Canned Beans

How do you feel about eating canned beans from the grocery? I want to make a black bean hummus but am torn as to whether or not I should go the easy/instant route and buy cans or buy dry bulk and soak them... Just looking for opinions, really. Thanks!


  • hey--if you are trying to eat raw, anything that comes in a can is not raw. it is cooked, processed, then sealed in a can. probably not very healthy either. if you want to eat raw, im afraid you will have to make a different kind of hummus than black beans, even if soaked and sprouted, cannot be eaten raw, they will make you sick. you could make raw hummus out of sprouted chick-peas (though personally this has come out YUCK when i have made it), or from cashews, or zucchini or zucchini and soaked sunflower seeds. search for "hummus" in the recipe sections on this site and you will get recipes.

    good luck :)

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    zucchini hummus is very good. it definitely tastes different than regular chickpea hummus, but it's still a good dip. the only problem i had with mine was that it was watery. i had to add more oil and tahini so it would thicken up.

  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    Thanks guys - I appreciate your comments. I didn't know black beans would make me sick and I'd rather learn this way!

    I've avoided canned foods for a while but I'm really craving black beans. I absolutely LOVE the hummus on this site made with avacados and zucchini (had it last night and will again for lunch today) but just haven't been able to shake the bean craving. Oh well...

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I suppose it would depend on how raw you want to hold yourself to. If you occasionally eat non raw foods, I would think an occasional uncooked black bean hummus would be ok. But if you are 100%, then no. As was previously stated, canned isn't raw, and raw black beans can't be eaten.

    I am not 100%, and I enjoy chickpea hummus from time to time (I've noticed it's less and less often as time goes by, and I become closer to 100%). I have sometimes bought the canned organic. It's the only thing canned I buy any more! lol. I figure 3 or 4 cans a year isn't but so harmful. Eventually, at the rate I've been going, I won't want it any more.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    pixx, i agree with you. i love my chickpea hummus!! i think it tastes better than zucchini hummus, but i've gotten used to eating the zucchini. i usually eat chickpea hummus, but haven't tried raw chickpea hummus yet.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    I use can beans sometimes but I just rinse them really well it is definatly much quicker than cooking the dried ones!


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