raw in Canada

I have been dabbling with raw for a couple years now, never 100% but sometimes close. I struggle with the "right" way to eat. By this I mean, eating within the 100 mile diet, and still staying raw. It seems like a lot of the food in the raw diet are hot climate foods like avocados, coconut, almonds, banana's etc. Foods that are not native to my area.

My question is, can I get everything I need from a raw diet, living in a colder climate. Is raw right for everyone? (I think it is, but just want reaffirmation)


  • I live in Canada, on the West Coast so a little warmer than most of Canada (at times)

    Is it ultra important for you to do the 100 mile diet?? In order to do that it will be a bit of struggle but it is definately do able... Just keep it super simple and fresh!!

    Raw isn't for everyone but please do not feel discouraged by this comment...I found it extremely difficult at first for many reasons which I won't share because I do not want to derail your thread! All the best to you!

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