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I recently injured myself badly. Two pulled shoulders, maybe even ripped. The chiropractor gave me some vegan anti-inflammitory medicine. I took some last night before I went to bed. It also acts to help you sleep. I havent had that good of sleep since the first two weeks of going raw (ive been raw for 5 months and still havent felt that quality of un-drugged sleep like the first couple weeks).

The medicine has cut down on the pain tremendously but I dont like the thought of taking drugs for anything. I have been straight edge for the longest time and only took medicine when it was absolutely necessary and usually found a more alternative way later.

I didnt like the way this medicine makes me feel. All tired and sluggish even after I woke up.

So I am looking into foods that have the anti-inflammatory effects. I found that anything high in the omega 3 fatty acids help. So flax seeds and walnuts and the like.

My question is this. How much omega 3 fatty acids do you take to equal the affect of a pill? Or even a few pills? Id much rather NOT take this medicine again, so any help will be appreciated.


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    Don’t know about the question, but do know that pineapple juiced (HAVE to use the outside and inside core to get the large source of bromelain which should help with pain and inflammation, really helped me with my back injury) and also black cherries help with inflammation. Doctor’s recommend a small dish of cherries a day for people with swelling from gout…good stuff :) We just use 2 T. of Udo’s Oil/day or 1/4 cup ground up flax seeds sprinkled on top of fruit with raw honey to get our omega 3s.

  • Thanks! The more research I am doing the more I have foods I have found that may help.

    “Research has also shown that certain foods and spices can block the enzymes that fuel the process of pain and inflammation. These anti-inflammatory foods and spices include ginger, cayenne, turmeric, garlic & onion, rosemary, and herbs such as Boswellia (an Ayurvedic herb), wintergreen, licorice root, and black willow. Additional nutrients including Vitamin E and Quercetin (a natural anti-inflammatory found in foods such as citrus fruits, apples, onions, parsley, tea, and red wine) also inhibit enzymes that trigger inflammation.”

  • Hi JKD! This is a great topic. My boyfriend had a pinched nerve or something for the longest time and said after he started eating more raw it has gone away. I just read about orange peel in a recipe book I just bought by Gabriel Cousens. He has a traditional MD and a health MD. He runs an institute in Arizona that teaches raw food preparation and offers a 2 year masters degree program in health which I am seriously considering- it’s mostly correspondence.

    He says in his book, “Rainbow Green Live Cuisine,” that, ” nobelatin and tangeritine have more cortisone activity per weight than injectable cortisone.” I made Kandaces lemon cookie recipe with orange peel and it was great.

    What did the Dr. give you- I’m curious! I hope you feel better! =)

  • Its called Pro Trauma. It helps with the pain at night, but Id rather find something that can help me when im active throughout the day. not drugs hehe. There is this book I read yesterday about chinese herb medicine I am going to check out.

  • Here is the website for the Chinese Herb medicine.…

    most if not all is topical.

    Im still doing research on foods, i heard that Methyl salicylate, which is a natural form of aspirin made from the inside of certain tree barks, can help inflammation tremoundously. Its more topical though also.

  • Hey- don’t forget about epsom salts. Soak in a warm bath filled with about a cup. They come in a milk carton looking packaging for usually around $2.00- cheap. Thanks for the link. I am always interested in looking into more sources for this info.

  • Celery reduces swelling at least in the stomach area, I wouldnt know for everything else, but its REALLY good.

  • Hi Icsalas,You got me interested in looking up celery. It has amazing properties of healing including it’s seeds. Here is something I found.

    What they have found in celery: Based upon al of the existing research it is clear that 3nB exerts a profound effect on many of the body

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