exciting, both me and my boyfriend want to get "raw" food kitchen appliances

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I know cheezy,

but i'm rather excited. I just spoke to my boyfriend who's out of town, and almost synergistically we are both on the same page about wanting a spiralizer, food processor, and dehydrator. yikes. I wonder how "raw" i'll go. Since christmas we've been eating a healthier lifestyle with many more fruit, veggies, raisins, with hardly any cheese (but still soy-milk) and we've lost some weight and feel good. I did juicing more extensively a few years back when I had precancerous cells (that I managed to normalize with nutrition, vitamins and nutrition). So anyway it feels good to get more back to it after getting too far away. I just did the master cleanse and it was a great experience for me, lost 10 pounds, and feel refreshed. He before he left had started experimenting with almond milk, and talking about dehydrators, but I was still not sure why he was trying all these new concoctions. Now I want to try them all too. We went to a "raw" food party of a friend, and had a great experience. I think from then it's been a bug in both of our brains to try to incorporate it more into our lifestyle. I doubt I'll end up going 100% raw, mostly because a) it's gonna take a long time to get the dehydrator and food processor, and b) i'm so bad at planning, i'm not sure i start meals 8 or more hours before they are ready. That part seems really intensive, and would be hard to get used to. And things like black beans, soymilk, bread, potatoes. those guys probably aren't going anywhere for awhile. Anyway, I've been obsessed with "raw" food recipes, and after discovering "www.therawchef.com" I'm going to make my friends a treat for my birthday. check out his lasagna. that's what i'm making :) I still can't decide if I should make raw vegetable soup, or hot soup for my soup for day 3 after the cleanse. I realize this is a long rant, and I appreciate having the place to share my excitement. I spoke of a few of these things to my sister, and my mom, and they were judgmental and rather critical of both the master cleanse, and raw eating. and that's hard. But I feel so strongly about nutrition, and Life-giving things and attitudes, that I feel good. Any recommendations for food processors? Also do we need both a spiralizer and a mandoline or do you prefer one over the other? Would love to hear your feedback. Thanks. I already love the "raw" community.


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    Congrats! It sounds like your body has already had amazing responses to nutrition. I wonder why your family is skeptical.

    I used a spiralizer for a long time but I finally got a mandoline cheap on eBay. It's more of a toy than anything else. Some people are really happy with an inexpensive gadget called a "julienne peeler" instead of anything fancy, but I've never found one.

    As for food processors, my Cuisinart is way more than 20 years old and still going strong, so that's a strong testimonial.

  • This isn't much of a reply as much as an "I admire what you're doing and wish you the best!" and an "I'm kind of in the same boat and need a food processor recommendation as well."

    My blender doesn't do a very good job... at all. I have to struggle so much to make smoothies that half the time, I just end up giving up and making poached eggs or toast or some such. Talk about frustrating.

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    Hiya Luxdivon, it's great you are so excited and I'm a little envious that both you and your BF are into eating raw. It should help make things much easier in your household if you're both on the same path.

    Anyway, just wanted to chip in as I dithered for ages about buying a spiralizer but decided to get a julienne peeler first. It's really good and was only a couple of quid off ebay. I use it on carrots and courgettes (zucchini) and its dead easy to use/clean. (Plus it takes up no space in the kitchen draw)

    Would def recommend getting one before you shell out for a spiralizer as you may find like me it works fine for what you need to prepare.

    Actually, I found my Excalibur dehydrator on ebay too. It was a second hand 4 tray, which I love.

    Anyway, good luck on your journey. :-)

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    I am currently at college. Here I have had a blender and I just broke my crappy food processor. I also just got a mandoline and spiralizer for my birthday. Back at home I have a dehydrator and and a juicer.

    The blender and food pro are a definate necessity. I would love to have my juicer while I'm here...but I don't miss my dehydrator AT ALL!!

    I have used the mandoline once, and use the spiralizer about 4 times a week. It is my favorite toy of all time!! I love making noodles (with zuccini, carrots, daikon radishes, summer squash...) and coming up with a yummy sauce. It really curbs the craving for pasta and typical carbs from your cooked diet. I wish I had one back when I first started eating more raw.

    Thats my input! Good luck with your raw discoveries and have fun!

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    thanks for all the advice everyone. I think we'll definitely get the spiralizer and food processor sooner, and get the deydrator later if we can afford it. I'm doing the raw diet until my boyfriend gets back on the 6th. Then i'll see what I want to do from there. It was weird shopping at the grocery store and not buying any bread, soymilk, tortillas, or black beans.

  • I just ordered a dehydrator from excalibur. They have some refurbished ones for way less! I thought some of you might be interested! : ) check out the very last dehydrator listed:


    I can't wait to have mine here : ) And congrats on your decision to get equipped for raw : ) I've been working on the same little by little and the dehydrator was my last big piece : )

    Now... what's a spiralizer?

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