1 WeeK RaW and Gaining weight?!!!

I am getting really concerned. I went raw about a week ago from SAD.

At first I was losing weight every day, almost a pound a day. Then, I started to drink white wine in the evening with my husband. We were just hanging out on the deck and enjoying the weather. I have stayed 100% raw on my food intake and only drink water or had some wine 2 evenings. (OK it was a lot of wine).

I noticed in 1 day I was up a full pound. Then I was up the next day by 0.2 then this morning up to 0.4. I was 1.4 lbs smaller and losing steady as of 3 days ago!

How could I be gaining weight? Especially this morning since I didn't have any wine at all last night!

I am not eating heaps of nuts and avocados. I limit myself like this

avocados= 1 to 1 1/2 per day

bananas= 1 to 1 1/2 per day

nuts/nutbutter = 1 to 2 handfulls per day

No I am not snacking on raisins. I mostly eat a salad for dinner in the evenings. I did make the walnut taco meat tacos one night.

Leave it to me to gain weight on a raw diet! GrrrRR. I do feel good. I am loving the way my skin is starting to look. My lips feel fuller (more hydrated?) Also, I know I am giving my body healthy things. But, I am kind of getting frusterated. I thought I would lose weight. I am a heavy girl.. I don't want to say my weight but it's considered obese. =(

Am I doing something wrong?


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    You should never weigh yourself more than once a week because your weight fluctuates a lot. Even in the morning, my weight is different than it is in the afternoon and at night. The best time to weight yourself is after you've went to the bathroom in the morning, preferably nude for a more accurate reading. Try it once a week, like on a Saturday morning. I used to weigh myself a few times a day and became TOTALLY obsessed with a stupid number. It's just a number and you shouldn't let it dictate what you do. If you feel healthy, that is the most important part.

  • I agree. I was weighing myself daily as well, and although some days it would go down nearly a lb or more, others it would be higher. Yea, wine isnt 'raw" or good for your body, but you are entitled to slip up and not feel bad about it. I had coffee today. I just cant seem to give it up. However, the weight on your scale is up and down primarly from water weight. Most effect way to measure weight loss is like Joanna banana said, once a week, in the am for sure, and nude or a light weight tank top / underwear. Also, the way your clothes fit on you.

    Although i am obsessed with my scale and my weight, i know its just a number and my health is more important. Think long term, and dont feel down on yourself because your scale says you gained 1 pound. Instead, be proud of yourself for making a life style change, for setting goals to become a healthy happier you. The rest will fall into place.

  • Jennipurr- I am having the same problem, but I like to eat a lot of nuts/seeds/avacados.... I would have to agree with the comments already left, don't weigh yourself as often...you will start to obsess over it like I did which is bad because then even when you do start to lose it isn't good enough...I actually do not have a scale in my house for that reason only! I can access one if need be at any time though (just go to your local department store and hop on one)

    Have you been working out at all? I thought when I went raw I could just eat healthy and not work out(I did go for walks though, but no intense cardio or anything) and I found that as soon as I started to up the workouts, I could see results. Also keep in mind that the way your clothes fit are the best indicator that you are doing something right!!!

    Weight loss will never be instant, especially if you have been heavier most of your life or consistently for the past little while...It will take time, just be patient with your body and make sure to give yourself possitive affirmations EVERYDAY!!!! They really do work!

  • osoniyeosoniye Raw Newbie

    I'd steer clear of the wine for a month and see how you do.

  • gratefultobegratefultobe Raw Newbie

    I have read about and will be doing the master cleanse starting next fri. may 8. If anyone wants to buddy up that would be so great to share experiences and support. I think that when used as a tool not an ongoing diet it is worth trying. I also want to encourage anyone struggling with their weight to totally stop drinking their calories. This does not mean whole food smoothies! To me those are food. I mean any alcohol or coffee drinks, soda, tea, whatever. Habit forming or comforting should raise your red flag. Decaf or sugar sub. does not make it ok. It all still effects your insulin response the same as well as your acidity.

    Anyhow, hope I'm not sounding too preachy. I say with only good intentions. I will try to attach a pdf of The Master Cleanser in case anyone wants to consider giving it a go. btw, full of typos, ugh, lol.

    ok that didnt work I will forward it if you want.

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