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iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

Hello everyone :)

So I know a lot of us are having troubles (especially after that dreaded Easter feast a couple weekends ago) so how about a lovely juice fast?

I'm doing one starting Sunday (4/26) and going through Thursday (5 days) if anyone wants to join me and give/get some extra motivation :)

Let's do this!!!!!!



  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie


    This is starting tomorrow, just a reminder :)

    Ahhhh I'm so excited!!!!

  • rawsaysritarawsaysrita Raw Newbie

    I can't wait to do this once I get home from college and get to my juicer. I've never done it before...keep me updated on your daily juices and how you feel! I'd love to have that insight for when I get to try it out in june : )

    Have fun!

  • I'm in. Just bought the Lalanne juicer.

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I had a look at your blogspot iluvlife,and the beautiful photo of a woman hugging a tree,is that you.?

    I will have a go,but will have to start mine tomorrow,Monday.

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I only lasted a day :(

    How are you other people going?

  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    I'm still going strong! Not really hungry but I just want to chew something :P

    ajc-- One day of juice fasting is still an accomplishment! So go ahead an pat yourself on the back for that much! Fasting isn't easy but don't be discouraged, you can start up again with me tomorrow for the last 3 days :) Or even just getting in the habit of doing one day of juice fasting per week-ish does wonders! And no that isn't a picture of me on my blog, I actually get all my pictures from flickr...I should probably have a disclaimer on there. But no I wish it was mine!

    grnjclvr-- (does your username mean "green juice lover"?) How's it going for you?

    rawsaysrita-- I'm thinking of doing a longer one sometime in June too! Probably around the first week if you want to be my buddy then :)

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Great job, iluvlife! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with you... I realized I have entirely too many ripe bananas and avocados to juice fast! Gotta eat it all up first, but when I finish (probably Wednesday) I'll join you!

    Have you ever had plain beet juice? I read that it can cause temporary paralysis of the vocal chords!

  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    Susan-- No I haven't had beet juice and I've never heard of any juice causing temporary vocal chord paralysis (I'm not an expert on juices though) but yeah definitely join me Wednesday and enjoy those bananas and avocados :)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    sorry i didn't see this sooner or i would've joined you. I will be starting a juice fast - for an undetermined amount of time - on Monday. If anyone would like to join me, please contact me...can't wait to detox!!!

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    I'm going to juice fast next week.. and for something different.. am going to use my blendtec blender then strain with nutmilk bag instead of my juicer. I have a breville juicer and have found on a juice fast I feel like I waste way too much produce .. anyone have thoughts on this

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    kminty, juice fasts are very expensive for me to do. i feel like i went food shopping every day when i last did one. the blender idea sounds good. i've only used me juicer for juice fasts and end up with TONS of pulp that i don't use.

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the encouragement iluvlife.

    It is Wednesday here about 8.30 am and am going to give it another go.

    Off to make apple and celery juice.

  • Talking about beet juice....I've done many juice fast, but beet juice made me sick as a dog for hours and I only had a small amount. It does make your throat scratchy. I know it's a highly recommended root vegetable, but be sure to mix it with something......

  • Man! I totally missed out - I should have checked the site sooner : ( Next time!

    Joannabanana - I feel ya - You can feed the pulp to your animals, compost it, toss it in your yard for the birds/flowers/earth : )

  • If anyone wants to try my favorite juice is one or two carrots, one apple, 1/4 beet root, and about one inch of ginger root, I love it. Some times I add an orange or a lemon. enjoy

  • susan121susan121 Raw Newbie

    Okay, iluvlife, I'm in! Haha and only 2 days left... lol, but I'm still in! Wooooo! Let's juice fast!

    I had Natalia Rose's Green Lemonade this morning, but I'm planning on drinking lots of carrot juice because I'm going to the beach this weekend and I need a little glow! :)

  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    Haha yay Susan! Oh an good idea about the carrots/beach glow! I'll have to keep that in mind as the weather starts getting beach-appropriate :)

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    Now into day two and feeling ok.I had a very bad headache when I woke up and also a restless night,but that is ok from what you folks have said.

    Just taking one day at a time,but feel more confident this time.

    I'm not so scared,think I was worried I'd do myself some harm last try.

    Still have not been to the loo,might have to take something,any advise.


  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    On the Master Cleanse they recommend tea with senna in it which is a natural, mild laxative (I did a Master Cleanse in September). However, senna makes me really crampy and I wouldn't recommend taking it before you have to go anywhere, I took it before I went to bed and then I would usually wake up early morning and have to go (sorry TMI). I'm thinking of having a cup of it tomorrow evening but I'm not sure. It's not harmful, it's just that I don't like the uncomfortable "I HAVE TO GO NOW!" feeling. But there are different effects for everyone, some people don't feel uncomfortable when they drink it. Also, I was looking to buy some aloe vera juice which is supposed to help with that whole thing (plus other things as well) but I biked to the grocery store and I didn't have enough room in my backpack to carry it home, so if anyone has experimented with that, let me know if it's worth it!

  • I'm so envious! I can't wait to detox and do a juice fast... but I'm nursing my 2 month old baby so I can't : (

    I have to be patient!

    Good for all of you though! It's a great thing to do! : )

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I could not do day 3.

    My headache was so bad and I felt dizzy. Maybe has something to do with my age being 59?. I'm not on any medication,so that was not a problem.Can't say I felt any better for 2 days of doing it,maybe juice fasting is not for everyone.

    Hope all is well for everyone else.


  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    Hi ajc, I have never attempted a juice feast. Do you think you just didnt get enough juices? How did you decide what to juice and how often? Did you still throw in lots of plain water? Feel better!!!

  • iluvlifeiluvlife Raw Newbie

    ajc: I'm not too experienced with juice fasting either. Are you sure you were drinking enough juice? The point of a juice fast isn't to deprive yourself of calories (though you do consume less calories during a juice fast than normal, obviously). You should be consuming about 64 oz of juice per day (or so I've heard). The first three days are the most difficult and it is common to feel dizzy and have headaches (it's just your body's way of adjusting). I'm sorry it didn't work out for you though, feel better!

    Well I broke the fast today! It went pretty well and I feel so much better! I wish I could have done a longer one but I have some events this weekend that I would like to eat for so I had to cut myself off at 5 (which I think is a descent number anyway). I hope everyone else who is doing a juice fast now is doing well and good luck to everyone planning on starting one soon :)

  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I was only drinking about 32oz per day a mix of fruit and vegetable juice. Carrots,tomato,celery,spinach and a 1/4 lemon or orange, strawberry and ginger to name a couple. Seems that could have been the problem,not drinking enough. I thought you were to drink an 8 oz glassof juice in place of a meal three times a day,not sure where I got that info from. I was drinking lots of water usually before the juice.

    Will have another go in a week or so,as I'm sure it is worth it.

    Good on you iluvlife!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    ajc, you definitely need more juice than that!!! i don't know the exact amounts of juice i drink on juice fasts, but it's a lot. you would feel much better getting more calories in.

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    OK. I would really like to start a juice fast myself, however I feel that I don't know where to start or what is the best way to do it. Does anybody know where to obtain good information about juice fasting for beginers? Thank you so much!

  • Hello rawlizard, (and everyone else!) There is information here about juice feasting:


    Click on some of the links in the blue header bar :~) It really sounds wonderful, I may join you!

  • kminty, I have the same problem. I own a jack lalanne juicer and im left with extremely saturated pulp! I believe its the type of juicer. Im looking into other juicers myself, yet there are some expensive ones out there.

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