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I Missed You Ali...

Hello Raw Beauties!

I just wanted to say I missed the raw gang here. It's been MONTHS since I logged in. I was having problems accessing my account after the redesign. The banner on top is so cute... Anyhow, I hope all is healthy, healthy and letting positive energy and loving light into your lives. I have gone very simple raw and it's been working out great. I have also been able to located a lot of lovely subtropical CA grown organic fruits at my local farmer's market and in fruit-filled-Heaven.

Does a little pink tutu twirls REJOICE dance:::

If you remember me, say hi. I've missed all the healing energy many here have to offer.

Pink TuTu Twirls,



  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    Hi,glad you have been keeping ok.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Welcome back. Glad to see your pink tutu twirling again.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Welcome back! :)

    I missed your energy as well.

  • drgonflydrgonfly Raw Newbie

    Welcome back Johnny! I've been wondering how you have been doing & missed your positive perspective & good energy!

    Wind to your wings!

  • Thank you for the warm welcome back everyone! I tend to come and go online as the eatng disorder activism I do can get overwhelming at times. I always update my You Tube account which is where I am most active and can best be followed over there - www.youtube.com/myownstickfigure

    Tell me your recent good news my friends!? How is raw? health? your spring season? What is making you happy?

    My current biggest joy is my organic garden. I am growing atleast 50 different things with room for a few more: shiso, purslane, 3 different colors of peppers, etc. For my birthday I had a planting party with Mom and we extended my garden space so I can grow more! I will be posting before and after pictures on my You Tube account. I just have to organize my garden sitting area first which I've been designing with flowers! I'm all set after I place my waterfall and bench. I have a little portable radio out there to entertain my garden friends and I also sing to them and dance too. I will pay respect before I pick anything as well, I'm very connected to the earth these days.

    Sunshine and slight breezes enough to blow my windwhime collection are soothing, as is bowing to trees to give them respect, nature walks, cherry blossoms, Thai youngs, local artist pottery bowls, wood and bamboo, chopstix, Sunday morning farmer's market trips and bringing my Dad healing life force to the cemetary after each market trip and being active in my tattoo project. I've gotten 3 new tattoos so far to celebrate my raw lifestyle: an avocado, cracked coconut and phallic but proud looking banana... next tone comes Tuesday.

    Other than that, fighting one day, one meal at a time and trying to stay positive. OUTLOOK makes all the difference in the world when it comes to mental health.

    Tag, your IT! Update me some! You got some Johnny Juice now here is my cup, fill me up with fresh squeezed you juice, ha! You get the picture, I hope.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    johnny!! i remember seeing your posts before. you're always so positive and funny. you inspired me a few months ago to start doing raw food after i learned about your eating problems. i suffered from my own and it has helped a lot.

    love our tattoos- especially the banana. that's a tattoo i would never regret someday. do you have a picture of them that you could email me?

    i've been eating around 10 bananas a day now. i'm a total addict.

  • I first saw your post on another thread and did a little "woo-hoo!" I love reading your posts! I am getting pshyched on gardening too! This will be my 2nd year at attempting to grow my food. I live in seattle and have a big balcony with (i think) south west sun. All my gardening is in containers. I have two 2ft x 4ft raised fruit crates and made some "steps" to put pots on by sawing up palettes. So, last year nothing worked (except a couple of tomatoes). A neighbor a couple of blocks away gave away some starts on their lawn of kale, broccoli, bok choy.....I had bought 3 tomato starts (large starts) and some mint, and got my own seeds going of squash, beans and herbs. Oh I had such hopes! I decorated their pots with spray paint and stencils (bats and crazy faces) made collages for the tomatoes (I had a sexy- sex worker pot from the back pages of the free paper). I had all my little ones planted (probably too close) and high hopes. AND THEN......aphids ruined my world! They were livin' the dream, everywhere. So I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to put poison on stuff I was eventually, hopefully going to ingest and share with insecticide. I saw alot about neem oil - but I have no idea what that is. I went to the net; one site I saw said you can spray them with a mix of cooking oil and water and the oil will suffocate the aphids. I did just that - went to town. Everyone got an oil coating. AND THEN.....the hot summer sun COOKED all my little babies. Pretty much fried them. I tried to hold on, but all that survived were the tomatoes; they didn't look so good either. As an added bonus, while spraying the oil some of it, a lot of it, wafted down over the balcony and landed on my car and baked there too. Didn't come off with a car wash. Little spots everywhere, then dirt stuck to them. They are gone now, after almost a year.

    Writing about that kinda stole my thunder I had about gardening this morning. :( Anyhow, I am going to keep it simple this year. Herbs, tom's squash...oh and I want to try to grow ginger - just sounds cool and easy. I am researching and I think I need non-dirt for my dirt. I have a plan to keep my cats out of the beds. Any suggestion on aphids? I read lady bugs fly away. I heard chives will deter them from other plants.

    It's JUST starting to get sunny in seattle. March only had like 3 days with sun - the rest were cold, gray, and damp. I have a little more planning time. It's nice to see you are posting and well, Johnny!

  • Bananas in Pajamas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ericaswfsericaswfs Raw Newbie

    hey rawdance!! So good to have you back!

  • Hi Sweetheart! Thank you for all the love love love!

    I'm so excited for your new garden goods/friends to bless you! Would you put fencing around the area to keep the cats out? like those little fences? I need to get some for my German Shepherd. It's so lovely you are in tune with your creative self, the earth, raw and good energy! It's very healing.

    Wish I could help more but don't know much about aphids. I had some high quality organic top soil blended into my already existing garden dirt. I'm sure you could get some rawesome advice though by asking public on the forum.

    Ps I would love to see your pots! Can you get pics online?

    Bananas in Pajamas! ahhh teee hhheee heee heee heee! haha

  • Banana Joanna Power!

    My banana, still healing, says thank you! My fruit ones are not available yet as they have been healing so we are waiting till the colors are how they should be but when they are up on the shop's website I will let you know so you can go see. I have been finding my images on yahoo or google search engines, great stuff. If you got a banana tattoo where might you put it?

    Ps. Ten a day is great! I hope one day I can do that too, gotta love the healing powers of bananas! Congrats on also using raw to help you heal. Keep at it dear, you are worth it.

  • I posted some pic's of some of the collage planters on my space. If you, Johnny, or any gone-rawers want to be my space friends just say it when you add that you are from here and not some random weirdo. You can see that I have a face other than a goofy durian! Be forewarned, I don't keep up with the my space/ facebook too well. The pic's I am putting up were when my garden had just started. Only one bed, flowers on the railing. The plants to the right of the bed - the ones in white wicker my mom sent through the mail! and the other 2 were from a friend who moved. My boyfriend killed them nearly when I went back to NY for 2 weeks. This morning I finally clipped off the dead parts. There is still some green on both and new leaves on one. They were so beautiful! I have hope....

    I will take pictures of the stenciled ones soon and let you know when I put them up.


    My screen name is Linds'

    What's the "Ali" about? It's not Alli - that "crappy" drug?

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