. Not unwelcomed though. :o) I haven’t returned to 90% raw… but I’m still eating plenty of raw food! I am back up to 98 pounds. When a large portion of my diet is raw, 88 pounds is a bit too low for me. I prefer no less than 94 pounds… and, I’m almost “afraid” of going below 88 pounds. I probably need to do more strength training. Right now, my workouts are typically mountain biking, cycling, hiking, and rock climbing.

    What I ate? Oh, mostly anything and everything raw. But, The 2 weeks during the cleanse and the week after, it was mostly fruits, veggies (with proper food combining), a little bit of fat, and a handful of nuts per meal. And, only 2 meals a day.

  • I started at 290 pounds over 5 months ago, and I am now 228 pounds. I did not monitor my fat intake so much, but tried to keep it lean to a degree. I never ate a bunch of fats bascially but never tried to avoid or limit them either.

  • I’ve been 100% raw for two months now and where, before, my weight would fluctuate up to four pounds day to day..I notice now when I get on the scale I have been the same exact weight every morning for the past month! It’s weird. Anyone else have that?

  • First of all .. all i have to say is WOW, almost every one here has lost a great amount of weight :D something to be very proud of!! Keep up the good work every one … and hey if you fall off the wagon sometimes its ok as long as you jump back on.

    anyone else feel free to keep adding your stories .. i love reading them :D and for those who have responded .. keep updating!!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I have been raw for 2 years. For the first year I lost alot of weight and got really skinny. And since then in this past year, it has been increasing and it has levelled out at a good healthy size and weight.

    One weird thing is that my weight is 9 stones which is what it was when a I was 16 years old, but my clothes size is lower than it has ever been. So I weight the same but am smaller in size, hmmmm.

    Also I have gone up 2 bra sizes snce going raw, which is another thing I think is weird and the opposite of what I expected.

    I don’t intentionally eat a low fat raw food diet, I just eat what I want, when I want, in whatever quantity I desire. Recently I have been drawn more to fruit than to nuts, avocados and oils. My body knows what it is doing and it continually cleaning itself, rebuilding itself, and drawing me into making little changes here and there. When I grow up I wanna be a breatharian!

  • Zoe – I have gained a bra size too!!! I didn’t really want to. They get in the way when I run.

    Does anyone know how to slow that down????/

  • 4 weeks raw as of today. down 9 pounds from 138 to 129. feeling amazing. i was initially planning on doing this as a 30-day “cleanse” but i think this will/has become my new lifestyle.

  • Bump!!

    More stories please!! :D :D

  • I started at 187 and now I’m 181. I’ve been 80% raw for almost two weeks. Maybe I’m being unrealistic but I was hoping that I’d be down more. I’m concerned that I’m not eating enough calories and my body is saving fat for starvation.

  • Sept. will be one year raw. I had two cooked meals in Feb. and that is all. I started on my raw journey last may 06. My weight started at around155-160. I am 6’2 and have always been skinny for my size. I started on the Raw Food and Detox Diet by natilaia rose to lower my cholestrol which was 260..must have been the ice cream on a daily basis. after 3months on that diet my cholestrol was 150.WOW!!!! That was all the convincing i needed. I lost 25-30lbs,but my energy after the first week was amazing and my mental happiness was even better..I went 100% raw in sept and haven’t looked back..even went to the living light culinary school(rawfoodchef.com) to get certified. I was already a chef. I love eating this way and i was very picky eater before hand..i am eating things i thought i never would. it’s like being reborn again.and trust me i Hate sounding like i joined a cult,but hey..Getting back to the natural self is a glorious state of being…

  • Hey chefraw16, Good for you, I understand how wonderful you must feel. I’m also a chef. But I go back to eating cooked food if I cook a wonderful meal, about every two weeks,then back to raw. I’ll feel so good then the cooked food gets me again. How do you cook for other people and stay raw? I feel so bad when I eat cooked food and keep going back for more. It;s like a drug to me. I really what to stay no more and that’s , that. KJ

  • I haven’t had to cook for anyone in a while..at the end of my last job it was kind of hard.i didn’t want to taste the food. it was a sign to move on,so i am trying to start my own business being a private raw chef.i live in santa monica,ca, so there could be a good market for that here..or so i was told..keep your fingers crossed..i ate lot of raw comfort food at the begining,like lots of pizza!!! it kept me true..

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