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Raw tips for marathon training?

okay – so i just signed up for a half marathon. (not really sure what i was thinking there! lol) Does anyone have any suggestions for pre/post training meals etc? Im not much of a runner, so i have a lot of ground to cover before the race in October, and i anticipate some pretty intense workouts. I normally prefer to workout first thing in the morning on an empty stomach – just water – but im not sure that will hold me through all the endurance training. Any thoughts? Thanks!


  • Little OneLittle One Raw Newbie

    I am new to the running world too. I started a few months ago just playing around and seeing what works best. I know a few long-time runners to share some advice with my training. I was training for the philly marathon but I pulled my groin a few weeks ago in a step class and have not been physically able to run since. :( But anyway, what I found worked for me was lotsssss of water a few hours before the run and high water content fruit. I love melons cheeries, apple, and lots of bananas especially. I found that if I ate dehydrated food or nuts/seeds before a run I felt really sick. Everyone is different so you just have to feel out your body. What marathon are you running? have you been to runnersworld.com? It has some good training plans. Good Luck! :)

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    if you’re ever on myspace there’s a “Running Raw” site there….they may have some advice?

  • Here’s the link to the Run Raw Team:


    Even though they’re based in Chicago, they’re really helpful to anyone. Krista is great with a wonderful story and Tim Van Orden has been traveling doing lectures on running raw.

    Good luck!

  • Great tips guys – thanks! Little One – I’ll be running the Nike+ Woman’s Marathon in San Francisco. I will be participating virtually with the Nike+ system – so i will actually be racing from here in NY. (which i think is pretty darn nifty! lol) By the way – if anyone else wants to join, heres the link with info http://nikeplus.nike.com/nikeplus/#events Thanks again everyone!

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Hi Everyone, I just did my first half marathon this past weekend and enjoyed it so much thanks to raw vegan food!

    Here's my blog posting (it's towards the end). Just thought I'd share since raw vegan food has healed my chronic knee pain of so many years. This past sunday was my first big endurance event in over 11 years. I believe eating raw vegan foods and eliminating dairy within the last couple years healed my knees. It's like I have new knees and the sky's the limit for anything I want to do. Hope my experience will inspire others to try raw foods and see what kind great things happen


  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    limit the fat, up the fruit! if you notice, most of us who eat high fruit are some type of athlete :)

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    Hey guys!

    I just did my first half marathon a couple weeks ago too. Pre-race i made a green smoothie with Sun Warrior protein and activated barley. Immediately post-race i grabbed a bunch of bananas and water. Juice yourself some apple/celery juice if you've got a juicer and keep it in a cooler in your car. Once I wound down I had a massive salad with coconut rolled dates for dessert.

    Check out Brendan Braziers book- its got a lot of recipes for energy gel and bars for us runners. Good luck on the half marathon!

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    I'm sure the high fruit diet is very good and works great for a lot of raw athletes. And I have read about them. Very cool

    Personally, I've tried the high fruit and low fat diet and didn't have very good results. I like following Brendan Brazier's recipes. I made and loved his energy pudding (pre-exercise) and his recovery pudding. Brendan is an amazing professional mostly raw vegan triathlete. He's been studying nutrition and exercise for over a decade (actually close to 2 decades) and I seem to gravitate towards his ideas. But that being said if the Doug Graham method works for others, awesome! Fruit is so good! It's a matter of finding what works the best for each of us individually. :-)

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    I'm always curious about the SAD runners that do 5 minute mile marathons. What do they eat?

  • Hello!

    I posted earlier about tips on doing the detox whiel training. I too am training for marathon and I have been told by nutritionists that you shoudl get a good combination of carbs and fats before ( fats if you get up early enough and if you dont have time in the morning to digest fats, eat more carbs). Then after you should reallytry and get some protein to repair the muscles.

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    My hubby is one of those 5 minute or less miler people on the SAD diet and it is sad! The answer is they eat anything they want! He did cut out soda because it causes cramping (thank god), but he eats a lot of ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate anything, pasta dishes, wheat wraps with loads of meat, burgers, etc. A LOT of carbohydrates from grains and sugars and protein from animal sources. Since we started dating his vegetable intake has gone way up, but he's always been good about eating a lot of fruit. He doesn't care for all of my raw vegan dishes, but he's good about eating them anyways, but still has his meat on the side. He can no longer tolerate much fried food (muaahaaahaaaa... his body is rejecting it because now it craves the healthy stuff). I try to get his supplements out for him in the evening because it's very apparent he has deficiencies. I'm getting the Brendan Brazier book - he's very receptive to trying new things, so I'm hoping if I continue to sneak more health food into his diet his performance will go up and he'll continue the trend. I'm also trying to get him in to get allergy tested.

    He's extremely supportive of my diet choices. When we started dating I came down with my first lupus flare and he was with me for the year it took to start moving towards a diagnosis (so frustrating) and he sees how much better I feel now. I mentioned the Brazier book today and he thought it would be good to try. I've read the ingredients on Goo and the electrolyte supplements and the stuff freaks me out. His coach is pushing him to take supplements and improve the diet too, so cross your fingers!

    It honestly kills me a little inside when he eats crap, but I'll make him home made ice cream and meat dishes so he doesn't buy the packaged crap with all the extra ingredients. This week I made hazelnut/coconut icecream with vanilla and it was so freaking good that he forgot about his normal ice cream :) Baby steps.

    Boy, I didn't mean that to turn into a rant LOL.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Thanks for sharing that camiheartsraw! Very interesting. And it's nice that your hubby is very open minded about veggies and trying new things. And I agree that baby steps are the way to go. Rome wasn't built in a day. My hubby used to eat burgers and fries. Now he's a vegan doing a lot of green smoothies and eating more raw food. He used to dislike the raw food entrees but I believe his taste buds have been changing because he likes a lot more of my raw food dinners.

    How about that Olympic swimmer (can't recall his name now) that was famous for eating scary huge quantitites of junk food and then winning all those medals....sometimes life is strange....

    That all being said, I love raw vegan food and can't wait to learn more about running raw!!

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